3rd Jan 2010, 16:02

We have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. Our key was getting stuck in the ignition and would not come out. The car would still start, but the key would not release. We thought we fixed the problem, but now it is stuck in 2nd gear. Have no idea what is wrong. Cruise control won't work, all other electricals do! What the heck!! Anyone have any input?

21st Jan 2010, 10:57

Our '03 TB has 77K miles and just started this "not starting" problem after 5 years of driving bliss. Had the ignition switch replaced first and didn't even get through the weekend without a "no start" re-occurrence. Then two weeks later, had some sensor replaced that tells the computer to turn over. That fix lasted 12 days before it failed me. I'm tempted to print this entire thread for my mechanic to read before I drop my truck off again.

3rd Feb 2010, 13:13

OK. I am having these issues as well. I replaced the battery and had it sent to a mechanic and had the starter replaced... Everything worked fine for about 2 months. Now I notice that the rear wiper goes on by itself and the head lights flicker and door locks while driving. Woke up this morning and the car won't start at all. Everything powers up besides the radio. For a few days now I have been using the cig lighter adapters to charge my phone and a GPS. Could that have caused this to happen?

12th Feb 2010, 11:01

New owner.

I just purchased a USED 2003 Chevy TB on 1-19-2010.

Starting about 2 weeks ago, I noticed that it just simply will not get warm! Not only does it not get warm, but for some reason it only blows through the defrost, no other settings work.

Dropped it off this am at mechanic, he called told me his scanner is telling him I need my computer re-booted??

I'm a girl, VERY CONFUSED.. can this make my heat no work??

I need help. I didn't get a warranty with this car, so I'm kinda stuck on what to do.

2003 TB- 79,000 miles...

Please e mail me with any info!!


Thanks sooooo much!!!

4th Jul 2010, 19:50

Today my daughter called me and stated that she could not turn her 2002 Trailblazer completely off (she could shut the motor off, but ignition key would not turn all the way), and she could not remove the key. I told her to bring it over and I would look at it.

After some investigation I found what looked like a "knock-out" plug on the column below the ignition switch. Long story-short, I eventually inserted a small screw driver into the hole after removal of the "knock-out" plug, and gently depressed the small button (pushing upward) and turned the key into the off position.

I removed the key from ignition. Today is a holiday - 4th of July (no parts stores are open), next week I intend on opening up the column and investigating the "anti-theft" areas to see if I can completely disable it in order to stop having to depress the button on column for key removal


Well, I hope this may have helped, if I can I will report back on my findings, good luck!

5th Aug 2010, 15:47

August 5, 2010.

In regards to the 2003 Chevy TrailBlazer EXT V8 starting problem, my issue is the same one that many have already posted. GM should fix this for all with a total recall.

My starting problem is that when the key is turned to start, nothing happens. All things electric function, but no cranking, only a minor click that can hardly be heard from inside the SUV.

This problem first occurred about three years ago from time to time sporadically, but almost always started after a while.

Three years ago I had it towed about 3 miles to a GM dealer because it would not start. As soon as it was off the tow truck, I tried to start it and it fired right up. The service manager wanted to sell me a new battery and install it, but I drove off and replaced the battery myself to save money, and still the problem exists.

After a few months with the same problem from time to time, I was able to drive it to another GM dealer for them to fix it; it gave them no problem so they could not diagnose the problem.

After three years of the same problem, and while driving in heavy rain with a few inches of water on the roadway, the TrailBlazer started to idle roughly at low RPM during stops, but then ran fine getting home. Then I tried to start it and now the same old problem, all power but no cranking, no starting.

It's been parked for over a week now and will not start; all lights, fans, sound system, alarm, windows, all work, but it will not crank. I've unhooked the battery overnight to reset the computer. I've left the ignition on for 10 minutes to reset the computer. No luck so far, so I've read every comment posted here, and the best comment was from Sept 30, 2009 on page 8 and was from a mechanic. I do think the problem is with the anti-theft ignition device, the ignition switch and\or the starter relay. Perhaps I can find out where the ignition switch and starter relay are located on the SUV and maybe I can install the parts myself?

The TrailBlazer now has 113,000 miles, and the weather has nothing to do with the problem. It shifts out of park, and at times when it wouldn't start, I'd turn key on, shift into neutral and it would start, or I'd open and shut the door, or open and close a window, and then it would start. I haven't tried the cell phone while trying to start it? And yes it has gas in the tank.

I will try calling the Chevy customer service to register yet another complaint about the same starting problem on a 2003 TrailBlazer EXT V8 to see if they can help? Any other help from anyone would be appreciated.



13th Aug 2010, 16:12

I am having problems with my 2003 Trailblazer... Is there a recall on these vehicles??!! It turned off on me in the middle of a big street while my 2yr old son was with me!! That is not cool!

All power goes out, and the steering wheel and brakes lock up. I had the battery checked and the alternator checked as well; they checked out good. Can someone help?

I've read the other comments, but as a single mother of 3, my money is pretty tight. What should I do 1st? I don't want to spend any money that I don't have to.

14th Aug 2010, 20:00

Ours did that for awhile too. This is a HUGE problem on the TB, and GM should offer up a solution. My wife would take off at lights, and it would die and not start for a few seconds... very dangerous. I had it die on me while I was parked idling, and it took almost a minute of cranking it before it finally caught and started.

Google your problem, and you'll get a list of answers that may help you figure out what to ask any mechanic. I know one problem was the computer needed to be reflashed to stop the stalling problem. We had the injectors cleaned and it solved the poor idling for about a month. I found most of my problems were on some forum on the Internet, as they are so common. We traded ours now, and I will never buy GM products again. Too many repairs with too low of miles on the vehicles. Ours needed almost $2K worth of work, so I opted to put that down on the new SUV instead.