19th Feb 2009, 17:48

Some of the roaring noises people are describing may be bearings going bad in the idler pulleys for the serpentine belt (s). I have a 2003 with a V-8, had these noises, replaced all three idlers (the V-8 has two idler in the main belt and one for the small A/C belt at the bottom), they are not expensive, readily available (telling you something) and not very difficult to replace. The vehicle is quiet now as it could be.

By the way, when I purchased this TB with about 30K miles there was a noise from the right front wheel bearing. The hub was replaced by the dealer on warranty. There may be something not right with these Chinese made bearings.

Good luck to all.

23rd Mar 2009, 17:14

Add me to the list... 2002 Trailblazer LS, 83K miles and just got my brand new jet engine sound system. I took it to Auto Zone to get the code from the computer when the check engine light came on, it's a P0495. They gave me three possible things the code means:

1 - Open or short circuit condition

2 - Cooling fan relay fault

3 - Failed cooling fan clutch.

After reading page after page here, I wonder which one it is? LOL I'm about to call GM and throw a fit if there is not a recall, not sure what I'll do without one. Add me to the single mom who doesn't have hundreds (or if you want to be honest, I don't even have tens) of dollars to throw around..

If there's a recall, you'll see another post from me here shortly.. Cross your fingers.

24th Mar 2009, 12:34

Just to let you all know I was talking to GM customer service rep on the phone. They stated "they use TB to share information with their tech's how to make the repair, and no matter how many vehicles share the problem, until there are actually injuries that are directly linked to the fault, they will not consider that item for recall"

30th Mar 2009, 20:49

I have a 2003 TB with 111,000 miles, just replaced the fan clutch over the weekend. Went to EBay auto and found the part, replacement part made the jet engine noise louder. Going to Autozone to buy a new one and spend next weekend doing the exact same task. Those trying to do it themselves it's not a hard task, make sure you get the fan clutch nut lined up or you'll end up buying a new water pump also. Good luck with the recall, the transmission is also a bad design, had mine go out on me in the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge (between Brooklyn and Manhattan) in morning rush hour traffic. You know how the rest of the New Yorkers acted with their one lane blocked by my inoperative truck!

7th Apr 2009, 12:41

Whats going on with these Trailblazers?! I have a 2002 Trailblazer LTZ (85,000) miles. I have only had the truck for 10 months, now I hear the loud roaring noise when I drive, especially when I take off from a light or a stop sign!

I have had so much work done to this car, and I have had it!

I also got some transmission work done to it after 4 months of purchasing the car. I have replaced the tires, brakes, trans work and now the fan clutch; all in 1 year!

8th Apr 2009, 19:40

I have a 2003 TB that was purchased 2 years ago. The sending unit on the fuel tank was replaced a week after I got it. Then the noticeable ticking noise from the fan started. Took it to the dealership and they said I needed a program update. It fixed the problem for 1 month and came back.

Then blower motor fan resistor went. Fixed myself, and is very easy. Then jet noise from fan. Borrowed a computer to find out why the service engine light was on, now I am in the process of fixing the fan clutch myself. Has been a great vehicle other than that.

After reading postings, I hope that GM does something to please their last remaining customers.

22nd Apr 2009, 02:52

Disabled veteran who is very displeased with American products. I have a 2003 TB and I have had it for about a year. I was starting to like the vehicle a lot when I learned that I had purchased a Jet instead of a car. I was driving from Chicago to Georgia and about 280 miles away when it started. My initial thought was it is going to have to break cause I am not stopping out here. After making it in one piece (Thank God) I look online and see that this is not a problem, but an epidemic. Now GM is begging for a bail-out, ha.

"Born American, Die American, I will never buy another American car, nor will I allow my son; I am putting that in my last will and testimony, I swear to God I am not playing..."

23rd Apr 2009, 16:36

Have an 03 TB that's become a jet and had it less than 6 months Just hit 80,000. Just replaced the fan clutch and the noise is still there. Any ideas on what else it could be? Have already called GM and of course they outsource their calls to India and they have no clue what you are talking about.

Also called the dealerships and they claim they haven't seen this problem before.. ha. It's all over the Internet. Wondering if the programming with solve the problem since it doesn't seam to be the actual clutch. How ridiculous. No wonder why no one wants to support GM.

2nd May 2009, 20:16

Well, Same problem. Bought a 2nd hand TB '03 LT back in Nov '08. Fan clutch noise started to come out almost a month ago and still is. After reading online a lot of people said replacing the clutch didn't fix the issue, so I didn't. However, the sounds DOES go away when kicking down (i.e. RPM goes to the max and shifts gears).

Yesterday for the first time, "service engine soon" came on. Mileage is on 76K+.

Any ideas at all please. Won't call the dealer or go to a garage because they don't know anything, they just assume things and cost you $$$. So I'd rather listen to people who've had experience with such an issue.

Thank you.

19th Jun 2009, 09:08

Well after reading all of these posts I figured I should add that my fan clutch went a few months ago on my 02' Trailblazer LT. My grandfather worked at Chevy for a few decades until he died, and I was always a Chevy supporter. I am starting to change my mind now. There should be a recall, this is an epidemic.

26th Jun 2009, 11:32

I have same fan problems with 03 TB. Dealer said fan clutch is OK and did not replace it. I said thanks, saved me $$$$. Noise is still there. (Roar) OK people, let's face the facts - it's a Chevrolet, it was cheap, it's basically a dependable vehicle but with problems. It's a Chevrolet. Get a few miles on it, things go bad. It's a Chevrolet for crying out loud.

You want something to drive 200K with no problems, you probably should look (as I will) trading the junker in for another brand that would exclude the big three. 2/3 of them are broke and mismanaged. Go figure, and did I mention, it's a Chevrolet!!!... Life long Chevy driver!