5th Feb 2005, 08:16

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango and the transmission just blew again (3rd time)! The last 2 times it was covered by the extended warranty, but this time it is out of my pocket. I have had my ball joints replaced every year and new brakes and rotors every 6 months. I have also had all 4 of the factory speakers blow (with a factory stereo). I like the look of my durango, but I think it is time to pay someone to take it off my hands. I had a Toyota 4-Runner before this and the only thing I ever had to do with it was replace a clutch (that I burned out 4 wheeling) and regular service (oil, tune-ups, washer fluid). As soon as I can get rid of this SLT, I am going to get another Toyota!

26th Feb 2005, 07:47

We just leased a 2004 Durango, top of the line, hemi engine, seat heaters, sunroof with 3 controls. Love the car, love the look, LOVE the speed, but occasionally it won't start.

Brought it in and they had no idea why. Yesterday it went dead in a parking lot. They had to tow it. Now they say it's the programmed keys that malfunctioned. How can that be?

They wanted both keys brought in, but only one person ever drives this car, therefore only one key has been used. Anyone know what they are talking about?

Also there is a vibration in the engine at 2 RPM. This is a new car. Problem started when it had 100 miles on it. They are also fixing that today. I just spoke to manager and told him I'm assuming there won't be any charges since this is a new car, I had to be towed and it's the 2nd time it's in for the same problem.

Maybe we should take advantage of the lemon law if Durango won't recall. We are taking this to the top.

14th Jun 2005, 01:05

I have had my 2000 Durango(5.9liter, 4wd, limited slip, loaded you get the picture). Never had any major problems with it. I use original parts, I don't allow the dealership to part swap, and the maintenance and recall notices are observed strictly. Bought this truck new now has over 160K. vehicles are very expensive and should be taken care much as you would your home, don't let a small problem snowball into something large. When you go to a service dept at a dealership ask questions like who is going to be working on my vehicle and how experience and training does he have. This will usually put them on notice. I have never let the youngsters under my hood, they haven't earned that privlege yet.

8th Mar 2006, 18:22

I wish I had found this Web site a week ago, I just dropped $10,000 on a 2000 Durango SLT, and I had no idea they were so problematic. I believe it tho, three days after I bought the thing I noticed a noise when I make sharp turns. And the passenger side door lock doesn't work. Also, my hatch won't stay up. No complaints about the engine, smooth and strong. I knew about the bad gas mileage before I bought it. I am going to investigate some of the other issues that I have read here, such as the sludge build up in the engine.

30th Mar 2006, 22:20

I have a 2000 durango with the 5.9 liter engine. Today I got in and it wouldn't start. After jumping off the battery with another vehicle, I noticed that the engine would not stay running unless I kept my foot on the gas. Also, the voltmeter gauge climbs all the way to maximum value after a few seconds of keeping the engine running at high R.P.M. Any ideas what might be causing these problems?

31st Mar 2006, 07:27

Regarding the Durango not running without keeping your foot on the gas, the same thing happened to my 2000 Durango the other night. You need to reset the computer. Disconnect a battery cable, wait about a minute, and reconnect. Then turn the key to the on position without starting, and pump the gas pedal 2 or 3 times to the floor. This allows the computer to read the throttle body. You should then be able to start it up fine. It's just a matter of the computer resetting the idle speed.

17th Apr 2006, 14:36

I am the original owner of a 2000 Durango, 2wd, have almost 100K of mostly city, but some long distance driving on it, and I am pleased to say that I haven't had much in the way of problems with it.

Shortly after I bought it, the motors in 3 of the windows died, the driver's window twice to make 4 events (lots of fun going to a drive up), but the dealer replaced them promptly and no further problems. Was just a horrible inconvenience to have to go to the dealership!

The only other problem I have had was it not starting intermittently. I would clean the terminal connector things (oh, by the way, I'm a girl) and put them back on and she would go! But then it wouldn't start several days in a row so I replaced the battery. No good.

Took it to my mechanic and he replaced the alternator. Next day -- same problem with starting. After a LONG week of not starting, towing, and calling in to work (and they didn't believe me!) it turned out the clutch in my A/C had gone out. Once they fixed that, she purred like a kitten and still does! And my mechanic gave me my $ back for the alternator, but left the alternator in.

I have followed the maintenance schedule and had all the recommended stuff done, which I think has contributed to its good performance. All in all, I have been VERY pleased with my Durango and would buy it all over again! I've had a lemon car or two in the past, so I feel your pain!

19th Apr 2006, 19:01

Who said anything about awesome looks?

27th Apr 2006, 11:22

We own a 2000 Durango and it has been nothing, but trouble. First in 2003 with 104,000 miles on it the engine blew. After $2800 with our local mechanic, it ran for about four months before the cooling system began to go bad. We had the water pump, thermostat, and radiator replaced. Then we had the charging system begin it's problem with overcharging then undercharging. Changed the battery and alternator. The back passenger door lock buzzes when you lock it. And now after 50,000 miles on the new engine, the oil pressure is beginning to drop whenever we slow down or stop! The maintenance has always been done on time with this vehicle! I am happy for the people on here who have had no problems, but I am hearing more from the ones who are having troubles. I am going to change the oil pump, and screen and then take it and trade it in for a Toyota. Our Toyota Previa has 276,000 on it and it is 15 years old. Tells you something doe it not! I will never again own a Dodge, not because the cars have troubles, but because Dodge does not have good enough service. If they would just own up to the problems with these vehicles and do something about it, it would make all the difference! I have never had any trouble with my service through Toyota!