2000 Dodge Durango 5.9L from North America


Truly Horrible Auto


Transmission, ball joints, power train, serpentine belts.

General Comments:

Worst car mechanically owned car ever!!! Have driven the car for 4K miles and regret every second spent in it. This SUV is not a good buy. I also encourage everyone to never buy a Dodge, horrible automobiles.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

2000 Dodge Durango Sport 4.7 litre from North America




After 5 years and 325,000 Kms I really can't complain. Here's a list of problems I've had, mostly due to wear and tear:

- ABS Sensor (Replaced Under warranty)

- Front Brakes (Pads wore out after 250,000 Kms)

- Clutch Fan fell off (apparently I'm the only guy in Canada that had this problem?)

- A/C Compressor ceased and caused fan belt to snap. Occurred after 300,000Km.

- Radiator and Water Pump shot. Occurred after 310,000 Kms. I attribute this to wear and tear.

General Comments:

Overall, I've been very happy with this vehicle. It's a tank in the winter, has never let me down. The 4WD is great.

The engine is running well and still doesn't burn any oil. I have religiously changed the oil, tranny fluid.

It is hard on gas and that's the only reason I'm considering a trade to a more fuel efficient vehicle. I will miss it once it's gone though.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005

2000 Dodge Durango from North America


Good looking, but lots of problems


Help!! Anyone had this problem with their 2000 Dodge Durango? Drive it for 10 minutes and it shuts down. In the odometer field it says "no bus". The truck will turn over, but won't start. Wait 2 hours and it starts right back up. Maybe the ECM?

Any help, email me gpwhls@inreach.com

General Comments:

Had a lot of problems with this 2000 Dodge Durango. This is the latest; the shutting down problem.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2005

6th Aug 2005, 01:31

I just ran into the same problem about 2 hours ago. If anybody knows how to fix it please let us know.

8th Aug 2005, 22:43

I just had the same problem with my 1999 Durango SLT with ~54K miles on it. Doing 65+ MPH coming down a hill and poof, the engine stops. After 5-10 minutes it started up, ran for 10 minutes and stopped again. This was after numerous occurrences where the truck died while parked or barely moving. Decided best choice was to have the truck towed 110 miles to the dealership. The dealership is telling me the computer is fried. It has nothing in it. Luckily, according to the rep this computer along with the cat converter is one of the few things that carries a federal mandated 8 yr 80K mile warranty (emissions deal I guess).

They installed a new one, took it for a test drive and 4 miles out it died on them. That's got to be a first! Anyway, something seems to be shorting out the computer module so waiting for another 'new' computer module and will go from there. Don't be fooled if the vehicle starts up again and seems to run fine. My Durango has done this several times in the past and since it started up again I ignored it. Doing 65+ MPH and having it go out coming down a hill is NOT much fun. Luckily the road was straight and had a wide shoulder. Could have been a different story had the road been windy as you lose power steering and brakes.

2000 Dodge Durango RT 5.9 from North America


An excellent vehicle for my needs - the wife likes it too!


The transmission quit working in heavy snow at the end of December 2004 - replaced under extended warranty at no cost. Been fine since.

Rear shock absorbers quit working in winter - replaced with after market units - much improved ride.

General Comments:

I like the vehicle - great for towing.

Replaced air intake and filter with a KVN air filtyer kit - improved gas consumption.

Not having premium gas available locally I use an octane booster. this also helps gas consumption.

Ball joints were replaced under the recall, but they were OK.

Very comfortable, great handling, and so far reliable!

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Review Date: 12th May, 2005

20th Jan 2008, 09:26

Gotta love running premium! At least when my parts come in I have the right fuel in the tank and ready to go! My wife doesn't drive my 'truck'. Don't think of me as being mean, but I just won't let her!