1st Aug 2007, 12:23

I have a 02 trailblazer that I fear is starting to have the same issues, I just bought it used with 98k hoping for a car with cheaper parts than a volvo. Wish I would've read this first! As for the 50 degrees all the time, it is a simple replacement of the ambient air temperature sensor at a cost of 6 whole dollars that you can do yourself.

2nd Aug 2007, 09:32

Same issue, fan clutch went bad at 58,000 on my wife's 02 Trailblazer. We bought new and she loves the vehicle. I am a Chevy man and have been for over 30 years. This is our first costly repair on any Chevy's we have owned through the years. I called GM and filed a complaint and requested some relief on the cost. It is in the works, over $500 cost, hoping for the best. There is no recall. Come on GM step up and do the right thing on this.

7th Aug 2007, 02:07

This is unbelievable! I thought this was an isolated issue. Same problem with my 2003 model (62,000) miles. I have no idea where to buy this part and get this thing fix. I'm in the military and stationed in Germany. Now I have to find a GM dealer to get the fan clutch fix. I'm sure this will be my last american made car... really disappointed with GM.

9th Aug 2007, 08:24

2002 Trailblazer, same problem. Sounds like a dump truck. Luckily I live near a quarry so the neighborhood is not disturbed easily. Dump trucks are common. Of course the sound stops before I get it to the mechanic. I got the part for about $150. I hope it fixes the problem. I love the truck, but can do without the headaches. This definitely should be a recall.

10th Aug 2007, 10:11

2002 Trailblazer I too am experiencing the "jet engine" as of about three weeks ago. My other concerns are the ticking that randomly occurs when I start the vehicle, the air conditioner that only works on 4 or 5, the check engine light that randomly displays, and the passenger side brake light that I have to replace every 3-6 months.

11th Aug 2007, 18:39

Here we g... here we g... here we g... here we g...

Oh, sorry, I was trying to contribute to this broken record.

2002 TB with 110,000 miles, and of course the fan clutch went bad about a week ago. Taking it to get it fixed tomorrow, then promptly submitting it to autotrader.com.

Good thing my work vehicle is a Nissan.

11th Aug 2007, 19:15

This is definitely an eye opener. We have the same problem with us now having to replace the fan clutch. If I would have known at the time, that the loud fan noise would have led to such an expensive replacement while my vehicle was under warranty, I would have had them replace the part at that time. Judging by the fact there are so many comments with the same problem here, it's amazing that GM has not done a recall on this part. I am now replacing the part myself, which appears to not be that hard. Here's a link to how to replace the part that I found online. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_change_a_fan_clutch_on_a_2002_Chevy_Trailblazer_LT

Good luck, and hope this helps.

12th Aug 2007, 16:01

Here is another one to add to the list; I got a 2002TB with 102000. The fan and water pump went out... I bought this new and was looking to buy a new Tahoe since this is paid for. Think I'm gonna look elsewhere now...

Oh, and I appreciate all the links on do it yourself... as I will be tackling this myself..

14th Aug 2007, 11:11

2002 TB, just waiting for the fan clutch to go out, everything else on the car has. Transmission went out at barely 60,000, repaired to the tune of over $3,000 (we were also on vacation!!!) Opened a claim with GM, of course they denied it. Numerous recalls, this car. Hate to buy foreign, but it seems like the way to go.

15th Aug 2007, 01:37

Wow.. if I would've known this 2 years ago when I bought my TB I would have NEVER invested in it. My 2003 Trailblazer LS with 85k+ miles has been perfect until the past half a year.. constant "check engine" light that the guys at the GM shop could not fix after 4 days of investigating and now the Fan Clutch (the GM 747) problem.

Good gravy.. I am NEVER buying another GM product. I'm getting this fixed, filing my complaint at their toll free number and then going foreign.

16th Aug 2007, 16:09

THIS IS CRAZY!!! Here is my story. I bought my 2002 Trailblazer, LTZ edition fully loaded. Never had any problems until it got out of warranty at 78,000. The water pump went out first and I had it replaced. Then a month later the reverse went out in my transmission. Of course, I was only 3,000 miles out of warranty, but GM told me that it wasn't their problem. So, I had the transmission rebuilt to a tune of $1,600. After that, the driver side air vents will only blow hot air and I don't have the money to have that checked out. Then 1 year and 3 months after having the transmission rebuilt, it went out AGAIN, another $1,600. My mechanic says it is a common problem in these vehicles. This was just in late May 2007. My truck started making the jet engine sound and I thought it was the darn transmission again when, come to find out, it is now the FAN CLUTCH!!! Another $600. So, in the past year, year and a half, I have put almost $4,000 into this truck. If someone starts a class action, I AM IN!!!

16th Aug 2007, 16:56

I have an 03 Envoy SLT. The Fan Clutch just went out 3 days ago. I had heard the ticking sound before, but never the loud airplane sound until it finally broke completely. The dealer charged me $720. After calling GM customer service, they agreed to split the cost 50/50. It still sucks, but it's better than nothing. It helped in the negotiations that I just bought another GM last weekend, and I told them it would be my last one ever since they don't recall known defects. The dealer said he normally wouldn't do that since I didn't buy the truck there and it was a Chevy dealer, not a GMC. (The Chevy dealer is closer to me than the GMC dealer) I would recommend taking your vehicle to the same manufacturer dealership as your vehicle - this will likely make it easier when negotiating down the repair cost.

Also, I've seen multiple issues on this thread with exterior lighting not working. I had that issue also. My trailer brake light on the left side would not work - all other vehicle and trailer lights were fine. After testing with a meter, it ended up being the flasher unit. It's a black box under the driver side dash - about the size of a pack of smokes. The dealer wanted $45 for the part - I got lucky and bought 2 new-in-box for $26 on e-bay. The cheapest I found it on-line was $32 with shipping. This flasher unit actually has every exterior light going through it, not just turn signals, so my guess is that this could be the source of lots of these types of issues. One easy way to check, if I rapped on the unit it would work until the truck was shut off, then the next time it was started, it would be broken again. At least this part is easy to replace - 5 to 10 minutes tops.

Thankfully my new Pontiac Vibe is half Toyota!!!