2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer TNF 5.3L Vortec V8 from North America


Nice family vehicle, if you have the money and time to replace EVERYTHING on it


First day I had my "TNF" (The North Face edition) Trailblazer EXT, the plastic above the rear window was buckled upward. As I was driving it back to the dealership the next day to get it replaced, the orange signal on the driver side mirror fell off.

I got home and the truck was running fine until about a month later, when I was driving down a busy road and the steering totally locked up. The power steering pump had went bad and was making this really loud wining noise.

A few months later, I was driving home from work and it sounded like I was driving a jet. I later realized the fan clutch was locked, causing the fan to spin at high speeds. Which made the check engine light come on.

A few months after that, (10/01/09) I was driving home and the car just didn't feel right. I was doing about 45 MPH, then all of a sudden it felt like I accidentally pushed the gear shift into neutral, cause the car wouldn't move. The car started slowing down rapidly. After I got to about 25 MPH, it shifted into second and wouldn't go back into third gear. Later that day I took it to a transmission specialist and he said the whole transmission was completely gone.

My ball joints need to be replaced now. Also my heat/AC does not work due to a bad blower resistor. It caused the blower to stay on after I exited the truck, and it killed my battery about 5 times.

I love this truck cause it's fully loaded with the TNF option, but I've had nothing but problems. My 1996 Ford Thunderbird has ran for over 13 years with no problems besides ball joints. Never again will I buy a GM product.

General Comments:

One thing I love is the power from the 5.3 V8.

Heated seats are great in the winter. Too bad the driver side only works on the back and not the seat itself.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2009

26th Sep 2011, 21:34

How come no one else has all these problems you had with your '03?

6th Oct 2015, 14:19

It is kind of funny; I have the 03 TNF as well, and have done the full suspension, the transmission, and now I'm doing the blower for the same reasons, and it is not the make of a vehicle anymore, it is the age. I operate a tow unit, and everything with a computer has massive issues compared to the older vehicles built when people cared. I have owned 2 vehicles that made it over 598000 miles with normal maintenance; they were both built in 1972. It's sad to say, tech made everything worse, and manufacturers just don't care anymore.

2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT 4.2L I6 from North America


Nice, plain and simple


Thermostat housing leaked on to wiring harness, making a false engine code of "running too cool".

Actuator for vents needed replacing, air from only floor and defrost.

Squeak from front when stopping and hitting a bump at the same time.

General Comments:

Very happy with my TrailBlazer. Never been disappointed with any Chevy product.

1 quirk, but that is to be expected for road where I live. Numerous potholes around my area, so is to be expected.

Rides nice, good on gas for an SUV on truck frame. I see about 17 MPG.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2009

2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT LT 5.3 V8 from North America


Worst vehicle I have ever owned


Initially we were pleased with this Trailblazer. Two hours later the problems began.

The following has occurred over the past year (5000 miles).

First we experienced problems with the instrument cluster. All 6 gauges started acting erratically. GM wanted $700 to replace the cluster and reprogram it. I found a fellow on Kijiji who replaced the motors for less than half. I also found out GM had an extended warranty offer for other GM vehicles to replace the cluster except on Trailblazers and Envoys.

Traction control switch needed to be replaced as the bulb burned out and was not replaceable.

One day I was wiping the inside back window, and I lightly hit one of the defogger wires and it broke off.

One oxygen sensor needed to be replaced ($354), then the throttle actuator module needed to be replaced ($773).

Recently the lower control arm bushings needed to be replaced, but the entire lower control arm brackets needed to be replaced due to their design ($1417).

A squeak from under the hood developed. The plastic hood prop rod retainer was no longer strong enough to hold the rod, and the rod was rubbing against the plastic retainer, causing the squeak. I put in a new one ($4.62) and I drove down the street and the squeak was gone for a few blocks. The new retainer was weaker than the old one.

Worst vehicle I have ever owned!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2009