2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer CL 4.2 from North America


Great vehicle




Window regulator.

General Comments:

Great vehicle, this Trailblazer has been as near trouble free as any vehicle I have ever owned.

I did a complete tune up at 100,000 miles.

It had the taillight boards replaced under warranty. Only warranty issue.

Since 100,000 miles, we had to replace the thermostat, which is quite a job, but nothing unusual at 127,000 miles.

Now the drivers side window regulator is bad, again nothing unusual at 131,000 miles.

The brakes have never been touched, no fan clutch problems, never added a quart of oil between changes. No A/C problems, no steering problems, almost completely trouble free.

Battery has been replaced twice, once in '07, once in '09 (due to me buying a cheap battery in '07).

Great vehicle. I would buy another one if they still made them.

Oh yes, 25 MPG hi way, 19 city.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2010

2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS 4.2L I6 from North America


Fantastic looks, great performance, off road capability, well worth the money


On a snowy night coming home from work, "Service 4WD" light came on when attempting to switch to 4HI. All lights on indicator switch went out. Took me about 45 minutes of starting and restarting the vehicle. Removed the 4WD fuse and reset the 4WD system/TCCM. Problem resolved itself. Dealer basically told me it was a fluke. This "fluke" cost it some points in the reliability marks.

Weird squeaking noise on rough road. Greased the rubber stoppers on the bottom front of the hood and the noise went away.

General Comments:

This vehicle is fantastic. The 4.2L I6 is punchy and quick. This machine is NIMBLE on its feet for such a large vehicle. The transmission shifts at proper intervals and is very versatile. It's gearing works great towing, on the trail, and on the highway.

The interior is very spacious. The LS trim model is very basic, coming with only the essentials like AM/FM radio with CD player, climate controls, rear seat climate controls, all cloth interior.

The ground clearance makes it a great handling vehicle on road. The low profile makes it ride smooth and handle great on pavement. This doesn't hold true off road though. The low clearance makes it a pain to handle off road. The skid plates (when equipped) alleviate this problem though. The 4WD system is well done. There is no snowy situation that this thing can't handle. It does decent in muddy, hilly, and rocky terrain as well (just watch that ground clearance!) The switching is easy by way of a vacuum system with a turn knob. The 4HI and 4LO settings know exactly how to handle the situation, but I must say the Automatic 4WD setting is utter crap. The spinning rear wheels cause a large thud when the front wheels engage for their split second before they kick off again. This setting is very unreliable and sounds painful on the transfer case.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2010

2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LTZ V6 from North America


Not good, and I wouldn't buy it again


Where do I start?

HORRID CAR! I will NEVER buy another Chevy product. You name it, probably has gone wrong with this car.

Side view mirrors don't adjust back to the personal setting, front left light goes out all the time, rear taillights out a lot, black paint chipped all over radio/ ventilation system, wiper fluid nozzles clog a lot, the whole climate control system was a horrid mess.

The 3 motors (yes there are 3 - one for defrost, one for chest level, one for feet) burnt out within a year of us getting it, the chest level A/C didn't work, the rear vent didn't work, then it was all over the place... nothing worked right. Heat blowing chest level, but cold air blowing on feet. Cold air blowing chest level only, etc etc etc. Again, you name it, it happened.

Power seat adjust broke... I had to drive with a pillow behind my back for a week just to reach the pedals... my husband was able to fix that though. Butt heater stopped working.

And then the alarm system went hay-wire. Key fob worked sometimes... intermittent. So I'd have to use my key to enter the car, & then start car up to turn it off. Then the door lock mechanism froze/broke last winter, so if the door got locked accidentally, you were locked out. BECAUSE THERE'S NO OTHER KEY SLOT!!! I had to put a piece of thin paper in the back hatch lock in case I got stuck, that I could gain entry to the car through the hatch.

So most recently the alarm still wasn't working, and when that happened, I couldn't open the hatch. And when the alarm wasn't working, the rear wiper didn't work either. Since when do wiper blades have anything to do with alarm systems?

Ventilation system also has grinding noise. We just brought it in to the dealer to have the climate control system fixed, and the alarm/wiper dealt with, to the tune of $2,100. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a Chevy again. Back to our very well loved Jeep brand.

General Comments:

It is a work horse... it tows our boat well. The interior is fairly comfortable, but the back seat buckles get lost into the seat.

Onstar is handy to have.

Very big lag in acceleration. Very noisy engine during acceleration. Not happy with the AWD. Our Jeep handled SO MUCH BETTER.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2009