1992 Citroen ZX Advantage 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


A cheap runaround that is excellent when working, but does having annoying niggles and quirks


Power steering pump failed after 6 months - £350 (explained the bad handling)

Cloud of white smoke emerged from under the bonnet at a roundabout - sticky caliper. £40.

Sticky brakes again.

Dashboard light failed & plastic strip guarding radiator keeps detaching from the bumper (cured every few months with super glue)

Parking brake light kept flickering when going around bends & inclines. Very annoying, however the car functioned OK. Eventually turned out to be low brake fluid (I would have thought it would have been covered at it's regular 6k mile service).

Sunroof temperamental at closing - opens OK with some clunking.

Annoying rattle from plastic strip on inner roof support.

Binding brakes, causing lack of acceleration & yowling noise, especially when cold.

Middle section of exhaust fell off.

Bodywork beginning to wear badly.

Passenger mirror thumped when parked (help in place by duct-tape)

Drivers mirror (glass section) fell off.

General Comments:

Impressive specs when bought especially in comparison to Pug 309 equivalent, single electric mirror seems odd. Comfortable, with plenty of legroom. Non-factory CD interchanger does impinge on boot space.

The sliding rear seats (French feature?) are excellent, especially if you want a larger boot.

Very comfortable and has been fairly reliable, brakes being the temperamental aspect. The brakes themselves don't seem to be especially good and seem prone to sticking, despite several visits to a garage.

Handling initially was atrocious - seems to have been caused by failing power steering pump from 2nd hand purchase. Replacement cured fault, but the turning circle of the car is embarrassing to say the least.

The other major gripes are the acceleration, which is either good or diabolical, but this may be due to it being the non-turbo model. Also the single wiper is pretty poor especially in very heavy rain. Gearbox & clutch could be better - they are very 'slushy' but it is now a elderly car, used heavily by a learner driver.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2005

7th Jan 2009, 14:31

I have the same car (Advantage) which I bought last year, and so far nothing major has gone wrong with it. The previous owner took good care of my car which makes me think that maintaining it properly will keep a ZX running with less issues. It's French so don't buy one thinking it'll be trouble free!

1992 Citroen ZX Avantage 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


A workhorse and family member


The front brake calipers seized. One was replaced and one was refurbished by a Citroen specialist.

One gas strut mounting for the hatch failed. I repaired it myself.

The rear ash tray did not tolerate being stood on by a toddler.

The heater matrix corroded and leaked. I replaced it (big job as dashboard has to come out, but straightforward).

The handbrake cables have been replaced (normal wear & tear).

Suspension bushes & steering joints have been replaced (normal wear & tear).

All major items such as engine, clutch, gearbox, steering rack, suspension and even the exhaust are original.

General Comments:

This is my second ZX diesel. The first I bought new and was pleased with it, but had to trade it in after 15 months due to financial reasons.

When I could afford it, I bought this one from a dealer. It was a one owner company car with full service history. I have never regretted buying it. In fact it is easily the best car I have ever owned.

It is very reliable, cheap to run and can cover long distances comfortably. It doesn't compare well with modern cars, but is much better than a Golf, Escort or Astra of the same age.

Although old, I expect it to keep going for some years yet. My 12 year old daughter is keen for me to keep it so that she can learn to drive in it!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2004

16th Nov 2004, 05:55

This is an update on my review of the Citroen ZX Avantage diesel. Date 16-11-04.

Another MoT has been passed at 144000 miles with little difficulty - lubrication of one brake caliper required, a rear wiper blade and a side light bulb. The engine still sounds sweet, returning over 40mpg overall and does not burn oil. The only annoyance is an intermittent fault with the central locking which I will live with for the moment. The original clutch is still coping with the daily commute through bristol.