9th Feb 2004, 13:31

I have a question for any Daewoo Lanos owners. I have a 2001 Daewoo Lanos and I am looking for a turbo and euro tail lights for my car, but I cannot find them any where. Does anyone know anywhere I can look to find these two things and possibly other parts for my car? If so you could email me at nh27@direcway.com This would really help me out. Thanks A lot.

17th Feb 2004, 14:37

I've entered a comment on here before, and I'm guessing it is one of the ones you are responding too.

I understand that cars break down, and that every make of car has its own problems.

I have had to bring my car (drive, tow, push) to the dealer over TEN times in the past TWO years.

It is frustrating, inconvenient, and expensive. My car breaks, breaks, breaks. If you want to take it off my hands and pay the remaining $6,000 I owe, than I will stop complaining about my CRAPPY car which only works some of the time. This was a car that was supposed to save me money. In addition to the car payment, I regularly spend at least $600 every six months to get it fixed when it is broken.

So. I'm glad yours works, and that you are brilliant and that you accept the wear and tear. Doesn't sound like your car has been near the hassle of mine, but I still warn everyone I cannot to buy a Daewoo... If it was just wear and tear, I wouldn't be so bitter. But it isn't. Not at all. There is a saying in my household... but it has profanity in it so I'm not gonna repeat it.

7th Jul 2004, 11:52

I thought I added this to another Daewoo Lanos review, but I will add it here too.

Since the bankruptcy of Daewoo, I think the problems have only gotten worse. I have never owned a Daewoo, and now I'm sure I won't because not only are the dealerships gone, they are still hard to find. I've probably only seen 5 or so total. But, an acquaintance of mine owns/owned a Daewoo. Her engine blew at 30K and Daewoo reluctantly took it back to replace it. The following day, the Daewoo dealership closed and all the cars were removed from the lot. She now has no idea where her car is (and neither does Daewoo, whatever office may still exist, either)... but you know she's getting the bill every month for payment. She "lost" the car about 1-2 years ago. Now, how GOOD of a manufacturer is that?

28th Feb 2005, 22:41

Whatever man, when you "race it hard" any car is going to break down on you. What do you think the car is meant to take that kind of abuse?

3rd Sep 2006, 14:26

I own a Daewoo and I love my car. It's a cute car. I couldn't tell you if the problems I have with it were my fault or the cars fault or what- usually it takes 2 or 3 years to work the kinks out of a brand new car, so maybe if they had stayed open, the Daewoo would be a great car by now. But, when I take my car in because it sounds funny, the people who look at it say there is nothing wrong. Until a week later when it stops running, or a hose completely melts away. The bottom line is, I would never recommend a daewoo to someone else, because like you said, all cars break down. But if you aren't a MECHANIC, and don't know anything about cars, you are at the mercy of mechanics who claim to know everything about cars. And I haven't found a mechanic in my area that knows jack about it. The guy who fixed it when it wouldn't start (replaced a spark plug wire and the head- had my car for 2 1/2 weeks) couldn't even pronounce Daewoo. And this is the guy recommended in this area. I got it back exactly like it went in, except that it starts now, still jerks and jumps around when it's in 2nd, and I have to keep replacing the hoses that connect to the engine because they get clogged with hot oil and melt. I don't blame DAEWOO for anything except that there is no way to get someone who can actually FIX your car, so whatever is the cause of the problems stops. you just have to keep dropping ludicrous amounts of money into keeping it running, curing the symptoms.

4th Oct 2006, 17:54

I'm 18 and I've owned a Daewoo Lanos hatchback for 1 year now. I got it at 68,000 miles and it now has 73,000. Its never broken down on me. I only changed breaks, oil, and I got a performance air intake system (really boosted power) and I'm very happy with it. I think I can say that I drive it a little aggressive, but like I said its never let me down. I'm very happy with it and I'm planning to get performance exhaust too.

21st Oct 2006, 21:08

I've heard so many negative remarks about Daewoo's. Including the one's above. And, I have to say, I believe it's the driver, not the car. I bought my 2001 Daewoo Lanos Sport brand new 5 years ago. It had 60 miles on it when I bought it. Now, it has almost 90,000 miles on it.

The only problem I've had with it so far, are the same problems some of you have mentioned already. My thermostat housing did blow apart, but I got the part and replaced it myself within a week. It cost me $25 bucks.

And, I've heard stories about timing belt's breaking and the engines completely being destroyed. I, fortunately, got lucky with that so far. I just recently got a timing belt and replaced it at 80,000 miles before that could happen. Having the timing belt, and water pump replaced at the sametime is the only major repair I have ever had to have done to the car. It cost me $550 bucks. But, I should now be able to get another 80,000 miles out of my daewoo.

I have also experienced the hose's attached to the engine melting away. But, I replaced them with custom hose's from the auto parts store, and had that problem fixed for $12 bucks.

In all, I've only ever spent around $700 bucks total to repair any problems with my Daewoo Lanos. I know a lot of other cars that you probably have spent a lot more than that to fix problems. And, it is possible to get parts still for Daewoo's. Everyone thinks since they went bankrupt and closed down, parts are impossible to get, which is so not true. You just have to look. The Internet being your greatest source. There is an actual GM site that you can purchase everything you could possibly think of for a Daewoo. Including completely built brand new engines, body parts, and mechanical parts.

And, for the teenagers, who wanna race them, and drive them hard. Your gonna have car problems because of that, no matter, what kind of car you have. I have tons of friends with Honda's or muscle cars, and they have blown engines, clutches burning up, transmissions breaking, and other parts that get completely destroyed. Which, is why I say, it's the driver, not the car.. You can't blame it on the fact, that, it's a Daewoo.