2007 Dodge Caliber SXT from North America


Reliable cheap car


Road noise is too much to bear; on the highway or surface streets it's like driving a Jeep with a canvas top.

The car has no pick up, which is good; it's hard to get a speeding ticket with this thing.

AC system has a muskey smell, but otherwise a reliable car.

General Comments:

Hard to keep the rear end of the car clean, it seems like it's a magnet for dust and dirt due to the poor design.

Friends that rode in it felt claustrophobic.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2009

2007 Dodge Caliber SXT 2.0L from North America


Way more than you'd expect for your money!


Rear dome light needed to be tapped to work. I changed the bulb, and no problems since!

Flaking paint on the front bumper - Dealer's fault. They attempted to cover some rock chips, and didn't prepare the surface or mask anything before spraying it. They promptly replaced the bumper, and any part that had any over-spray on it. They even put me in a rental while they fixed it.

General Comments:

It's been a fantastic car. I love driving it, and it's pretty darn comfortable for being a mid-trim model car. It's been as reliable as my old Toyota so far, and hopefully will be in the future. I have a pretty heavy foot at times, so I'm hard on engines and transmissions. If the powertrain were cheaply built, I would have broken something by now.

The Caliber's performance, for a 2.0L, is fantastic, especially with that CVT keeping the engine where it needs to be for passing power. My only real complaint so far is road noise; it is not the quietest car in the world. I drove an 08' SRT caliber that didn't have the issue, so I'm assuming it's my tires (they're getting close to the end of their life). The 6CD mp3 changer sounds pretty good. It could use a subwoofer, but I wanted a yellow car, so I took what I could get.

The paint is pretty tough, but tends to get some bad chips around the wheel wells.

The handling is not like Audi, but beats the Focus and Cobalt in similar trim levels.

Interior space is amazing for such a small car. I put all the seats down, and hauled home a queen size bed (from Ikea) in it. The hatch closed, with room to spare.

My favorite part is, everyone whom sees it, or gets into it loves it. It's the only car I've ever had that everyone says about, "This car is sweet!" It must be the solar yellow colour!

Don't get the light interior; the plastics get dirty very easily, and are a royal pain to clean!

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Review Date: 19th November, 2008

2007 Dodge Caliber SXT 2.0L from North America


I love my Caliber


The front power locks went out.

Replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I love my Caliber.

It handles very good.

I love the way it looks like a small SUV, but with small car mileage.

The interior is in need of an update, and Chrysler is in the process of fixing the interior issues.

I would buy another Dodge next time.

The craftsmanship is very good on the car.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

24th Jul 2008, 23:04

I test drove several Calibers in late 2006 and really liked them. I was a little concerned about the CVT belt not holding up, but apparently that has not been an issue. I decided to wait until the summer of 2007 to buy another car, and at that time I found out that Dodge had dropped the beautiful yellow color choice, and since all the others were dull and boring, I bought another brand. I don't know why auto makers are going to such blah and uninspired colors.

25th Aug 2008, 18:51

To the above commentor. Yes, the yellow was very popular & many websiters stated they were highly disappointed with the removal of the yellow. Think Caliber lost hundreds, if not thousands of sales by dropping the yellow. My Caliber is wonderful, but I didn't end up with my color choice & Dodge screwed up lots of marketing details. Dodge boldness is pretty timid.

27th Aug 2008, 13:33

Dodge's trademark color used to be the brilliant red. I owned a 2001 Dakota in that color. Since then they have become very staid and stodgy, even in their sporty cars. They are like imports, just bland and colorless, even though they do offer a few exciting cars (such as the Caliber SRT). I buy based primarily on a car's looks, as I have to look at it as long as I own it. Chrysler just doesn't interest me anymore, although they do build extremely reliable vehicles.