18th Nov 2004, 20:31

Folks, all I have to say is, this car, a (generally) has transmission issues. The car (a 1999 Sebring convertible) is indeed beautiful, and outside the transmission, never a problem. However, if you have issues with the transmission? They are quickly dismissed as being a result of "wear". The other folks posting here, saying problems are a result of neglect are wrong. My car has been taken care of very well, and put away for winters, even driven in the flat ranges of northern Ohio and yet, it failed.

The transmission sensors had been replaced 3x before it finally let go. I can only say to sell you vehicle before you get the run-around and double talk that dealerships and garages give you about fixing your transmission. It is junk. Plain and simple, engineers did not do their job and you will pay the price.

8th Aug 2005, 21:12

I have a 1998 JXI Limited. Purchased new in March of 1999. In October, 1999, had to replace the entire air conditioning system. ($900) December of 1999, the tab came off the rear window defogger, six months later it was off again and the top had to be replaced. Two months after that the entire dash light system went out. December of 2000 the blower would only blow on high, had to replace the resistor. Six months later had to replace the resistor again. The day after I picked up the car, the resistor went out again. Had to replace the resistor and blower motor because the blower was blowing out the resistor. July of 2004 had to replace the air conditioning system again. November of 2004 the rear window defogger tab was off again and now the horn does not work. I had freeze plugs to go out and now there are oil leaks. I must say no engine problems, because I have always used the best synthetic oil and changed the oil regularly and no transmission problems. Any one else had problems with the air conditioning or the resistor?

27th Aug 2005, 09:36

We currently own a 96 Sebring JX convertible. My wife wanted a Mustang convertible originally, but saw this one used and decided she liked the body style better. I concur because of the leg room and passenger space. We have no complaints about the body style or handling, but have experienced the same problems others have noted.

The speakers could not have been less ergonomically designed. My son and I are both six foot so the first thing to go was the speaker covers. I managed to patch them which lasted one week. Two transmissions, one within a year of installation by a Chrysler dealer. Second one had to be installed by a transmission shop. (side note: Chrysler wouldn't honor the warranty) I just recently replaced the instrument cluster because of the tac and odometer not working. It was intermittent at first, then quit altogether. Installed the replacement unit, it worked for about 2 weeks, but has now become intermittent.

The top has been good except for at the top of the rear window where it has started showing a gap between glass and top. No significant leakage though and we have some heavy thunderstorms in Texas. Latest problem is replacing an oxygen sensor. The Haynes manual I have is for all models, but only shows diagrams for 6 cylinders as with most other repair diagrams.

Upside the car is paid for and at 135K miles we will run it till it drops since there is so much invested.

2nd Nov 2005, 09:35

I own a 1997 Sebring Convertible and I've had it for 3 years.

I just stumbled across this site looking for speaker covers for the interior doors. I'm amazed at the similar problems some of you have had. However, other than the few problems I have, I LOVE this car.

1) Speaker covers are smashed in. What a MAJOR placement mistake these were. Not much I can do about them other than replace them.

2) My tach and odometer has been working off and on for the last 8 months, and it seems to be random when it goes off and on.

3) I can't drive it thru a car wash, the windows leak a bit. Problem is solved by washing it by hand :-) It does not leak when it rains though. Seems fine except for the power drive thru car wash.

4) The one I can't seem to get any answer about is my 'check engine' light comes on about every 3 months.

For no reason whatsoever. I've had in the shop, scanned and tested and nothing is wrong. The light will come on and stay on for a few days, then it goes off and stays off for another 3-4 months. Any suggestions?

I have 117,000+ on it and it runs great. And it's paid for so I'm keeping it.

9th Nov 2005, 13:23

Do we have a class action suit on water leaks?

Besides having recently experienced the "stall" problem, my main problem on my 2004 Chrysler Convertible Sebring is water. Four months after purchase, the car had soaking wet carpets. Since that time, I have had 5 other incidents. The dealer has completely replaced the carpeting 4 times. Both dealer and tech rep have admitted it is a "design defect." The rear of the car has two openings to allow water to spill out, but not the front. I park nose down on a steep drive, so the water collects in the front and goes into the cabin. Once it took 26 cupfuls to get rid of 1.5 inches of water! Under the Alabama Lemon Law I am entitled to either a full refund or a new vehicle. The dealer spent a month trying to get Chrysler to put me into another vehicle (300). Chrysler did not accept it. They told me to park it level! All my previous cars have been parked in this way with no problems. I am wondering if this couldn’t be a class action suit. If other Sebrings are made the way mine is, no one in San Francisco can purchase this car!!!

16th Nov 2005, 13:07

Two days after submitting this, when I brought my car to the dealer for the stall problem (fixed with a software reload of the engine), the General Manager informed me they had not yet given up on my case. The owner of the four dealerships in North Alabama is working it.

I will let you all know the outcome.

23rd Jan 2006, 13:31

The outcome to the November 9 and 16, 2005, comments is as follows:

I have a new car! The Sebring has been replaced! The General Manager of my dealership successfully worked my water leak issue with Chrysler so that I received a brand-new 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring (my choice) to replace the 2004 Sebring Limited convertible.

This process was long and weary and many times I wondered if it would have a happy ending. But my dealer is an honest, upright person and he worked to bring it to a successful conclusion.

My wish is for all of you who have had similar problems to check your state for its lemon law and then make an another effort to work with your dealer.

4th Mar 2006, 19:53

I own a 97 Sebring Convertible with 100k miles. Overall, it's been a good car and has held up well, considering the really awful roads I drive. My biggest complaint - the tach/odometer thing that others have mentioned. Does anyone have a clue as to how to fix it? Is it a fuse, or more complicated? My rear defroster wire is also disconnected. Anyone know how to reattach? In answer to the flooding problem - I had that issue and you could hear the water sloshing around behind the back seat as well as my back carpeting being soaked. There are some drain holes underneath the car behind the front doors. My husband ran a coat hanger into the holes to unclog them and all kinds of water drained out. I haven't had the water problem since. The speakers are a bad design, although I haven't kick mine out. I don't like how they rattle, but I love the sound system.

If anyone knows what to do about the tach/odometer issue, please post it.