29th Apr 2006, 18:12

What is with the door lock actuator motors on these Durangos? I need to have the passenger front AND driver side rear door lock motors replaced on my 2000 Dodge Durango. This is the 2nd time I've had to repair the passenger side door lock, but I had to replace the window motor, too! The loud buzzing sounds from the doors are embarrassing!

15th Jun 2006, 21:17

At about 50,000 miles all four of the door locks on my 2000 Durango quit working. A repair shop said that all 4 motors were stripped with a cost of about $800 to fix them.

At 82,000 miles (today), the radiator hose broke in half near the point where the radiator cap attaches.

27th Dec 2006, 10:09

I own a 2000 SLT all time 4WD.

I bought it with 12K miles and it now has over 100K.

The only problems I have had were:

1) Had to replace a transmission sensor around 60K miles. It cost me $36.

2) Just replaced the front rotors, but at 100K miles, I thought that was pretty good.

The bad:

3) I have replaced the front speakers once and now need to replace the passenger side front door and driver side rear door because they are blown.

4) The passenger front window sticks during the summer as does the rear drivers side window. I have no clue why, but was told to replace the motors. I'm not ready to do that since they are getting power and work unless the window has stayed up for several days in a row and it is 90+ degrees outside.

2nd Jan 2007, 12:17

I have a 2004 Durango Limited. Recently, about 4 to 5 months ago, it would not start. The starter will click, but will not turn over. Sometimes like 10 minutes later it will start, sometimes a day. Had the battery checked, seems to be OK. Took it to the dealer; they can't find the problem. Been working now for 2 months, all of a sudden won't start.

Hooked the charger to the battery for 10 minutes; it started, but the battery was and is good. Anyone know what the problem could be??

Engine can be hot or cold, it just clicks, but won't start.

3rd Jun 2007, 07:15

I Know this seems silly everyone, but knowing which day of the week your vehicle and drive train were assembled does matter. People whose autos have assemblies done on Mondays and Fridays report the most problems.

28th Oct 2007, 16:31

I own a 2000 Durango, 4.7 liter, 128,000 miles, I bought it when it had 5K. Had minor problems like rotors warping on a regular basis. Replaced the driver window motor this week and realized it had been replaced before. My rear windows don't work so I replaced the driver window controller module and still don't work. Don't know what the problem is. But these are minor; the worst is my front tires started cupping at 60K after I replaced the original tires. I'm on my 2nd replacement tires and have 10K on them and they have cupped at 5K on them. Anyone know why they cup?

22nd Mar 2009, 17:55

I have a 2000 SLT Dodge Durango.

I love my Durango, but I keep having problems with it running hot. We replaced radiator, water pump and thermostat. Now the fan motor is loose.

I heard a loud noise; the long belt in front of the fan came off, my driver's window gets stuck a lot, one speaker recently blew out, and my brakes go out a lot.

I went to a tire shop to get a tire changed. My lug broke off. Now I have to go have it cut off, and that's about it.

20th Jun 2009, 06:51

My son who just had to have a SLT Durango asked me to find him on (being dad isn't always the best thing huh guys?), and I should mention I am a mechanic so I know all the issues they have, so anyway did my shopping, found a lot of Durango with major problems, but to my amazement I found just as many with beautiful track records, and it turned out the ones with great backgrounds were owned by people that did their homework on their trucks, and headed off any major problem by getting to it first.

People, the garage will rip you off, that's what they do, I see it everyday. So we bought a 2000 SLT from a guy in St. Paul who knew the truck inside and out, and it showed, and we both agreed that it really wasn't the "Durango" that was bad, it was dodge quality control that really let people down. I don't know why they would let a lot of poorly built trucks off the line, whatever their reason it's a damn shame.

Anyway, my son loves it and he left for school (900 miles away), and being a mechanics son, he's reported no problems that he didn't fix for under $30 and a trip to a parts store. He now has 137,800 miles on it.

21st Jul 2009, 15:38

I've had my 2004 Durango for 5 years and it has 89,000 miles. It was great until a few months ago when it started to run hot. I've had it to three garages, had the radiator flushed, hoses checked, thermostat replaced, clutch fan replaced, wiring checked and verified there's no hydro-carbons in the radiator fluid, which would indicate a leaking gasket. It runs hot when the outside temperature runs above 70 and sitting in traffic, using the AC makes it worse. Turning the heat on keeps it from overheating, but you can imagine how terrible it is when it's 90 degrees out and the heat is on. Frustrating. Can't seem to find the problem and can't drive far from home for fear of breaking down.

10th Aug 2009, 14:01

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango Sport, bought it used with 8800 miles in Nov 2001, and now (August 2009) I am at 106,000. Have replaced one window motor and 2 of the lock actuators myself. But other than that, I have had NONE of the ongoing problems you all mention, getting 13-17 mpg still.

Replaced the original tires at 48,000 and the second pair at 94,000. Brakes are brakes usually about 150-200 a year for up keep on all four sets; nothing out of the ordinary.

I read all your posts and I am glad because I didn't get the same bad vehicle you all are complaining about. Actually it is the best American car I have ever owned. Good luck everyone.

17th Sep 2009, 11:23

I just bought a 2000 Dodge Durango SLT last night at 7pm EST. Test drove it, everything was fine. Signed the papers drove home and parked it. My boyfriend drove it to his job about 15 miles away today to get it looked at by a Co-worker to see if we needed to do anything to winterize the vehicle since the purpose for buying it was to drive in the winter (I commute about 100 miles each day). He went out to start the truck at lunch so his Co-worker could inspect it and guess what? It wouldn't start. The engine turned over but he couldn't get it to run. He pumped the gas a couple of times and it started it with his foot on the gas. It ran real hard, so he took his foot off the gas and it died.

Called the dealership, and they said there is no warranty, so there is nothing they can do. I am amazed that in today's day and age, dealerships can get away with selling a vehicle that doesn't work without disclosing the issues up front. What if I had driven it to work during a snow storm and went out to start it up???