18th Jan 2007, 15:15

I also own a 2002 Trailblazer LS (91K miles) and had the 'jet engine' noise... I just got the fan clutch repaired to the tune of about $625.00. I'd like to file a formal complaint to GM. The problem is... I did NOT get the repair diagnosed and repaired at a GM dealer. Instead I went to an independent shop -- for the convenience and the friendly folks there. I spoke with some customer service reps at GM and was told that, according to their database search, the 'fan clutch' problem is not a 'known issue.' (Must be a pretty small database they're searching.) I was also told by GM that the independent shops "...do not have the best interests of GM in mind..." so they cannot be trusted. The Customer Service Rep then became very dismissal. WHOSE "BEST INTERESTS" DO YOU HAVE IN MIND, GM???

My questions: --> what do I have to do to get a formal complaint made to GM? --> ideally I'd like to get this 'fan clutch' problem on the recall list so that I (and all of you) get reimbursed. What needs to be done? I WILL DO IT.

An earlier poster stated that he filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs or BBB and got reimbursed. Which one was it and could you tell us how it was done?


PS - could it be that the "Curse of the Paid-off Vehicle" is alive and well? One more payment and this Trailblazer is all mine! (don't know if this is a good or bad thing)

18th Jan 2007, 15:21

My 2003 Chevrolet Trail Blazer is in at the dealership getting a new fan clutch at a cost of $775.00. It just turned 50,000 miles. I am all done with American made vehicles. My brother's Toyota pick-up just turned 90,000 and has never had a problem.

19th Jan 2007, 10:07

I just took my 2003 TB in and found out the fan clutch belt is needing to be replaced. Where do we file complaints? GM sure as heck won't listen.

19th Jan 2007, 17:58

Same deal 2002 Chevy school bus I mean trailblazer bad fan clutch!!!

22nd Jan 2007, 20:12

Just adding to the list. 2002 Trailblazer 56,000 miles and the the loud fan and check engine soon light. Just reading this list makes me think every clutch that was produced must have been bad. Hopefully they made a change to the clutch fan so when I get a new one it won't be bad in 50,000 miles.

25th Jan 2007, 14:36

I just had the same loud fan sound coming from my 2002 trailblazer with 90,000 miles on it. It was the fan clutch and took 4 hours of labor to fix it. The part came in to the dealership the next day. Total cost was $700, or rather WOULD have been $700 had I not gotten an extended warranty on the SUV. So this didn't cost me a dime! Too bad I only have 2,500 miles left on it though. Can't WAIT until then when everything else that can go wrong with it, will go wrong with it. (My last name is Murphy)

2nd Feb 2007, 04:57

Just wanted to add to the list... I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LT with 80,000 miles on it and have had nothing, but problems with it. I get the same noises everyone has mentioned. Like a dang jet taking off. Also, my service engine soon light keeps coming on and off. My temp sensor also does not work. Now my transmission seems to be slipping. Top Shelf vehicle Cheverolet puts out. Guess I will be going back to Audi. How unfortunate!

2nd Feb 2007, 12:44

Here is another one. I have a 2002 Trailblazer. Two years ago at around 60k the transmission blew. Now I am right around 85k and have now had to have the fan clutch replace. I have also had problems with the window motor (does not like the cold weather), radio buttons (the black coating comes right off the buttons), the indicator for the 2WD/AWD/4Hi/4Lo likes to change all by itself. I will never buy another GM product. No wonder the company is in such bad shape. Their product is terrible.

6th Feb 2007, 20:49

I have a 02 Trailblazer with 66k miles and have the same fan clutch issue. The "roaring" actually started last winter when I would start the truck up in the morning and then continue for a mile or so. I figured it just needed to warm up. I didn't notice it too much through the summer, but I did notice the ticking noise. The "roaring" started again not too long ago and is now constant. I stopped by a local shop (with friendly & honest employees) and was informed that my fan is stuck in high mode because the clutch is failing. Their estimate was around $375 (with a 2 day wait for the part to come in) and the dealership's was $600 (Oh yeah bring it right in, we'll fix it today)! Yeah right! I think I'll wait the 2 days.

I went on-line to find the part to order when I came across this site. This is absolutely ridiculous! I really try to stick behind American made products, but it is very difficult when the American company is not sticking behind its consumers. THIS SHOULD DEFINITELY BE A RECALL!

I have had several problems with my TB, but this tops it.

It is pretty embarrassing to drive around in a vehicle that sounds like an airliner.

12th Feb 2007, 09:26

I have a 2003 TB. At 27k Fan Clutch went out. At 48k, Broken piston Skirt - I had to replace then engine. At 50K, I have to replace the drivers side wheel bearing assembly. It hums when correcting to the right. Also Headlights are flickering and the Ammeter bounces. Bad Alternator? Don't know. This one could be my fault, so I am going to check all of my grounds when I change the wheel bearing and change the Serpentine belt. I have been Chevy all the way, but the gas is the cheap part of driving this vehicle. I can't afford to put all of the parts into it.

12th Feb 2007, 13:47

I have a 2003 TrailBlazer with 82,000 miles on it. The clutch fan always made a clicking noise from time to time, usually at idle. I never thought much about it until it seemed to do it more and more, and finally did it almost every time it idled. I just picked it up from the dealership and had to pay $600 to have it replaced. The replacement fan is $350.00, just for the part! Based upon this bulletin board, it seems to be a common problem that GM should address by way of a recall.

19th Feb 2007, 07:13

I have a 2003 ENVOY XL with 53,000 miles and just like everyone else here I am experiencing a fan clutch problem. What annoys me is that there was no warning. All of a sudden from one day to the next I got this loud engine noise. As for GM's role in all this, of course they know about it, but they are making good money on repairs that they see no need to recall.

1st Mar 2007, 07:08

I to am having problems with my 2002 TB, which I purchased a little over a year and a half ago. Aside from the recent jet engine sound (which I've been told is the fan clutch) my interior dashboard lights stopped working causing several lights, including my mileage light, to go out. I was told it would cost $700 to fix the cluster. I did some research online, and found that in 2002 a recall was done to remedy the interior lighting issue. So I called GM to see what my options are, and am waiting to hear back. So far the rep has been great at keeping me posted.

Bottom line is I'm not paying for either. My truck has less than 60K, it is paid for, and I spent an extra $500 last year to get new spark plugs. GM will remedy this problem! Especially since I see that hundreds of others are having the same issue with the same type vehicle around the same mileage. What I find even more astounding is that most of you, like me, bought their used TB recently. Absolutely amazing.

I will go through the proper channels to get this hunk of junk fixed, and them I am trading it in. If GM doesn't come correct, I will look into a class action lawsuit. The fan clutch needs to be recalled and the 2002 recall done on the interior lighting needs to be reinstated, SINCE IT DIDN'T FIX THE PROBLEM!!!