22nd Feb 2010, 15:51

I have a 1999 Silverado Ext Cab Shortbed with the 5.3. Bought it with 70000 miles on it 5 years ago. Now has 106000 miles. Only major problem so far has been the power steering rack, which went out at 90000 miles. Cost to fix it was a 1000 bucks. Pump is under constant pressure. It was redesigned for the 2000 model. Drive train has clunks. Engine still has decent power. Let's just hope the tranny doesn't go out.

7th Apr 2010, 20:42

I have a 99 K1500 3 door. I believe it is stuck in 4x4, but not sure; the switch on the dash does not stay lit. You turn the ignition on, the switch lights up, but then goes out and stays out. Any ideas, I would be grateful.


27th Apr 2010, 15:17

So I only saw a few people talking about the electronic 4wd sticking and not going into gear. Would a new switchboard solve the problem, or is it deeper than that? I'm really wanting to lift my 99, but I'm not going to unless I can get the 4wd working properly.

13th Jul 2010, 14:55

I am an original owner of a 99 Silverado Ext Cab and have 172,000 miles on the truck. I pulled a 24' camper on a regular basis and overall have been very pleased with the truck. I did all my maintenance on schedule, and I think this is key to the performance of the truck.

Problems that I have had are the usual old age stuff with the leaking window washer and power door locks. The problem is that I cannot find the correct actuator to repair the power door lock.

13th Jul 2010, 16:24

I have a 1999 Silverado Z-71, extended cab short bed 4x4, 215,000 miles. I came to the site looking for HVAC Blend Door Solutions and found some. Thank you so much. I return here for some low or no cost solutions to my previous problem.

Sticky throttle is caused by the stop screw on the throttle body. The throttle lever mechanism is harder than the screw and the screw gets flattened. Take a torx bit and turn it in. A little tough to get to, you have to come from the underside.

4WD Switch, replacing the switch on the dash is a solution, but the problem is as easy as a broken ground circuit at the bottom of the circuit board (the cracked circuit is easy to see). If you are any good with a soldering iron you can fix it for free.

The transmission - that one hurt. GM has a counter measure valve body that fixes the problem. Mine went out at 100,000 miles. The dealer cost me $1500, it has worked great ever since.

Fuel gauge. I had to replace the sending unit in the tank at 96,000 miles (hurt a little bit, $240 installed).

ABS Lights. I don't know the problem, but they only come on when the truck gets wet, rain or car wash (feels like a bad connector). Just have to find it.

30th Jul 2010, 06:50

My wife's 01 Tahoe had some of the same problems. We also replaced her rear brake system for almost 800 bucks. Her ABS pump went out at about 70k.

We are good customers at the dealership, so they got GM to pay for 85%. We paid about 250 to get it fixed.

Her fuel gauge went out at about 80k. It now has 113k.

I replaced the fuel pump myself. Not too bad; it took about 3 hours to do.

We love the Tahoe, and will most likely keep her forever.

17th Jan 2011, 19:19

I bought and currently still own my 99 Silverado V8 4.8L short box with lifetime undercoating warranty, and use it for light recreational hauling of a snowmobile in winter, and my 21' boat in summer. It is washed twice a week, and very much cared for.

I always liked the look of this truck, but very disappointed in GM as a company for not issuing any recalls or advising customers of well known issues.

Warranty did cover misfiring at less than 8k with 2 new coils, but were never able to fix a rattle that appeared to be coming from the dash. After 5 attempts to fix it from the dealer, I accepted the rattle noise as a norm.

Soon after ABS light came on at 28K, which was covered under warranty by cleaning the hub sensor, but came on soon after at 31K without any warranty this time. New front hub/bearing assembly and new rotors were required, I paid for bearing and one rotor, while GM covered the other rotor only.

At 38K, the bearing on other side went... About that time found the floor always wet, removed carpet and found water entering cab via doors. Apparently plastic deflector chutes are available to fix the issue for about $60, which fit inside doors over window assembly, but was never a recall, nor did warranty cover it.

At 60K, soon after powertrain warranty, transfer case went. Apparently ID stamp on transfer case is made of aluminum, which will corrode in winter climate areas where salt is applied to the roadway, and will eat through the case itself, leaking all your gear oil while driving without any warning indication. The case is designed as a two piece assembly, rear section needed replacement due to the corrosion problem, and front section metal band was loose, which wore through housing cover and was just about to be an issue. Once repaired, mysterious dash noise was now gone... Soon after, rear disk caliper and rotors gone.

At 62K, driver's front wheel bearing gone again. This time I replaced both with aftermarket, since GM original parts seemed ineffective at doing the job, and 2 years later at 103km, they still work well.

At 67k, brake pedal went to floor due to bad brake lines. Soon after, both front axles needed replacing.

While in for MVI, found most of rear frame from cab back rotted under the applied undercoating material supplied by GM. Even dealer mechanics would not even put it up on hoist in concern it would fall. After big fight with GM, won a lawsuit and was entitled to a new frame assembly. While at it, I added a 4in lift kit with 33 Mickey Thompson, all new SS lines, new sender unit, and new water pump.

My truck took on a fantastic new look, and I'm still loving it, but it convinced me that GM isn't what GM use to be. Since my early roots, I was always a GM guy; now I simply will look away.


21st Feb 2011, 16:02

I have a 1999 2500 4x4 6.0L. gas.

I love my truck, not a thing wrong and I have got 121,000 miles on it.

I have, since 1999, been towing my 3,500 lb boat and Lance Camper combo, which I have now sold and since 2006 pulling my 9,000 lb 5th wheel. I would say about 90% of my miles have been towing miles. Otherwise it is just pretty much a trip to Home Depot and back. I have towed all over with it and it has always brought me back home.

28th Feb 2011, 00:13

I have a 99 Chevy Z71 with a 5.3.

I also have experienced many of the same problems as others; gas gauge didn't work, service 4WD light, trans went out, etc.

The truck has 150,000 miles and has been a good truck even with all the problems. It seems as most people posting here think that their truck should always be perfect and never break or have any problems. But the fact is, all vehicles have problems and lots of them. I am a master technician and understand this very well. To be honest the problems with these trucks is actually small in comparison to others. It is very common and almost expected to need a transmission at around 100,000 miles for any vehicle.