5th Apr 2009, 13:57

2000 Silverado; turn the key, truck will not turn over, only horn sounds.

18th May 2009, 19:55

1999 Silverado Ext Cab 6.5 foot bed 5.3 V8 RWD, black.

Bought this truck April 14th 2009 in North Carolina at 156,570 miles, drove it home to Detroit Michigan. Ran great all the way home, no trans or engine issue whatsoever, although I knew the brakes needed work (turned rear rotors, new rear brakes) currently, at almost 160,000, my issue is the trans. It shifts hard between gears sometimes, and from the looks of this forum I'll need a rebuild or a new one. FML. I cannot afford this right now...

HOWEVER: I have not had any of these "lemon" issues everyone else does. There is no ABS failure, no window problem, no fuel pump issue, none of that. Although it'll be painful, I'm doing the new trans and plan to keep this thing forever. I'm sorry for everyone's misfortunes, but my Chevrolet Silverado is a champ that tows (even with a sporadic trans issue) a 7000 lb boat with no problem.

Although I think GM should offer some support in ways of recalls or extended warranties on these faulty parts...

I'm 18, I love my truck.


12th Jul 2009, 19:54

I have a 99 Silverado that has over 400,000 miles with only having to change the water pump on and that was after the motor had over 300,000 on it. I have had some of the same problems such as the ABS, fuel pump and throttle body sticking. I just pulled the fuse on the ABS, which just makes it manual brakes. Cleaning the throttle body becomes a norm and the fuel pump has been replaced twice. Overall the truck has been worth its money. I do want to get the ABS fixed, because it's getting hard to find someone to pass the inspection on it.

19th Jul 2009, 19:21

I have a 99 Chevy Silverado with 209K miles. It has been a great running truck. Was a great looking truck till I handed it down to my teenage son.

I haven't had to do any major work to the truck till this weekend. Replaced the fuel pump. The ABS and brake warning lights are on. I don't know how to tell if I getting the brake model repaired will fix my issue or not. Is it possible there is really something wrong with the brake system? If I just pull the fuse to the ABS, will both lights go off? This is why I don't like electronics telling me something is broke. Never know if it really is? Any advice on how to test this?

25th Aug 2009, 22:31

For all you folks with the ABS problems... Do a Google search for a company in Moscow, Id. They rebuild the modules. They have instructions online on removing the module and packing, etc. You only have to remove the top part (module) and you do not have to disconnect any hydraulics. $130 and you get your unit back. This fixed mine and it's been OK for six months. Good luck.

27th Aug 2009, 23:47

1999 Silverado 1500 4WD.

Fuel pump died and replaced which took care of fuel sending unit. The wiper on the sending unit is just a bad design and failed prematurely.

4WD switches wouldn't work. Took out the switch and carefully disassembled it. Get down to the circuit board. The solder was bad on mine. I removed the old stuff and added good solder. Works once again.

Once I replace the fuel pressure regulator, it will start and run like a champ!

31st Aug 2009, 07:43

I've got a 1999 Chevy Z-71, 4 inch lift. About 206,000 on it.

The motor was replaced right before I bought it at 180,000 3 years ago.

Tranny just died completely. Luckily I've got friends to remove it for me and I'll have it rebuilt for $250 + the rebuild kit.

Seems like every time I fix something though, something else breaks.

The hood latch broke off, seat latches broke off, 4wd doesn't work, that's my next project.

Being a chick, I'm glad to have good friends to help, but I agree with everybody else on here, Chevy should do a recall to fix all these reoccurring problems.

29th Sep 2009, 05:10

1999 Chevy Z71.

I have had a few problems out of it when I bought it. It had 15000 miles on it. I drove it 3 months and put a tranny in the truck.

I drove it about 6 more months and had to rebuild the transfer case. It had a loud popping sound in it while in 4x4. The mechanic told me the chain in it was stretched, and once again it started again about 30000 miles later. I bought a rebuilt one again and once again it is fixed.

I had to replace the fuel pump to make the fuel gauge work. So now I have an extended crank, and I was told it was the fuel pressure regulator, otherwise that's all the problems I have had, and I love my truck.

5th Oct 2009, 01:04

Nick from Detroit again!

I previously mentioned the tranny rebuild..

Well it finally happened, and I drove my truck out of the shop from the rebuild and intake gasket replacement, and WOW she drives like a champ, all the way to the Upper Peninsula!!! There is nothing wrong with this truck, and I am unbelievably pleased with how everything has been going. Looks like GM did something right on this end!

17th Dec 2009, 22:50

1999 LS Z-71 4x4 4.8L 5 speed. Bought it used with 60K miles, it now has 167K miles.

As of now, the ABS comes on too soon, now constant ABS and brake warning lights on, parking brake light switch stuck in grounded position, had to unplug it, dash light on the temp gauge never worked, constant P0440 evaporative emissions control failure alarms, and heater blend door not working. Just found water in the oil on the last oil change.

Last month I replaced water pump, both cat converters, and muffler. Towing is dangerous, but the brakes are adequate without a load if I bleed them every 4 months. Same goes with the hydraulic clutch.

In the past have had to replace both front torsion bars (one was starting to form into an S shape), lower ball joints, knock sensors, tailgate opening rod clips, lower drivers seat cushion frame, rear rotors and parking brake parts, drivers window regulator, fuel level sending unit, fuel pump...

I've kept the truck for two reasons. First, I can't afford to buy another. Second, 4x4 performance, especially in low range, has been incredible. But I believe the truck is near the end of its life with me, and will likely sell it off and drive my old 1978 Jeep Cherokee.

30th Dec 2009, 18:52

I have a 1999 crew cab 4x4 with 88,000 miles. Just like everyone else, my fuel gauge has stopped working.. Additionally, my daytime running lights work occasionally - the dashlight indicates that they are on. I have also had a problem when the truck is stopped at a traffic light, in drive, it has a tendency to "jump" and the engine revs. Can't figure any of the problems out - I've been told the fuel tank problem may be the sending unit.

6th Feb 2010, 13:08

I have had my 99 since new. It's the best truck I've ever owned. I've never had a problem with. The 5.3 is very powerful; I haul a car trailer and it hauls it like it's nothing and I still get 15-18 mpg (highway and in town combined).

The only problems I've had with it is the rear end going out on me a couple years ago, and when 1st started, the lifters tap until oil gets to them. I have buddies that have these problems too, I guess it's a common problem.

Overall I love my truck, and after a 100,000 more miles I'll buy another one. Awesome truck for the buck.