18th Oct 2007, 23:24

I have a 1998 Sebring. The dash light and the switch that opens the trunk stopped working. Got all the fuses checked and replaced the bulb. I can live without the trunk switch, but does anyone have any ideas why the dash light won't come on? I haven't had any flooding problems. The fm radio won't come on, but the am radio will.

12th Nov 2007, 23:02

Thank you for commenting about fixing the oxygen sensor. I am taking my car in tomorrow to get fixed and I hope that fixes it. Its like it has a mind of its own. My 1997 Sebring didn't start the other day. Then the next morning it started fine and drove fine for two days. Then it stalled at a light when I was slowing to a stop and the tac went from 2 to 0 in a split second. Got it towed to a shop and then it ran fine--they looked at it for 2 hours and could not figure it out. Since then it has either wanted to stall, does stall or it decides not to start and then will if I wait 5 minutes. Fingers crossed that its the oxygen sensor. Any other ideas in case that isn't it?



14th Jan 2008, 18:24

I have owned my 1997 Sebring Convertible since 98, and the only problems I have had was the radio volume stopped working and the stitching on the top has come loose, so I had it redone and now drive very happily everyday.

The car has about 210,000 miles on it now, and has not been rebuilt and never had problems.

Oh, and I had the seats and carpet changed because I wanted a black interior.

21st Jan 2008, 18:05

I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring and my main problem right now is that you never know when its going to stall. I can be sitting at a red light or just driving extremely slow and it will just stall. I put the car in park and so far each time it has started back up. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? I did take it in to my local Chrysler dealer and they kept the car for 2 days and charged me for a diagnostic test, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. I'm at a loss and hate driving an undependable car.

As for all the other problems mentioned in this thread...I've had them, but have learned to live with them. LOL.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

26th Feb 2008, 23:47

I've owned my 2000 Sebring convertible for 1 year now and am having the sloshing problem. Water in spare tire area, all the floor boards except the driver side, and behind the rear seat. After vacumming out all the water, I stood back and had water running off the undercarriage for several minutes. Could the suction unplugged the drain holes? I have also had a problem with my 6-disc CD changer not working. The cassette player won't play either even though the radio works great. Would a bad power connection be the problem?

I haven't had the other problems yet-but I'm glad I found this site. If you have any suggestions my e-mail is debrayt2002@yahoo.com.

With 152000 miles I'm hoping the previous owner fixed them.

6th Mar 2008, 16:11

Hello to the January 21 08 comment.

To answer your stalling problem, yes I been there and done it. Have your dealer or mechanic check you EGR valve!

Hope this helps and good luck!

14th Mar 2008, 15:04

Hello All! I just got a 1999 Sebring JX and thought I got an incredible deal on it- $1995.00. Granted it is now 2008 so, that is pretty old, but it has low miles and looks pretty good. Only a few tiny cosmetic blemishes that will hopefully be easily fixed. However~After reading some of the other posts here, I am a little nervous about the Sebrings. I live in Oregon and for those of you not familiar, It rains here A lot! Not the best state to own a convertible in but the late spring, all summer and most of fall are all perfect convertible times here.

I have lots of questions and hoping some of you can help me out.:

What problems have you had with yours in general? Problems with top leaking or moisture underside, in car? Any mold/mildew problems and, What, if anything stops it or is a good cleaning solution to remove the spore things and smell?

The car blue-books around $5K ~ I paid $2K...Thinking about touching up the tiny paint scratches and other little fixes and selling if it is a problem car. Just looking for input for others with similar car (s)... Did I make a mistake in car choice?



19th Mar 2008, 12:35

I have a 99 Seabring Convertable

The doors shake and rattle when I go over any size bump

Any comment on this would be great!!

9th Apr 2008, 19:26

My 1997 Sebring Convertible has a crank no fire problem. It has happened randomly for months now. Replaced crank sensor, distributor, ERG valve, and computer, still keeps happening; of course never when the mechanic has it!

Runs beautiful when it starts, no hesitation stalling or rough idle. Can someone help!

30th Apr 2008, 15:13

To the people who are having the water sloshing problem: The water is going in at the back of the rear windows. There is a drain spot around in that area that is made to drain the water from the back of the top and down to the rear panel hole. All you guys need to do is keep those holes clean (I took a hole punch and a hammer and made them larger). Hope that helps.

3rd May 2008, 17:16


I too am having problems with stalling. Has anyone figured this out yet? I have also just recently saw an error message (when the odometer is seen) that read " no bus" instead of the normal number reading. It then stalled, and will not start anymore. Its off to the mechanic again, just wondering if anyone else is having or had this happen, and if you know how to fix this. I have already spent a lot of $$$$, but no one seems to know what is wrong.

1997 sebring convert.

5th May 2008, 21:17

I have a 1998 Sebring JXI Limited. I am the original owner and fortunately, I have never had a major problem with the car. Until today! I had no problem lowering the convertible top but when I went to raise it, well... it took forever for the top to raise. The motor (?) sounded weak.

Does anyone know how much a motor would be? Any suggestions as to what else to look for if it is not the motor?

Thank you in advance!

14th May 2008, 19:24

I have a 1998 Sebring convertible, it has been the best car I have ever driven - until a month ago. The car stalled driving down the road, it was towed to a shop. The car started every time for the mechanic. Went to pick it up after hours and it would not start. I had it towed to the dealership. They had it for a week and a half. Started just fine every time. They did not charge for diagnosing since they could not find a problem. I had a key made, just had 1, and it cost $110. They said it was an electronic key. Drove the car home and it would not start for a week. Now it starts fine for a week. I am an appraiser and am on the road a lot. I have not been able to use it for over a month since it is not reliable on the road. I have read about the egr value and oxygen sensor, are these do it yourself repairs?