16th Jul 2007, 13:49

I have a '97 JXI and I have had similar problems as the rest of you. The most frustrating one is that my seat belts only work when they want to. Any ideas on how to fix this?

20th Jul 2007, 01:15

To the owner of the 1997 Sebring Convertible with the stalling issue. I will bet that your problem is nothing more than the catalytic converter being plugged. or getting close to it. If you have lost engine performance (more sluggish than before) my bet would to be that. You have replaced everything else that may pertain, so my guess is the cats...

I have the same model car, and it has just started shifting hard into 2nd gear and takes a while to shift out of 3rd into 4th. Any ideas? I am having the transmission filter and fluids changed tomorrow. Hope this fixes problem..

Anyone else have this problem? And what was the cure?...


23rd Jul 2007, 18:19

I also have a river of water on the passenger side of the car. It also sounds like it's under the trunk. How do you fix it, or why is it there, and how does it get in? I bought a tarp and put it under the top when I know it's going to rain, and it does help. I just don't know how it gets in.


1st Aug 2007, 12:20

When I turn the steering wheel, it sounds like it's in need of a good oiling. You can hear it groaning. Have no idea what that is. When I drive the car, it sounds like somebody jumping on the bed springs - it's not the shocks. My mirror is cloudy. Anybody know how to get a new one?

19th Aug 2007, 20:29

I have a '98 Limited JXI Sebring with about 100k. I love the car; it is my DREAM CAR! Recently I too have been noticing the water swishing in the passenger side (rear). After checking the rear wheel well, lo and behold there was a rubber cap covering the drainage hole. I pulled the cap, and several gallons of water came streaming out. I'm assuming the cap is meant to prevent build-up of debris; but it kind of peeves me since I now have to deal with my soaked interior.

I can only hope that this is related to the water, but today there was a terribly loud "electrical feedback" sound. It was during a thunderstorm and I seriously thought the car had been struck by lightning somehow. After this bizarre and frightening noise (which continued after turning off the radio and putting the car into 'Park', only to stop when the car was turned off), I now have lost my radio and power locks. I can only hope that once the car dries out they will work again. I hate driving in silence. Has anyone else had this symptom?

20th Aug 2007, 15:57

I posted the previous post. Just wanted to let everyone know I figured out what was causing the god awful sound and loss of radio/ power locks/ "dome" lights. Along with the marvelous engineering that it takes for Chrysler to make this car flood, they also have the wisdom to install a woofer? (part of the stereo system) under the front passenger seat. So when that side gets flooded it soaks that electrical component causing an electrical surge to zap out the dome lights/ power locks/ radio. Ingenious.

But... I still love my car.

21st Aug 2007, 19:04

I have a question and maybe someone can point me in the write direction. I have a 97 Covertible sebring and here lately I have a small leak somewhere between the top and the window seal. I can't figure out why all of a sudden it is dripping little drops of water. Can anyone help or offer a suggestion. Other than that I love my car and don't have very many problems with it.

23rd Aug 2007, 22:29

I have a 98 JXI and 130K miles. I bought it new and did mainly highway. Until 115K miles had few problems (yes the speaker cover, defroster and other small stuff) but since then quite a few break downs. The latest one is that the car is stuck in low (or 2nd) gear.

FOR PEOPLES WITH WATER LEAKS check this: If you park your car on a slope facing down on a raining day, when you open the trunk, you will see a pool of water next to the hinges. There are a few screws in that area which hold thee plastic body between the roof and the trunk. If one of these screws is loose or missing, the water from the pool goes straight in the car and collects under the floor mat (in the passenger side (where the screw was missing) in my case). This happened several time to me. I replaced the screw, made sure that all the other screws were tight (even used silicone sealant) and it never happened again. But to be sure I always park facing up.

Note: the audio amplifier is located under the passenger seat so accumulation of water under the floor mat could cause some of the electrical problems I read about in this forum.

Hope this help.

23rd Aug 2007, 22:30

I have a '96 JXI Sebring with 106,000 miles on it, and have experienced all the problems as everyone else. To all of you who are having the problem with it stalling at lights for no apparent reason... your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. Same thing happened to me about 3 months ago and that fixed it.

Having the flooding problem, but the water is leaking in from the front of the driver side window, soaking the front seat and sometimes the back carpet. I think I may just need to have the windows adjusted.

The tach and odometer are temperamental... sometimes they work, sometimes they don't... I've gotten used to doing without them.

And yes... the engine light comes on to taunt me, will stay on for a day or 2, and then mysteriously go off. I never know if it's a problem with the car or a false alarm, so if it's running okay otherwise, I ignore it.... if it doesn't feel right, I bring it in to be checked just to make sure. Luckily I have a great mechanic I can trust.

It's a money pit for sure, but there's nothing like driving around with that top down!

25th Sep 2007, 20:25

I have a 99 Sebring Convertible which is making noise when you give it gas and pull out from park. This noise only occurs when the tach is less than 3...it sounds like something is broken and being thrown around. Once you get it up to speed, the noise goes away. Also, when it was very low on gas, there was no noise. I filled it up again and there it was! The mechanic thinks it's the catalytic converter...but, he's not sure. Any ideas?

7th Oct 2007, 17:42

Be sure and check out http://www.sebringclub.net. We have a great "how to" section that covers most of the topics discussed here. Plus, there are lots of pictures to help with troubleshooting.

Good luck!

10th Oct 2007, 13:56

I have a 2006 touring sebring convertible. This is the best car I have ever owned. Very smooth ride and when riding in the back seat, rides real smooth.

I do have the problem with the floor on the passenger side front and rear being soaked with water. I will find the slots and open them up. I have not had any problems, I bought it in 2006 and had been a rental car. It had 19,000 miles on it when I bougght the car. I have ex-tented warranty on it for the next 7 years. I pay the first 100.00 and the rest is paid for.