1999 Chevrolet Venture from North America


An absolute NIGHTMARE


I bought my van from a private owner, my battery died, my starter went then we drove 400 miles and my head gasket blew. My wiper cam was bad, my window switch blew, and that is not all now my transmission is slipping. I have no warranty. I have spent so much on this van, but I have only had it for a month and a half. What does a person do in this situation? I will never purchase another chevy with or without a warranty. GM should recall all these vans that are nightmares.

General Comments:

The one thing this van does have is great gas mileage.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Venture LX Extended 3.8L from North America


Nice van, but too many problems


Replaced tires 4 times in 7 years or about every 10,000 miles.

Replaced front brakes and front rotors 3 times. Replaced rear brakes and drums 2 times.

Replaced water pump at 45,000 miles.

Replace anti lock brake computer and master brake cylinder at 55,000 miles. Cost about $1000.

Replaced driver's side power window motor at 47,000 miles. Stopped working again at 70,000 miles.

Rear wiper fluid dispenser stopped working.

Airbag light came on and off whenever it wanted to and the dealer could not fix it.

The lights in the radio stop working so you could not see the buttons at night.

Cup holder on the passenger seat broke as well as other plastic parts though out the interior.

The manual doors became difficult to open and close and the dealer did not know why.

The engine was sucking up and burning coolant and the dealer told me it would cost $1000 to fix.

General Comments:

We loved it when we first got it and did not have many problems until after the warranty expired.

The gas tank was 20+ gallons so we could go quite a distance without filling up. We had the 8 passenger seating version so our three young children fit in the second row nicely.

It was a little light on power, but overall it drove well.

We decided to trade it in for a short term lease on another minivan (Chrysler T&C) because we just were not sure what was going to go next.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Venture from North America


I would rather buy foreign


When I first bought my used venture I blew a head gasket within two weeks at 26,000 miles.

The windshield wiper motor burnt out and had to be replaced as the wipers wouldn't work and when they did they were always in the up position.

The transmission went at 93,000 miles and it has been rebuilt three times and my van still is not running correctly.

With a price of over 1600.00.

Just recently the motor on my electric window burnt out and the window was stuck down inside the door, it needs a new switch and a motor and at this rate I will go without putting my window down.

My van is sitting in the driveway with absolutely no breaks. I ended up buying a used Maxima because my venture is always breaking down. Anyone want it for parts!!!1.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Venture LS 3.4L from North America


Fool me once, shame on GM, fool me twice, shame on me--my next vehicle weill be a Toyota


ABS Harness failed at 1500 miles.

Intake manifold failed at 60,000.

Fuel gauge failed at 70,000.

Passenger side rear view mirror was defective under warranty, but dealer refused to repair it.

General Comments:

The vehicle is comfortable and has plenty of power.

Fuel economy runs about 23-26 on the highway and about 19 in town.

The dealer is hopelessly dishonest. I now patronize a local mechanic.

I've decided to live without a gas gauge--for $800 I'll reset the trip meter each time I refill.

When I asked the salesman to show me how to remove and replace the rear seats he couldn't get them back in without help from a mechanic. I should have known better than to buy it.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

11th Dec 2005, 15:17

I have a 98 venture with 140,000 and all I had to do it wiht replace the water pump and the serpentine belt.

You just never know.