1994 Citroen Xantia 1.9 TD SX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A good car spoiled by a truly appalling manufacturer's attitude - it was my third - and last Citroen


Despite repeated, unsuccessful, Main dealer attempts to cure hydraulic problems, pump found to have failed at first MOT (turned out to be blocked with swarfe from new!!). At first Citroen UK said they would pay for the pump, but reneged on the deal as soon as they found it had been supplied by Pliedes. All efforts to get them to say why were met with "commercial reasons" broken record treatment. Very, very disappointed. About the worst manufacturer service I've ever seen... even worse than Ford!

Illumination from headlights poor, even with "better" bulbs. Dipped beam almost dangerous on dark, badly marked roads - especially when other half-whits have their front or rear fog lights on in the rain. (If the front ones don't go out when you dip, they are fog lights, dummy!!)

Remote central locking poor. Now will not work at all even with new batteries/all cleaned up.

Spheres replaced about every 40K and probably now due for another set. GSF cheapest last time.

Front and rear ride height adjusters seize every three years.

Four front anti-roll bar drop links, first at only 30K.

New alternator every 40K. Independent repairer (£65 for unit) said about average.

New battery every four years. Average?

Both front wheel bearings replaced around 80K along with offside bottom ball joit and both tack-rod ends.

Front discs at 65K. Rear discs at 80K and again at 110K.

Radiator replaced at 90K due to apparent overheating signs and constant slight coolant loss.

Sump plug a permanent leak feature.

Cam belt replaced every 48K along with tensioner and water-pump (signs of leaking) at 96K. Straightforward if you are a little inventive with tool/clip making.

First exhaust after four years - back box corroded, second after nine years and one welding session - full system.

Worst (expensive) repair was for replacement of hydraulic/brake pipes on rear. MOT fail this (2005) year. £450+. Really irked because couldn't do it myself due time. Pipes cost around £135, rest labour.

Just started to show corrosion on rear nearside wing. Probably caused by no wheel arch liner fitted and fist-sized hole (designed-in) through into wing void. First showed as water under rear seats and steamed up rear screen.

Latest trick is wild fluctuation of rev counter, flashing "water in fuel" light (no there isn't) and ALL electrics cut out - but engine didn't - then restated with a "tick" like a relay re-making. Suspect earth/connector problem. Looking into that one!

General Comments:

A good car to drive.

Solid construction.

Comfortable on long journeys.

Good (Citroen Hydraulics) ride, handling and brakes.

Awful turbo lag.

Very poor headlights.

It has never left me stranded in 10 years.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

15th Jun 2009, 09:09

I have owned and driven Citroen's since 1986, they are GREAT cars. In that time I have owned a BX 16TRS, BX 17RD, BX 17TZD Turbo, a 2.1TD XM SX, Xantia 17RD, and I am now on my third Xantia 2.1TD. All of these cars have been purchased at over 50k, most over 100k, and all were a joy to own and drive.

Carry on dissing them, I say; the more you spout, the cheaper the cars become to buy. My present 2.1TD was expensive at £500, and is sitting with an 11 month MOT and owes me nothing. I have a further 2.1 with the MOT till June 2010, which is presently used by my son as a run around.





1994 Citroen Xantia 1.9SX TD 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Smart, smooth and economical power


I have had no major problems with this vehicle. It seems although I have not owned the car long, the only problem I have encountered in it's first 2000 miles is with the central locking device on the driver's side.

Apart from that the car is sound.

General Comments:

An absolute 'peach' of a cruiser, lovely ride and fantastic handling for such a large car. The fuel economy has been outstanding, averages at least 50mpg every time.. even on long journeys.

Performance-wise it's not bad for a diesel, and the driver can really feel the Turbo kick in at 2,500 revs. Not much in it's class can keep up with it on the motorway.

The Xantia is quite a plush looking car, very smart appearance and executive quality feel inside. To sum up, I am so far extremely pleased with this vehicle.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2005