1988 Citroen AX 10E 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A reliable, economical, enthusiastic, but flimsy runabout


Nothing really. The interior rattles like I don't know what, but it's only let me down once. Failed to start one morning and found the distributor cap to be soaked. Dried, started straight away and has continued to since.

Sadly it failed its MOT test for quite a lot of corrosion, rack gaiter and brake hose. Aside from the corrosion, these are silly things, but I'm loathed to part with it so it's being repaired.

Apart from drying the distributor cap the only thing I've done to it in the 8 months I've had it is fit a new set of brake shoes, and put petrol in it.

One owner from new and I knew the previous owner - had full service history and the only major work outside wear and tear items was a clutch - not bad for 20 years and 155000 miles!

General Comments:

Car was only bought as a second car for a runaround. I'd always liked older Citroens, but my wife had a brand new C3 and I'd need a year to tell you what went wrong with that piece of junk within the first six months of ownership. nearly put me off Citroens for life. I'd never buy a new Citroen put it that way.

But my little AX, I love it! It's generally slow, but it is quite enthusiastic in the town. 0-60 takes about a week, but up to 30 it can't be beaten! :-)

Fuel economy is brilliant.

Insurance is next to nothing.

Running costs in general have been next to nothing.

Full of lovely little Citroen quirks like the steering wheel.

Interior is really flimsy though - dashboard cracks if you breathe near it.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2007

1988 Citroen AX 11 TRE 1.1L from UK and Ireland


Cheap, nippy economical little runabout


Nothing major so far.

However, The drivers' seat rail where it is attached to the floor has become unattached at the front, but it doesen't make any difference to the seat.

It has a slight oil leak, leaving a small puddle about the size of a 10p piece when parked.

The fuel gage is a bit hectic, it will be correct, but sometimes will jump to empty and back up again. Probably due to age, but I don't take much notice of it.

General Comments:

It is my first car :)

It car is has got very comfortable seats.

The original radio isn't the best quality, but it still works properly.

Decent amount of luggage space when the back seats are put down.

Accelerator, Brakes and steering are very responsive.

Good acceleration for the engine size, but 4th gear isn't as good, but it's only really a cruising gear.

Stupidly good on petrol, will do 60-70 miles on £5 of petrol (i once got 75 miles out of it and it ran out within 300 yards of the petrol station. oops!)

Drives very well for a 16 year old car.

The view out the back of the car is the best I have ever had in a car, it makes reversing a lot easier.

The cabin is generally pleasant, it's a little dated, but still in excellent condition, apart from a few cracks on the dashboard.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2005

9th Mar 2008, 21:44

I have an AX Echo 11, It does about 37-39 to the gallon..

0-60 in about 10-12secs (depending on humidity and all that) and does about 100MPH.

I have had this car for nearly 10 months and have hammered her everywhere.. and she loves it!

I fitted Quad-tip Spark plugs and an intense oil change today (by intense I mean full use of engine flush and then drained the filthy oil, then took the rocker cover off and syringed the remainder of the black oil out, that would have gone back into the sump when the new Castrol GTX 10w-40 was poured in. I even kitchen toweled the rest of the black oil off all the nuts bolts and arms. and of course, new oil filter. Now the oil in the sump is that clean, that it's a task to check the oil level on the dipstick!!)

I also fixed a blow in the back box with some car-plan fire putty. I run the car on 99Ron Super Unleaded, and it goes like a rabid dog on fire, searching for water!

This car punches well above its weight is what I'm saying! I always have races with people in new cars and I schmoke most of em, right up to 1600cc... and you know what? They don't like it (who would like getting schmoked by a 16 year old car in their 08 plate), and you know what even more?? I don't care! Best Hundred and Eighty quid I've spent!

Citroen Bu Engine? Bulletproof! She has no luxuries in her at all, but mechanically, I cannot knock her at all! She goes like a clapper.

Have a nice day all.