1999 Chevrolet Venture LS 3.4L from North America


We have been happy with it overall


Fuel gauge/sensor quit working.

Sliding door won't open from any switch, but does close from every switch.

General Comments:

I had a similar problem as some others with the flasher lights come on when you apply the brake, and if you turn on turn signal, it flashes fast. I have had both right and then left turn signal do it. The problem I found was the connector that plugs into the rear taillight assembly. The middle wire of the wire harness connector melts the plastic around the connector, and this causes a bad connection. AC Delco has replacement wire harness; you have to cut back about foot of wires, crimp new harness and connector to old wire harness. Then I ran electrical tape around connector to give it more strength, because the new connector melted too. Working OK now. Not sure why it melts now, but didn't first 3-4 years we had it.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2008

1999 Chevrolet Venture Extended 3.4 from North America


I bought this van new straight from the dealer. It now has 143,000, due to a daughter in competitive gymnastics. Thank goodness that's over.

I have had the problems that most of you had, wipers, windows, water pump and rust on the rocker panels. I had bought a extended warranty so my costs were down.

Front brakes were replaced at about 75,000 with taxi cab heavy duty ones and they are still working great.

My ABS light is on. Brakes were adjusted in February, and found no problem. My garage said the could poke around for the codes, at their hourly rate, and gave me a print out of the steps. Considering the miles, we left it as is.

Current problem is my transmission skips right over second gear. This started 6 months ago (right before the holidays). Sometimes I hardly notice it. Then I get the wake up call and even a toot to move along. Would if I could.

The thing that gets me is my engine is great. Half the time I can't even hear it running. I have never had a problem with it. Too bad the car is falling apart around it.

It needs to keep running until inspection time in July, and need a new one. I have owned GM cars since 1988, but I think I'm going the foreign route.

Are there any problem free cars out there???

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Review Date: 14th May, 2008

1999 Chevrolet Venture LS 3.4 gas V6 from North America


Good for around town close to home, comfortable, and convenient


Will need some front end parts replaced soon due to wear.

Chronic "check engine" light.

Power mirrors don't work any more. Makes driving on the freeway harder when the right one moves on its own.

General Comments:

This thing runs and drives great, but the chronic "check engine" light gives me pause (although we've never had trouble). We really like this van but chose to take the higher-mileage Silverado instead when we move halfway across the country.

The on-board computer says that we're getting about 22-23 mpg.

It's comfortable and the factory radio and CD player work and sound good. The dash and controls are much more sensibly laid out that my Chevy pickup but not quite as good as the Lumina.

The convenience features on this van are unbeatable--my wife loves the rear seats, power doors, etc. There are a lot of cup holders and cubby holes for your stuff. This thing was originally built with everything but the car alarm.

It's comfortable and has plenty of room but when backing it up I feel like I'm driving a school bus (this is the extended model).

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Review Date: 24th April, 2008

1999 Chevrolet Venture Exended from North America


Won't buy another one!


We started shifting roughly before the warranty ran out, however they refused to open the transmission without threatening us with a 1500 bill IF they didn't find out anything. Once the 65,000 warranty ran out it seemed, that the transmission really went. So, that had to be rebuilt.

The driver's side window broke down and had to be fixed.

The interior computer (temp, fuel, directions) went out completely. We've tried replacing the fuses, but that hasn't worked. Before this happened however, we've had to replace the sensors at least twice before the warranty ran out.

The headlights get moisture in them.

The tail lights go out often.

The low coolant light blinks inconsistently with a full coolant tank.

General Comments:

The car now has 176,000 miles on it, but has definitely had it's problems. The biggest one is the transmission of this vehicle. Don't take no for an answer if it starts shifting like you're on a roller coaster! Tell them to open the transmission before your warranty expires!

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Review Date: 25th July, 2007