4th Jun 2011, 09:32

Every manufacturer makes its share of great cars... lemons and average cars... and everything in between... Some manufacturers have more and some less... you are not always sure what you have till you had the car for a while.

My advice to anyone who is unsure of what they have, is to do preventive maintenance... Don't assume other owners have done this... unless you have the proof.

In the small manuals the dealer provides with every new car... there is a maintenance schedule... you must follow this schedule... which means if prior owners have not provided you with proof they did it... you end up doing it... It can be expensive... but gives you piece of mind... every car out there should get a chance to prove what type of car it is going to be... but to drive a car without any maintenance done to it... is just asking for trouble...

15th Oct 2015, 22:48

Can I get a step by step guide for dummies on how to remove the thermostat housing? As I need a quick solution to stop the overheating with my 2000 model Daewoo Lanos.

24th Feb 2016, 15:08

"It was made by GM."

Wrong. Daewoo was independent of GM after 1992, but was later bought out by GM after filing bankruptcy.

8th Aug 2016, 07:14

The check engine light will come on in a Daewoo Lanos if the brake lights (or one of them) do not work. It will also come on if you do not close the fuel cap until it clicks.

23rd Sep 2016, 12:12

Sir, please advise why my Matiz car 2001 model is getting a starting problem after a speed of 70 kph, & again it's starts normally after being left overnight.

6th Jul 2017, 01:00

Hi! Sometimes bad battery issues affect all the sensors and engine performance.

Make an exhaustive check of your battery and negative grounds, because negative polarity is a most important issue to consider and to inspect for good component performance. It includes computer grounds. Also be aware about bad and not well calibrated aftermarket parts. Some sensors are made in not good procedures in some countries, and may have defects that will alter and affect computer parameters!

Also check the alternator (generator) and the ignition switch! Sometimes we use to overload the key chains that add a heavy load to the ignition switch and it affects the internal contact of the switch! I hope you will fix it soon.