4th Nov 2010, 18:18

2006 Chrysler 300.

Sometimes the lights flash up and down, or on and off crazily. It happened a few times in the beginning, has gotten progressively worse. Doesn't happen ALL the time, but now I'm noticing that not only does it do this at night (flashes and turns lights on/off), NOW I've noticed it's doing it in the day when the LIGHTS ARE IN THE OFF POSITION. I've tried messing around with the dimmer, the light switch, turning things on and off (including the car). I have an aftermarket door opener that was installed very early on (didn't notice this problem before or after right away...) but sometime after that the lights started acting up... at times INSANELY. And now it happens a lot more often.

It used to SEEM to be worse in the summer and when it's raining. I've had it in several times, even when it's happening it's not throwing any particular code that they can check. Last time the mechanic had some sort of sensor in the dash trying to get a reading, saw SOME code flash on the indicator. He tried to make it happen again... couldn't. After that it didn't happen for a good span of time... then it started again and has been going wacky ever since. It's ridiculous how fast the flashing is... and sometimes the lights turn themselves off and the only way I can see is to hold the high beams on with the lever pulled toward me. That used to work ALL the time, but recently, when holding the lights on, they've begun to flash up and down and on and off... although holding on the high beams seems to make it somewhat better... it's no longer a "cure".

Passenger rear window will not roll down. Hasn't for a long time (but it did in the past).

One time the cruise control did not work for a month or so, but then, on its own, it decided to work again. I've asked for expert advice before... to no avail...

Other than the deadly lights flashing on and off, as if the car is possessed by the devil himself, I love everything else about the car.

:-( I only owe 3K on it, it runs and looks like a million bucks... but this light thing is a panic.

25th Dec 2010, 04:02

I have a Chrysler 300 LIMITED (3.5 V6) that I purchased on May 2009, it had about 42,000 miles on it then. Since then, I have driven it from New Jersey to Seattle back and forth, and from Columbus, OH - Toronto- Montreal-Columbus in winter time and in snow with absolutely no problems at all! After all the driving, it has 78,000 miles on it, and it gives 32 plus MPG on HWY. But of course with all that driving, normal wear and tear is common, like brakes, struts, etc. but nonetheless, it is by far the most comfortable car I have ever driven, and looks, drives like a million bucks! I am planning on keeping it forever, and take it out to car shows.

30th Dec 2010, 15:34

:: I have a Chrysler 300 touring edition, & I have owned this car less than a year now, and it only has around 100xxx miles on it.

Up to this point, I had no problems with the car, & then all of a sudden, about a week ago, it started making a real loud knocking noise! The first mechanic that I had taken it to said that it was a rod, & I told them there is no way that it could be; I have maintained this car as it should be (I have all the receipts to prove it).

It's in the mechanics shop right now, & so far they are claiming that it is lifter collapsed!! The dealer will not help me with any cost at all, but are saying that it is due to car malfunctioning. I am going to keep proceeding with this, because all of this is coming straight out of my pocket. I have owned nothing but Chevy trucks before this, & that is definitely what I will be going back to!! I will NEVER own another Chrysler again, or advise anyone to!!

8th Apr 2011, 20:31

I will never own another Chrysler either. I just paid for a timing belt, tune up and water pump on Monday; today is Friday, and my engine light is on. I was riding, and all of a sudden it sounds like something was coming apart. Back to the dealership I go tomorrow.

10th Apr 2011, 10:48

The problem is that when you buy a used car, several years old with nearly a hundred thousand miles on it, you don't really know what you're getting. Sure, maybe you have treated it well, but you don't know what kind of abuse the previous owner subjected it to. It makes it hard to blame the car in those cases. You just need to be more careful when buying a used car, and follow the old adages of you can't get something for nothing, and if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

27th Aug 2012, 10:43


What happened in the end?

I am now having the same problem. I own a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring 3.5L V6, and after taking a long trip, the engine quit. Had it towed for a diagnosis, and they said the engine is gone. It only has 145000km on it and has been maintained with oil, coolant etc... the body and interior are in great shape and it's a great looking car. I'm very disappointed that this has happened because I was looking to buy the new 2013 300. Not even taking a second look now.

I own a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 205000km on it, and don't change the oil regularly etc... and it runs wonderful.

How do you know if there is a recall on your auto?

Do you have any advice?


29th Dec 2012, 14:46

I had the following problems with my 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring:

1. After 1 year - the engine went into limp mode with the check engine light on - brought it to the dealer and they replaced a weak valve spring under warranty (phew).

2. After 2 years, the HVAC lights went out - brought it to the dealer and they said that they will replace the chip, but the replacement chip will have no lights in them - huh????

3. Rear left window won't open after 3 years - I decided to leave it as is and live with it, since most of the time only 2 of us are in it.

4. At 80K I had to replace 2 tie rods.

5. After 4 years, the EGR had to be replaced.

15th Nov 2013, 07:14

Bent piston? How is that a possibility? Did you run it on WD40?