1992 Citroen ZX Reflex 1.9 diesel from Netherlands




Nothing special yet since 5 months, but suspension and brake system seem sensitive to wear. Front wheels are easily misaligned.

Poor paint job.

Is supposed to be much more reliable than the AX and BX, and indeed does give you a warm feeling when you hear the door shut.

General Comments:

The not-so-great gearbox and the pedals put too close together make city driving less fun than my '87 Sunny, but as soon as you put it in 5th (which can be done at 60 km/h) it turns into a most comfortable, quiet highway cruiser. Poor roads (Antwerp!) are ironed, passengers tend to fall asleep in 10 mins. Very nice seats for the not-too-tall.

Does not do bad at all in curves, possibly thanks to passive steering rear axle.

Fast enough (165 km/h) for normal use, same 70 hp engine as P405D but weighs 100 kgs less. Still, don't even think about racing TDI, HDI...

Fuel economy about 1 litre/18 kms without really trying.

Got it for $2000.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2000

6th Dec 2000, 18:15

Now at 198,000 km.

Since the previous review, I am slowly losing my dashboard light. Can still see how fast I am going but will soon require a 12V light connected to the cigarette lighter. (No way I am going to have the whole dash removed for new bulbs!).

More seriously, the lady refuses to start from time to time. During heavy rainfall, there appears to be a false contact due to which the starter won't run. Also, after several days of standstill, need to start 4-5 times before any diesel appears to make it into the chamber or is ignited. After having driven a Sunny, a car that refuses to start is a very confusing and indeed extremely annoying experience. Had to suppress the urge to sell her on the spot.

This car is a very one-dimensional pleasure, i.e. its comfortable ride. Maybe I should add the civilized and relatively quiet diesel engine.

Apart from that, it is quite unpractical in general and has the following specific problems:

- Gearbox is far from smooth.

- Pedals are too close together.

- The one wiper performance is absolutely insufficient and, I would say, unsafe. It does not cover enough of the windshield and somehow its pressure is wrong. Even good (Bosch) blades wear out in a few weeks and during heavy rainfall you hardly see anything. The interval is too fast.

- Dashboard light is on as soon as you turn the key. Consequently, you forget to switch your lights on when it's dark.

- Rear defrost warning light is not bright enough, so you forget to switch it off. You don't see it anyway as the steering wheel is in front of it.

- Knobs are not very solid.

- Locking/unlocking boot and diesel fill opening is as unpractical as possible.

- Antenna can not be retreated and is consequently destroyed when you have the car washed.

- Right front door cannot be locked from the outside.

Of course you forget all this when you're on the motorway at 150 kmh, but remember it when you're about to buy one.

11th Jun 2001, 14:54

Update 11 June 2001

The front wheel suspension problem is.. BACK! Steer started to shake again and front tires are wearing out unevenly. The lady will be checked tomorrow, hope I'll get some sleep tonight...

A new phenomenon appeared yesterday right after starting the engine. The dash started SMOKING!! while the indicator relais clicked like a madman. Seems to be a short circuit.

The last news will be positive though. Last Thursday an '88 Kadett kissed me on the rear bumper. The Kadett became a complete mess, my ZX kept a straight face (well, bum) with just a few scratches. I myself feel perfectly OK. Who said Citroens were unsafe? (I am sure they will find everything underneath bent tomorrow!)

Will keep you all posted...

1992 Citroen ZX Aura 1.6i from Germany


A nice lady that needs ones care


In the 20000 kilometers that I drove the car, which was very well serviced by its first owner, it blew all head and rear lightbulbs, there was a coolant leak, the blower and its illumination stopped working, the starter broke, new tires had to be bought, the front brakes had to be exchanged, the whole steering mechanism was replaced and it still makes noises in the front suspension.

There are just all these little things which in their sum make this car quite expensive to run. Well, it never really left me, besides the time when the starter broke. I could still push it to start.

General Comments:

It is a very comfortable car. It has all the nice electric features that you can expect from a car in that class. The engine is accelerating pretty fast and the high-speed is okay, too. If you push it, it will do about 190 km/h. In the Aura version the interior is really nice if you like the design. The looks try to spread a impression of a high quality standard. For a French car, there are very few rattles but they differ very much, depending on the temperature. Sometimes, they are very annoying.

Although it has many faults, I love that car and I love the brand!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2000

22nd Feb 2001, 16:29

I sold my ZX Aura 1.6 one week ago. I must say your experiences with this car are the same as mine. I had him/her for a year and a half and I must say we were a team and a half. This was my biggest love in my car-history. I had a metallic silver one with fog lights. A beauty and a half!

I have a question. You say about many problems with your car. I have also heard from others that the ZX can be a pain in your pocket. I don't think so! There was nothing wrong while I drove it. Not a penny spent on it except for registration. That was a problem for me. Being a student and spending every year 1.400DM for it was a problem.

Well that's my experience with 1.6 Aura. But speaking of wolf... when the man who bought my Aura called me and told me about an accident I said thank god. Oil leaked out from the braking system at the right rear wheel. So if I hadn't sold my car I would have problems with it too!!!

When I finish studying and get a job I'm thinking of buying an Aura Break. My friends tell me I couldn't buy uglier car than that. I don't care. I want space and hope to get it with buying it.

What can you advise me?