1994 Citroen Xantia X 1.9 diesel from Netherlands


Lots of space and comfort at a good price


Cooling fluid leakage at 196000 kilometres due to oil loss. Repaired under warranty.

Oil leakage at 196500 kilometres. This one should have been discovered by my dealer during the pervious repair. Repaired under warranty.

The central locking system starts to show signs of old age.

General Comments:

It's a great car for long distance driving. You can hardly get a more comfortable ride than this one.

I get a mileage of around 17 kilometres per liter.

The car's interior and exterior still look very good.

Unfortunately the 1.9 diesel version is about as fast as a snail when it comes to accelerating. This is something that takes a lot to get used on. Especially if you're used to driving a Peugeot 106 xsi, like I was. So if you get the chance, go for the turbo diesel or HDI instead.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2002

1994 Citroen Xantia Dimension 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A bargain for under 3,000ukp


Remote central locking no longer works.

Clutch replaced at 57,000 miles.

New brake discs at 59,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is a bargain second hand and is well designed inside and out.

The cabin is comfortable and is better than the cabin of my Nissan Micra.

The car has high miles per gallon and is as good on fuel consumption as my Nissan Micra.

However the electrics can be erratic at times.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2002

1st Mar 2002, 16:37

Since Writing this the car has done 63,000 miles. It has needed new brake discs and a new exhaust as well as a full service.

1994 Citroen Xantia VSX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A comfortable car let down by appalling reliability problems


Gear lever failed at 800 miles.

Electric window jammed at 1600 miles.

Power steering hydraulics failed at 2000 miles.

Ignition keypad fault at 3000 miles.

Numerous rattles after 3000 miles.

Headlamp condensation at 7000 miles.

Clutch creep after 7000 miles.

Central locking intermittent fault after 11000 miles.

Sunroof leak at 16000 miles.

Sunroof motor failed at 19000 miles.

Numerous electrical faults.

General Comments:

Pleasant styling, excellent comfort and the promise of reasonable running costs suggested that this car should be a good choice.

Sadly, a string of fault, some quite serious, and many of which left me stranded, added up to a nightmare of a car!

The local Citroen dealer, whilst well meaning, was unable to fix many of the faults without several visits, and often was unable to supply a courtesy car.

This really was not what anyone would expect from owning a new car.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2001

6th Feb 2002, 06:33

I find this account very difficult to believe.

2nd Aug 2022, 18:45

I can believe most of it... at high mileage, but not this low.

3rd Aug 2022, 21:58

Sometimes cars really are lemons. There’s a reason lemon laws exist.

1994 Citroen Xantia VSX TD 1.9 from UK and Ireland


A fantastic all rounder


Had to replace the front spheres, quite common at 100,000. Since then the ride and handling has been faultless. Cost £120 from a local specialist, main dealer wanted triple this without even looking at the car!

General Comments:

For a Turbo Diesel the car is very quiet on the move and also fun to drive with the suspension set to sport mode. Seats are supportive yet comfortable.

Fuel economy is excellent and performance is pleasing, especially when the turbo kicks in. Overall an excellent car. I would but another one but I would get the 2.1 as they fly!!

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Review Date: 24th October, 2001

1994 Citroen Xantia SX turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Unbeatable family motoring


ABS sensor failed, £50 to fix (part), at 150k.

Handbrake cable snapped, £20 to fix (part), at 130k.

Fuel pipe cracked next to the turbo (both cars same week!), £25 to fix.

General Comments:

Nothing comes close for any serious long distance work. The only nicer diesel I've driven is a BMW 330D at £30k.

My cars (I have two Xantias) have covered 300k miles between them, I service them myself and they both do 55+ mpg.

The more miles that are piled on the better they seem to run, more power, better economy - figure that one!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2001