24th Oct 2006, 10:08

I own a 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and I enjoy the car, however I've had the same problems with the water drainage as well as the cluster going on and off. This site has been very useful in helping me deal with these problems. Does anyone have, in addition to the check engine light being on all the time, a problem with the car shutting off after the cluster shutting down? It seems to be either electrical or the fuel pump. A mechanic also told me it could be the fuel sending unit or the fuel pump in conjunction with that. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

7th Jan 2007, 07:58

I have a '98 Sebring Convertible with a radio problem... Has anyone had a problem with the Infinity radio/ 6 C-D player cutting in/out?

I am puzzled as to why it comes and goes for no apparent reason. While it is working, I can hit the hardest of bumps in the road and it will keep playing, and on the other hand, I can be sitting parked and the radio will shut off.

Sometimes it comes right back on, but usually it stays off for days at a time. Any help would be appreciated.


18th Jan 2007, 17:38

I have a '98 Sebring convertible with the same flooding issues as others and maybe now I can remedy that. More recently my heater takes forever to warm up, does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be the problem. Thanks.

24th Jan 2007, 13:03

I purchased a 1999 Chrysler Sebring convertible JXi from Carmax in 2004 with 42,000 miles. I too had the back seat flood after I had the car about 6 weeks. I could hear water sloshing around in the back, but I didn't know where it was coming from. I purchased the extended warranty from Carmax, and they may not have charged me either way since it had only been about six weeks, but they did all the repairs at no cost. They had to replace the entire stereo, speakers and carpeting. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina and they worked with a very good wind and rain specialist that was well aware of the problem with the flooding in the Sebrings. I believe he made the holes larger which has since solved the problem.

I currently have 71K miles, and the only major complaint I have so far with the car is the brakes. I've never felt since the day I purchased it that the brakes have been good. I had it checked numerous times, had a new master cylinder, brake pads, etc. I worry that if someone pulls out in front of me that I won't be able to stop in time. I've just learned to live with.

I hope to keep the car as long as possible after it's paid off hopefully in the next six months. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't run into any major repairs such as the transmission.

28th Feb 2007, 20:56

I have had my 1997 Chrysler Sebring JXI for about five years now. I never had many problems until it was paid off. Why does it always seem to happen like that? Anyway, I have the flooding in the passenger side and rear, too. I always thought it would cost a fortune (which I don't have) to fix it. It has been like this on and off for about a year. I only wish I knew about this site then. It has gotten to the point that it comes into the car down at the feet of the passenger side. Right out of the screw and bottom of the plastic side. Now it is starting to rust. It is not from the inside water build up, but from the screw. It has turned the carpet an orange color. Does anyone know how to get rust stains out of carpet instead of paying a bunch for new carpet?

Another problem I have has to do with my leather seats. One day I looked at my back seat and saw a big tear about 6" or so. Barely anybody sits back there and of all the seats why the back. I also have some on the drivers seat. Does anyone happen to know how much it would be to get new seat covers?

About the problem with your car not heating up well lately...

Last winter I had the same problem too. My coolant kept leaking so they had to replace the whole system. Ever since then my heating has been great. You may want to check up on that. Otherwise I have no clue.

Thank you everyone for your help.


14th Mar 2007, 14:14

I own 1998 Chrylser Sebring Convertible JXi with 57,000 miles on it located in the Chicago area. I drive it all year round, 7-10 miles/day, but not very far. The styling is great. It handles well in Chicago weather. It rides solidly with the top down, especially with after market larger tires and rims on it. I really enjoy the car, however I am concerned about future issues after reading through this site as my car gets older.

I have experienced some of the more minor issues. I have included some solutions and hope it helps someone.

1.) Ignition/key not turning, which was an ignition switch had died, and was professionally replaced.

2.) My rear window defroster contact fell off while I was cleaning the window. I repaired it by using a soldering iron to reattach the contact (strange angle, but successful). Defroster works fine.

3.) I had a suspension arm on the front passenger side replaced because the wheel sounded as though it was hitting unusually hard and flat while going over pot holes or bumps. I had it professionally replaced.

4.) I have recently experienced my heater not generating heat while sitting at stop lights during the recent extreme Midwestern winter, but once I started driving, warm air does come out.

5.) My rear view "auto sensing" mirror leaked a bluish gel through the map light button. It no longer dims when headlights are sensed, and it has a permanent cloudiness. I'm replacing it with a used standard mirror with map lights. Hopefully it will fit!

6.) I also have noticed a brake "fade" when stopping. It maybe low on brake fluid.

7.) When braking into turns, my driver side front ABS seems to be engaging and sounds like my tire is rubbing inside the wheel well during the turn. The tire is not rubbing. Not sure what it is.

Good luck and enjoy the upcoming nice weather in your convertible!

21st Mar 2007, 16:59

I just bought a used 97 Sebring JX convertible. I used to work for Chrysler as a detailer, and the water inside always was strange. Now seeing here, I know what to look for in a fix. What access do I need to use to best suit the problem? Do I go through the trunk sides, floor boards, or what?

I too have the ignition problem, I just put up with it for now.

It is a new car to me, with about 128,000 miles, but it runs great! Any other symptoms I should look for in this car? I want it to last me a while.

28th Mar 2007, 18:43

I recently purchased a 1997 Sebring Convertible JXI with 67,000 miles. Looks wise it is in mint condition. It was only after the purchase that I stumbled upon this site. If I'd have discovered this forum earlier, I probably would not have purchased the car. I'm having the same problem with odometer and a tach working about half the time. Two weeks after the purchase, I had to replace the radiator, and convertible-top seam near the rear window is coming apart. It's a second car and I just plan to drive it in the summer. I live in Washington state and we get plenty of rain. I don't have a garage, so I keep waiting to go out and find it full of water. So far, so good, I'll keep my fingers crossed. It is a beautiful car and the sound system is great... wish me luck.. thanks for all the input...