2003 Dodge Durango XL from North America


Did you want fries with that financial punishment? Too much money, have you?


Good looking rig. White with dark glass, very dramatic.

Got it on a swap for a little dayglo green Dodge Daytona which was going to kill me.

My "new" Durango started bucking half way home from the deal. Barely made it.

I could never quite find out what was wrong with it.

Driving it back the last time from my mech's shop, head gasket replaced, it starts bucking again but this time I give it more gas. Pretty soon grey smoke starts pouring out of the hood gaps, but I don't care. More gas until there's banging, smoke has turned black and I know it's time to bail out...

General Comments:

I so wanted this beautiful truck to work.

I ladled thousands into it only, in the end, to watch it burn by the side of the highway.

My only regret: It didn't burn down to the tarmac, a good samaritan came along and put it out... WAY too early.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2021

2003 Dodge Durango SXT 4.7 from North America


Beautiful car/junk motor


After about 2 months I noticed it started running hotter. The dealer recommended a new water pump and thermostat; replaced both, still ran hot. The dealer recommended a new radiator and new hoses; replaced all that. I asked for a compression test, maybe head gasket, and the dealer said it tested OK on all cylinders.

I tried to get Dodge in on the problem because I found out they made a change in Oct. 2002 on the 4.7 engine, and again on the 2004 4.7.

I had an engine flush, still ran hot, finally used the car sparingly, always ran at top notch just below hot. Going to work one morning, the vehicle started missing, pulled over on the side of the interstate, steam coming out of the exhaust, smelled like antifreeze, turned off the motor, checked oil, oil and antifreeze half way up on dipstick. Tried to start the vehicle, slow to start, knocked loud and quit.

I have been hunting for a replacement engine, used or re-manufactured. It seems there is only one year 2003 Durango engine that will work because of the 16-32 tooth crank ring and EGR valve change on 2004 models, and all sellers say the 4.7 was junk and they are double the price on 5.2 and 5.9.

I have a beautiful red and black yard ornament called SXT. Dodge should have a recall and I would be happy to pay the labor if they furnished parts. Since I have bought a Chevy Silverado for me and a Mustang for my wife. I had always driven Mopars since 1972, but no more Dodges for me.

General Comments:

Sitting in yard, drawing looks at the sign I placed on it saying Dodge is selling junk and they know it. We get about 14000 cars a day on the road a day passing by. Until Dodge does the recall on 4.7, I will try to get in their pocketbook. After all, I spent more than 4000 dollars on a car that I can't drive, and I belong to AT&T alumni that has 225000 members and when I make a post, all can see it. It seems Dodge forgot about social media.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2014

2003 Dodge Durango SXT 5.7L from North America


Solid, Dependable Vehicle


Had to replace the blower motor switch - same problem I have read of elsewhere.. The blow motor runs on high, but not on any other setting - even that's intermittent. Had to fix the wiring harness to it as well, as it had melted to the switch.

The switch was a while 15 bucks at the dealer - but the wiring harness repair kit was 60.

General Comments:

It has tons of power, no lack there at all. Runs smooth, no problems starting. It has a very solid feel and from years of being a auto hobbyist, I can tell the engine is quite solid. Maintains consistent operating temperature, doesn't use a drop of oil. No funky little noises and none of that 'cheap vehicle' feel. Plenty of room in it and it has the best heater and A/C I've ever had in a car.

Stereo was decent, but I think the CD lens was out of whack or the rails it rode on were binding somewhere as it would skip here and there. Radio itself was fine otherwise - it was a great excuse to get an after market stereo :)

I'd buy another without a second thought.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2009