8th Jul 2009, 22:48

Well yet another fan clutch... although with a twist...

My saga began with the TB 2 years into warranty... had the symptomatic ticking noise... brought it to the attention of the techs at Chevy... and they said it's normal.

A year later and out of warranty... the jet engine taking off sound begins... take it into a different Chevy dealership... fan clutch... problem was I had moved 40 miles... so not the same dealership... 500 to replace... bought the part myself for 130 and they gave me 10 bucks off the labor!! Woohoo...

Said that since I had built a relationship with the original Chevy dealership, I should have taken it to them.

Each is independently owned and operated... errr bailed out and mismanaged I mean.

Complained to BBB and Chevy... basically told I was lying and that I never told them about the ticking...

So they didn't put it in the vehicle service record... I am out 450 bucks. And hey GUESS WHAT... it still sounds like a jet engine...

The original dealership tells me if I had just driven the 40 miles, they would have replaced the bearings for free, but since I complained to BBB they can't do anything for me..

So I'm buying a new car next month... anyone guess which brand I won't be purchasing... good job GM.

2nd Aug 2009, 07:32

Also changed my water pump, still getting racing noise. Don't even listen to radio anymore, who else's speedometer doesn't work?

Just wanna fix the problem, any hints?

19th Aug 2009, 12:01

02' TrailBlazer LT.. fan made loud jet sound for about a mile and would go away. But now it doesn't. Should I have the fan clutch replaced and will that stop the jet from taking off haha?

20th Aug 2009, 20:44

05 Buick Rainier AKA old person luxury Trailblazer. Same problem. 40,000 miles. I told my wife we should have looked at the FJ Cruiser.

14th Sep 2009, 17:43

I bought an 02'TB 2 years ago. 45000 miles when I bought it. It now has 150000 miles and runs like a champ. I am replacing water pump this week and replaced a ball joint. Bought a set of tires. I am an evangelist and we travel the country pulling a 5x8 closed in equipment trailer with this TB. It may be one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Even pulling a loaded trailer I get around 19 mpg. I am blessed.

22nd Oct 2009, 00:41

I am a young kid, and just bought an 02 Trailblazer LTZ about 3 weeks ago, kinda my favorite vehicle, and guess what happened... you guessed it, I now have a jet. At first it only happened when I started moving, then after about a mile it would go away. Well after about 20 more miles the "Service Engine Soon" light came on and the noise did not go away. I have an appointment tomorrow to get it fixed, and they said if it is not covered under the extended warranty I bought, it would cost me around $950 in parts and labor. My father worked at GM for 28 years, and my family has only purchased GM vehicles for as long as I know. If I end up having to pay for this, I hate to say it, but I think I'll get a Ford for my next vehicle... well I hope everything goes OK... maybe if it's not covered I'll have my buddy do it for me, it doesn't sound too hard... wish me luck.

20th Nov 2009, 08:31

O2 trailblazer, 98,000 miles. Same issue with the fan clutch noise. It was once in a while, and it would go away, but then it stayed with the engine light. Code was PO495. My mechanic replaced the fan clutch because he said it is a normal problem for these vehicles. It is doing it again and I read that there is a Tech Bulletin out for the temperature switch. This is the first real problem I have had with this truck.

3rd Dec 2009, 07:43

Hey all I have 2003 EXT with same noise issue. 110,000 miles did GM do a recall? Is this part easy to install? I am stuck the price to replace and install seems expensive. Can anyone recommend a place to go that seems to know and understand this issue, or is the dealership the only place?



3rd Jan 2010, 18:37

I too have just been told my 02 TrailBlazer's service engine soon light is that code 450 - engine fan clutch. I refuse to take it to the dealer. There should be a recall on this problem. The comments I have reviewed so far are very helpful, and in my opinion proves it's a GM Chevrolet problem.

What gives? I'm contacting GM to complain, although I doubt they will do anything about it, and yes I'm done buying Chevrolet products too...


28th Jan 2010, 13:34

I miraculous woke up to the new jet engine sound on my 02 Trailblazer! Being that I live next to the Air Force Base, it just blends right in! Aamco charged $693.32 because I thought it was something in the tranny, because it was shifting later and I started inhaling something that smelled like pancake syrup.

FYI, mine has lasted the longest at 122,000 miles, but I've replaced the alternator, starter, battery, shocks, struts, serpentine belt, and flushed the tranny and radiator last year. The U joints are next according to Aamco.

Still love the Blazer, but my 72' Beetle was 10x easier to take care of.

2nd Feb 2010, 00:40

Hey everyone, I too have a 02 TrailBlazer and am hearing the jet noise. I have no service engine light on, so I assume there's nothing wrong. My TB runs great, doesn't over heat anything, but I did notice my mpg is bad. I believe I am only getting 180 miles to a tank. Does anyone out there think it's this fan clutch that everyone seems to have problems with? Thanks.

3rd Feb 2010, 18:09

I too have an 02 TB with 156,000 on it, and last summer I had the fan clutch noise. After replacing the clutch, it did the same thing. After studying the manual for a while, I found that there is a fan relay in the engine compartment drivers side fuse box, and after replacing it with a used relay, the fan works properly and the engine light stays off.

Also my fuel mileage is back to normal. Makes me wonder how many other people have the same thing, and whether or not I really needed a clutch.

I also have a noise that sounds like piston slap, but everything runs smooth with lots of power.

I did have an exhaust leak, and had the manifold milled and a new gasket, which took care of some of the noise. Mechanic friend said manifold was warped bad.

2nd Mar 2010, 23:33

I have a 2006 V6 Trailblazer with 55000 miles. The crooks here at my local garage told me that the water pump bearing was going out and would seize very soon. The shaft is loose and could be the real deal. However, if other shops continue to play games and cannot properly diagnose the issue, GM will not make a recall. Why would they recall the GMC's, Chevy's and Isuzu's to fix this "Jet Engine" sound if mechanics are paid to make guesses with our hard earned money.

The estimate that the shop gave me showed I would pay $200 for a new $50 water pump. I would be charged $200 for the two $12 hoses. They also want to charge for two separate "Cooling System Services" at $25 each. Plus $100 for coolant. They told me the work would take 2 to 3 hours, yet were charging me for 6.5 hours of labor. They must think I am very illiterate. The entire parts list cost me $165. I refuse to pay a thousand...