9th Aug 2010, 14:33

Two years ago I bought a 2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 5.9L. So far I've changed the radiator, replaced the water pump, water hoses, every belt, power steering hoses, power steering pump, and rack. Also fixed a solenoid on the 4th gear, replaced 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear, new brakes and rotors, front speakers are currently blown, and the rear passenger window doesn't work.

Recently, the oil gauge went all the way to high upon start up, changed oil; now it goes up and down, never done that before. I will take it back in to check for sludge. Also, I feel the shocks are starting to go, could also be a number of other things, struts, etc. The vehicle has 87,000 miles.

My fiance is the primary driver for this vehicle. I recently got a new job, 52 miles away, I decided to buy a 2007 Honda Accord (better gas mileage and reliability).

Despite everything falling apart on this piece of crap before it reached 83,000 miles, I still love the Durango, even though it's a V8 gas guzzling SOB. However, I have a two year old and I need something more reliable. Going to get rid of it. Probably a Toyota SUV.

9th Aug 2010, 19:14

I have 284000 miles on mine. I change oil every 5000 miles; 1 quart oil between changes.

9th Aug 2010, 20:16

You only have one kid and you're going to buy another SUV? No offense, but that doesn't really make much sense. You've got a Honda Accord, that's plenty reliable, and it has more than enough room for a 2-year old.

3rd Nov 2010, 21:29

I bought my 2000 Durango in 2007. I love my truck. I get about 18 miles to the gallon and we do a lot of traveling in it.

The only problem I am having with it is it's not idling, I was told it was the alternator, but I have never seen an alternator do that. It acts like the battery is dead, then if you keep trying, it will start as long as you have your foot on the gas pedal... I have been around cars for a very long time I do know how to work on them but this is something new to me.

Any idea of what could be wrong with it because I sure love my truck. Best vehicle I have ever owned.

4th Dec 2010, 20:04

I own a 2000 Dodge Durango SLT with the 4.7 V8. When I'm driving it and I come to a stop, the oil pressure drops. When I hit the gas, then the pressure goes back up. Anyone have any idea what is happening?

5th Jul 2011, 05:23

I have had my 2000 Dodge Durango since they came out, and it now has 199.000 miles on it, and still runs like a champ and still looks brand new. Any ideas on what I can do to keep it running good?

15th Nov 2011, 19:10

I have the same problem with my 2000 Dodge Durango.

29th Jun 2013, 21:08

I had the same problem, it was a bad ground wire connection.