23rd Jul 2003, 09:27

I own a 1997 Sebring JXI Convertible, the car is great and a lot of fun to drive. I get a lot of compliments. But as an owner I have discovered a few major flaws with the top.

The top is coming apart at the seams. I could understand it if this car was a street rod, but it has been garage kept and has only 14,000 miles. on it. The car is in Showroom Condition.

Another Complaint is that the car fills up with water when it rains. I partially solved that problem by removing body plug in front of rear wheel, inside wheel well. This is OK for the warm seasons, but in the winter the water freezes up & Becomes a real problem. Chrysler has to come up with a better design. If any one knows how to solve problem please info. me at marksigns@verizon.net.

30th Sep 2003, 12:01

I own a 1997 Chrysler Sebring JXI. It's a great car, but then again a lot of the faults I've read about on this page are common to my vehicle also. I am writing to shed some light on the mysterious 20 amp engine ignition starter fuse that occasionally blows when you turn the ignition key. Took it to a trusted mechanic where I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and the verdict was that I needed to replace the starter. Apparently the solenoid which is actually located internally in the starter had shaken loose from where it was supposed to be screwing in. When it was where it was supposed to be then the car started with no problem. If the solenoid vibrated into a position were metal touched metal then the fuse blew. The starter was about $220 and the labor to install it was another $70. The Chrysler dealership gave me a similar quote for the part, but the labor quote was $110. My car also has the problem with the top coming apart, odometer display intermittently operating properly, and I've changed more brake pads and rotors than I care to think about. Oh well, it was a fun single guy car, but now that I'm married with 2 sons it's getting close to time to sell my Chrysler that now finally starts every time I turn the ignition for a minivan. The Ford Windstar and Honda Odyssey are looking better and better every day. Oh the shame of it all :).

27th Jan 2004, 02:28

I have a '97 Sebring Convertible, bought used, have had the car one year, and I LOVE IT! but... some similar problems as other owners. Tonight, on the rainiest night in South Florida in a month, my driver's side window took it upon itself to lower all the way down into the door (on it's own, what is that?) and now will not come back up (peek-a-boo!). A week ago my horn went from perfectly normal to barely a 'bird chirp'. My rag-top, too, is pulling away from the rear window, my digital odometer comes on when it likes (usually off), and possibly the biggest annoyance is the river of water that streams straight down into my interior when I open the door in the rain, from the seam where the rag-top meets the windshield frame. However, for having put 30,000 miles, in one year, on a 6 y.o. car (used), I STILL LOVE IT!

BUT, if anyone has any answers to any of the aforementioned annoyances, I'd appreciate some advice, thanks :0)


21st Mar 2004, 14:00

I own a 97 Sebring LXi, with the Autostick option. The car has been running fine, but there are still a LOT of little things wrong with it, some more serious than others. First off my Odometer and Trip Computer displays come on of their own accord, which is usually never. I have the exact same flooding problem that I see repeated here time and time again. My roof is coming apart, but the roof is 7 years old now, so that is no biggie to me. I also have a "indeterminable" leak from somwhere near the front right tire... more on the engine side of it all, but in that quadrant. The driver's door has also came apart as well, I mean the interior components are actually separating from the door, and makes this horrid jarring sound when closed. I am not ruff on the door either, it just seems the little cheap plastic pegs have given up, and don't hold on any more. I have done the Rotor Repair dance as well, that was a $800 pain in my rear. Also the leather on the driver's seat has ripped right down the middle as well. I said when I bought the car that I will drive it until it falls apart... looks like that is going to be sooner than later. BMW here I come.

12th May 2004, 15:49

I just bought (3 weeks ago) a 1-owner 1998 Sebring JXi Limited Convertible from my trusted Honda dealer, and so far have not had any of the problems discussed; however, this forum has been educational in that I know what to watch for over the next several thousand miles!

I bought mine with 85K miles, and it still looks very, very clean -- it looks/feels/drives like it's been very well taken care of -- dash is perfect, displays are all operating correctly, the top and the rear window are together, no cracked leather, etc. We don't get much rain here in Tucson, so I don't know yet if I'll get a wading pool on the back floorboards. I have had it washed and there's a small amount of seepage, but nothing alarming.

So far, the only thing I did need was the rotors turned 3 days after I bought it, but the Honda dealership where I bought it didn't even charge me for that! (whew!)

Wish me luck as this is my dream car -- I've wanted a convertible since I was probably 8 or 9 years old!

I still have a '96 Dodge Dakota pickup I bought new, and a 2002 Honda Odyssey I bought new -- both have been great vehicles (3rd Honda; any surprise?). I have put a lot of money in routine maintenance for the truck, but nothing extraordinary.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

JN in Tucson, AZ.

11th Jun 2004, 17:32

1996 Sebring JXi - pretty decent car, very fun to drive - early models tend to be a bit quirky.

But that's true with any car, and convertables are notoriously tricky.

I've had the car for a few years and driven it pretty steady (and I'm not easy on cars) and this one has held up pretty good. The only things I've noticed is that the car tends to get break squeal pretty often (not because the brakes are worn, but because they get grit in the brakes pretty easily). The top is wearing and I'll probably have to replace it before the year is out (but hey, this is a 96 and it's what, 2004 original top? No biggie!). When I first got the car, there were a few annoying issues to take care of and I'm looking at a possible egr valve, but to be honest, the car has been good to me... only normal wear items.

Take care of the car, and it'll take care of you - and it is very fun to drive. :-)