2000 Dodge Durango SLT V8 magnum from North America


Think I will have to go Toyota from here on


It is in the shop for freeze plug. $800 at the dealership extended warranty will not cover. The parts are not the bulk of the expense. It is the darn labor. This just happened at 47000mi. Well of course the radio was the first thing to go at 39000 miles which happens in all dodge vehicles early it seems. Door locks started making noise at 40000mi which luckily the extended warranty covered.

General Comments:

Love the power and the ride, but I have read about the nightmares and this is usually where they start at 50,000mi.

Going to trade as soon as I get it out of the shop.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2004

11th Dec 2004, 07:16

I have a 1999 Durango and love it. So far I have had two minor problems. When I fill up, the gas meter reports as being empty. The solution is to turn off the enginne and re-startr. The other problem is the gear shift, the engine won't start unless you have in park. It is corrected by putting in gear and back to park. In light of that yes I would buy another Durango.

25th Dec 2004, 16:45

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango. I bought it used, with only a few thousand miles on it. I love the truck completely and have had no problems until recently and I am not sure if what I am experienceing is a problem or just something routine. The first snowstorm of the season hit so I used the four wheel drive. There was an awful rotten egg smell shortly after I disengaged the four wheel drive. I stopped and checked the motor and there was fluid on it. It looked to come from beside the radiator at what looked like a possible overflow valve. I looked in my manual and could find nothing. The truck still runs great, but this does concern me as I don't want to let something "run dry" and cause damage. If anyone out there knows of this and could explain, I would really appreciate the information. Thank you, Jayson Vance from Missouri.

23rd Jul 2005, 23:46

On 4x4 vehicles, once you disengage the four wheel drive you have to drive backwards for a few feet to unlock it. Otherwise problems will occur. This might be why you smell rotten eggs.

2000 Dodge Durango st from North America


I have a 2000 Dodge Durango that I purchased used in April of this year. It has 58,000 miles on it and has had a constant chirping noise since we purchased it. We took it to our local Dodge dealer and they replaced our brake pads and rotors. Unfortunately the noise continued. I took it back and they claimed that they hadn't lubed something and it was good to go. Two days later it was squeaking again. I returned it to the dealer and they are now saying that it needs a new drive line.

Has anyone out there had this problem?

General Comments:

We love this Durango but are worried we may have some problems.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2004

2000 Dodge Durango RT 5.9 from North America


I love my Durango RT!!


When I first got the Durango there was an annoying squeak in the front end suspension. I could hear it only at low speeds going over speed bumps for example. I took it back to the dealer and they agreed to fix the problem although it was not covered. Well, after 3 trips back to the dealer and new upper and lower ball joints later, the squeak was still there. Finally they changed a rubber seal and poof. It was fixed. The best thing about all that... I didn't pay a dime. I have no complaints about my Durango, execept it does drink the fuel pretty quickly.

General Comments:

I am in love with the vehicle and will probably buy a new one when this one dies.

It pulls my 19 foot Bayliner boat with no problems. I forget the boat is back there.

The exhaust sounds great! Muscle car in a Durango body!

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Review Date: 20th August, 2004