1st Nov 2006, 12:36

I've had most of the problems mentioned above. My car is a 2000 Lanos. All things considered, it's been the best car I've ever owned. It now has 130,000 miles on it. And it's paid for. I love it!

15th Dec 2006, 22:37

Wow, I never knew this page existed. I recently found a 2000 Daewoo Lanos S for $2,995 in my hometown. It was really great reading all of your comments/rants/problems with them. The newest Blue Book value is $4,000, so I'll definantly check it all out before I put any money down. Anymore suggestions on it, just leave them here.

3rd Oct 2007, 02:26

I have a 1999 Daewoo Lanos 2 DR. It had 65K miles when I bought it for 2.5K. Now it has 67K. I started getting CHECK ENGINE light. Got it scanned at Auto Zone for free. Code was P0342, possible cause - faulty camshaft position sensor, lose wiring or worn out timing belt. One shop told me that belt replacement will not remove the CHECK ENGINE. So probably the cause was faulty cam sensor. Checked a few places. Got it done at local Clay Dooley. It costed me 174.00. Break down: part (90.00) + 1 hr labor (69.00) + serv. supplies (7.00) + tax (7.00). Some had said 1.8 hours of labor and costlier part. CHECK ENGINE is gone after the change.

I also smell gas inside when standing at signal. No clues about that yet. Another problem is that my dash board vibrates and makes noise. I think avoid it by inserting some hard board etc.

4th Oct 2007, 05:24

The Lanos did not have a dipstick for the auto trans. You have to remove a plug to check the fluid level. Look in the owners manual for more info.

There was a recall for faulty camshaft sensor. You could have had that repair covered by Daewoo, like I did. Too late now.

You should have had the timing belt replaced by 65K miles. If it breaks your engine is toast.

2nd Dec 2007, 08:39

I bought Lanos 1.4 3 door hatch, 1 owner, 10000 miles, full service history. Cost 1750 pounds, 3500 dollars. This was a 2001 car and I bought it last year. So far no problems; only snag is the CO2. We get taxed in GB so the high CO2 output is a real pain. How do I lower the CO2 per km output?

Anyway it's now 14:00 and time for dinner. Thanks for listening.


3rd Dec 2007, 01:20

Don't waste any time or money reducing CO2 emissions, not that there's much you can do anyway.

The car will continue to be taxed at its "official" rating whatever you do to it.

3rd Feb 2008, 01:03

I own a 1999 Lanos SX Hatchback with about 106k miles. Bought it with about 95k almost a year ago for $1900 bucks, a few bucks bellow Kelly blue book value.

The water leak under the passenger seat is due to the a/c condensation getting in the car under the dashboard. I have the same problem, but I was told that it's just a clogged hose that's supposed to lead the condensation straight down to the ground. A free fix.

Had very few problems so far, check engine light did come on one time and the mechanic who worked on it said it was a "miss-spark on cylinder 3", but changed spark plugs and it solved the problem.

Also have had the normal problem of lights going out, but the 3rd brake light, (inside rear window), has lost power, none of the wires is "hot", so I'll have to rewire a hot from another brake light. Again, not a big deal.

Other than that, just changed oil and filter, put gas in it, and drive it like I'm supposed to drive a fuel efficient vehicle, and it should last a long time... Not that I drive too slow, but I don't try to break the land speed record either. Great car, lot's of character and economic...

6th Apr 2008, 21:59

I am 19 and my boyfriend totalled my chevy cav a couple weeks ago. I had about 2000 dollars in my savings that I had to spend on a new car. My boyfriends sister recently bought a Daewoo Lanos from her neighbor for 750 dollars because he bought a new car. So I convinced her to sell it to me for 1500 dollars. I got the car yesterday and put it on the road but when I got back home after driving it, it started smoking and the radiator fluid started leaking. I had a mechanic friend look at it and they think it might be the thermostat but they aren't sure. Has this problem happened to anyone? And will this cost a lot to fix? I am concerned that I made a bad choice in purchasing this car.

12th Sep 2008, 17:28

I think even with the new upgraded thermostat housing for the Daewoo Lanos it still does not work properly. My husband has replaced his twice and still the housing breaks causing fluid to go everywhere. He has replaced it a third time but now the car does not seem to have any pickup and it stalls. Does anyone know why? Thanks..

25th Sep 2008, 21:42

I have the same problem with my car overheating. I have replaced the thermostat housing with thermostat inside housing and it still overheats.

I am calling the finance company to come and get this 2000 Daewoo Lanos S junker.

I refuse to pay on this junker any more.

Goodbye junker!!!

17th Nov 2008, 06:25

I had this problem and it needs a whole new heating matrix which is expensive for the part as well as labour. This car is bad. Air bag light on permanently, heating dial on dash doesn't work, brake pipes corroding. It has only done 37k miles.

2nd Nov 2009, 05:12

There might be following reasons that might help you in here.

>> Remove the main fuse for about 40 to 50 seconds than place it again.

>> Check all sensors.

>> Maybe some electrical wiring is getting short.

>> Check the EGR valve.

>> Maybe one of the injectors is getting worn out (check all injector or clean them). Only if you're getting low fuel economy, but if you're getting good one, than don't even touch them.

>> Check air filter sensor as well.

These are the only things which will cause check light to glow. Don't listen to service station they will eat your pocket royally & even mess with your car.

Try these & I m sure that check light will vanish with these solutions.

6th Nov 2009, 13:17

I bought a 2001 Daewoo Lanos off of a friend in 2005 when it had 65,000 miles on it. I now have over 129,000 miles on it. The car is ultra reliable! But you do need to maintain it.

When I bought it, my friend had just finished the 60,000 mile maintenance (timing belt, spark plugs, and fuel filter) but wanted down payment money to buy a new car. I paid $3,500 cash.

At around 80,000 miles it had the thermostat go while driving in city traffic; I turned the car off and I just coasted to a stop, then had it towed home and replaced it myself the next day for $40.00 total (including overnight delivery of the housing/thermostat and 1 gallon of 50/50 coolant).

At around 90,000 miles, I had to replace both front wheel bearings (they cost $72.00 each, plus a machine shop charge of $35.00 to press them on for a total of $214.00) and did a spark plug change myself for $8.00. I also used a syringe to replace the brake fluid and then the power steering fluid for a cost of $9.00.

At 120,000, I just finished another round of 60,000 mile maintenance at a cost of $940.00 for timing belt, water pump, tune-up, fluids and a pulley replacement. This was the cost for parts and labor. Believe me, you cannot change the timing belt or water pump on your own, even if you are a step above a backyard mechanic!

To date, I have spent less than $1250.00 on this car for necessary repairs and/or maintenance in 65,000 miles!!! I still get over 31 miles per gallon combined city/hgwy.

In comparison, my 1993 Pontiac Bonneville had gone through 4 alternators, a radiator, wheel bearings, major transmission repair, computer, various sensors, head gasket, coolant regulator, fuel injectors, brake pads rear drums and shoes along with the brake lines with modulator controls, all costing me over $7,000.00 in a 30,000 mile span right after buying it used with 50,000 miles on it, from a dealer! I had done all necessary maintenance as GM required, and was assured that all maintenance was done by the prior owner on the car.

My thought on the Daewoo is that it is like ANY car. Some are better made and if taken care of, will last forever; and some are lemons and there is nothing you can do to remedy it. My Bonneville was a good example. I've had another Bonneville that was absolutely well made and I drove it for 300,000 (with scheduled maintenance, of course!) miles!

I hope to get at least 200,000 out of the little Daewoo, which I think is totally plausible due to its reliability.