2000 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9 from North America


Can't maintain the unmaintainable!


Granted the car had 120k on it, but replaced a gizmo (don't remember what it was) so the car would not keep stopping.

Replaced the wiring, the fan, the shocks, the brakes.

The door lock front passenger is screwed up now, and so is the rear washer.

The vehicle is rear end skating (just started) and there is/was a leak back there.

I wanted to drive this vehicle; not have to understand it. It is a wonderful vehicle to drive when it is drivable, which has not been often. A humungous gas guzzler, but I knew that when purchased. Great engine power, but why do I have a feeling the tranny or diff is next?

The vehicle seems to list to the right; the alignment may also be off.

A person of normal means should not buy this vehicle, as its quirks get in the way of normal maintenance over and over again. A person of above average means should not buy it either, as it will drive you bonkers.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2013

26th Nov 2013, 18:54

I once rented a Durango only because the rental office didn't have any sedans when I went in there. I had it for only about 7 hours, but that was enough for it to make me hate it.

27th Nov 2013, 12:12

And I had a 2003 loaded with 300k miles. It rode well, had nice room and was great in the Pocono winters. Never got stuck.

I liked it well enough to ask to keep it longer as a company vehicle. If it stunk, I would say so as it was not mine. Spent many hours on interstates in it.

It's not great on fuel and one trans was replaced, but it was a nice vehicle.

I have had some lousy company vehicles over nearly 30 years, but this was a nice one. It's rare to keep one this long.

I also loved the Crown Vics in the past. They never quit.

2000 Dodge Durango V8 from North America


Dodge Durangos are lemons


Drive shaft fell out and hit the transfer case, cracking it in half.

Rear end went a few months after I bought it.

Car chewed through batteries. Mechanics (4 different ones) could not figure it out. Alternator was fine (new batteries). Finally had to put a switch on the battery. Had to turn the battery "off" at night or the car wouldn't start in the morning.

Strange problem where sometimes when backing up it would seize up and be stuck, then suddenly engage! Transmission was ruled out; turned out the brakes were sticking and catching on metal.

Universal ball joint went a few months after I bought it.

The car pulled to the right badly.

Air conditioning stopped working abruptly this summer.

Speakers started making a horrible noise "bap bap bap" so I couldn't listen to the radio.

General Comments:

This gas guzzling lemon was by far, without a doubt, the very WORST vehicle I have EVER owned. Yeah they look nice, but never have I had a vehicle literally fall apart within months of buying it. I'm car-less now as I refuse to sink any more money into this piece of garbage. I'll never ever buy another Dodge. I'm a Chev/GMC girl, and this was my first non GM car, and I'd never buy another Dodge piece of junk ever.

I'm going to scrap this thing because I couldn't sell it to anyone unless they agreed that they wanted a lemon for parts or whatever. I'm very disappointed by Dodge. Would never recommend this truck to anyone!

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Review Date: 10th October, 2013

14th Oct 2013, 11:57

Before you declare a make a "lemon", try owning a new or newer one. It's very unfair to declare a brand a lemon based on your sample of an old, pretty well used up vehicle.

19th Oct 2013, 10:05

I put 300k on one. Granted, very easy commuter mileage vs working hard, but it made it. I was in Jiffy Lube once a month with oil changes as a company car. It was comfortable with great room. I had some O2 sensor issues, 2 batteries, tires brakes, but the same engine. It looked almost new when I sold it. I ran it through the car wash every week and had it detailed a lot. Mileage was about 10 MPG average. It was great in winters; never got stuck.