1999 Daewoo Leganza from North America


The door handles have chipped off at least three different times, and were replaced under warranty.

The car has locked up and a part was ordered to replace this.

We've had the car in the shop on three different occasions, as it stops running as you are driving, with no warning. Also, it will only start up after 5-6 attempts. And I told by the manager that this is not a safety issue. Which I disagree, as it has stopped in the middle of intersections and I could have been killed or caused accidents. Service department cannot figure out why.

General Comments:

In general, when the car isn't in the shop, it is a pretty good running car for the money paid for it. However, I am very disappointed with the service department, as they appear to be very unknowlegeable about their own vehicle, and will not give you a loaner car while they keep your car in the shop!

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Review Date: 18th July, 2001

14th Mar 2005, 13:15

I have a widowed neighbor who fell on bad times and could only afford this loser. The 2000 Daewoo Laganza is the worst peice of garbage I have ever seen. It's actually entertaining to see what materials they use to fabricate this auto. The transmission needed replacement after 20k.This auto should be taken on a c-130 and dumped in the Chosin Reservior. Please keep my neighbor in your prayers. She will certainly need it. Did I mention the paint job started peeling after 3 months!!

1999 Daewoo Leganza 2.0 from Belgium


Lack of quality, service and an up-to-date engine


My Leganza is 2 years now and has about 26000 km on it. The good thing about this car is that it is very well equiped. Air conditioning, complete electric pack, and so on.

The very bad thing is that just all these features caused a lot of problems with my car. One of the power-window motors has been replaced already two times.

I don't use the remote control of the central locking system anymore since it only works sometimes.

The coolant for the air conditioning had to be refilled already after 10 months, and I heard in the meantime that most of the Leganza's have this problem. So much for the interior.

Now for the engine, it runs OK, but consumption is high. I only drive 8.4 km on a liter. Furthermore I had also quite some problems with the engine.

The ignition cables had to be replaced and also some kind of sensor has been replaced.

What unnerves me most is that until now most of these problems are solved for free (warranty), but the dealer tries each time to make me pay, and only after long discussions he plays the good guy who pays the bill himself.

General Comments:

My conclusion is that the Leganza has a lot of nice features, but they really lack quality, service and an up-to-date engine.

Unless they change course drastically I will never buy a Daewoo again.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2000

1st May 2005, 18:45

I can't comment on all of your other points, but I can on the air conditioning. I am a mechanic (not for daewoo), but as a rule of thumb all air conditioning units on all cars should be run for at least 10 minutes every week, regardless of weather conditions. This helps keep the seals on the compressor 'lapped'. (air tight). Failing to do so will result in gas escaping. I live in Scotland, and know that as a lateral partner, in Belgium the last thing on you mind is running your air conditioning in January!!

So if you don't follow the rules, you're a/c will always fail regardless of what make and model of car you drive!! This is a good point to note, and will save you a fortune in the future. Best of regards.

25th Mar 2006, 16:23

The 2.2 Litre Engine was manufactured by Holden Australia in Melbourne. The Engines where then shipped to Korea and fitted to the Car. The engine is wholly a GM Holden Australian Design and build.

18th Mar 2007, 18:58

Mr. Mechainc, are you sure they let you work on cars? What are you talking about running for ten minutes in january, what happens when you run the defrost on a vehicle equipped with a/c? the compressor kicks on, and what does that do? It absorbs moisture, why would you have to run the a/c, if it runs on defrost, I hope no one followed what you said, they might of had some chilly mornings!

4th Apr 2009, 22:58

The logic in running the air condition once a week is to lubricate the seals in the air conditioning unit so they do not dry up and turn brittle. Once a seal becomes brittle, the seals will leak the a/c coolant and render the unit non working. The rule of thumb is to run it once a week. It is sound advice to the knowing and dumbfounded to the unknowing.