2000 Dodge Intrepid Base 2.7 from North America


Worked Fine For Me!!!


Alternator went at 37,000. Water pump went at 63,000. Put new tires on at 35,000 of course.

And That's IT!

No brakes, exhaust, wipers, dome lights, seals, NOTHING ELSE!

General Comments:

XXXcellent passing ability. Good looking grocery getter for the family man.

Alternator got soaked by pressure washer at one point my fault. Although a 63,000 miles. water pump is a little weak.

It was a GREAT car that showed normal wear such as a lose door panel. Don't get to picky people things wear out, it ALWAYS got me home.

Everything still functioned properly when I sold it.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2005

2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Beautiful car, but smells like a lemon to me!


Car had 20,000 miles on it, was having problems starting, was told by a Dodge dealership that the car needed a tune-up. Had tune-up done and problem still continued. Was told by another mechanic that I had a bad fuel injector. Took back to dealership and told them that and they didn't believe me, they kept the car for 2 days and still could not find out what was wrong with it. This went on for 10 months before dealership finally admitted that it was indeed a fuel injector and replaced it for free.

Now at 66,000 miles, engine is gone. I was told by dealership that it would cost approx. $6,000 to replace with new engine. Dealership told me engine went do the insufficient lubrication. I was told by dealership that I did not need to use synthetic oil, that 5w or 10w oil was good enough.

Weather stripping is coming off, has been fixed 3 times by dealership.

Interior reading light went out, does not say in owners manual how to change. Break light went out does not say in manual how to change. I was told by dealership to bring in and they would change for a fee.

General Comments:

I bought the car brand new. I fell in love with it during the test drive. You couldn't even hear the engine running. The car drives and handles very nice. It is very roomy.

Dodge knows this engine is bad, that's why they stopped making due to all the problems with it per the dealership. They were too quick to help me in any way get in a new car. They were even willing to trade the car in and pay it off even though the motor is blown. Something isn't right and Dodge knows it. We need some help here!!!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2005

27th Jan 2008, 16:38

Yes! I only had my Intrepid for one day before returning it back to the dealer. It needed a new computer, crank sensor, trans was going bad, the speedometer and mileage didn't work, and many other problems, but no indication really. It started up quiet and made it almost home from the dealership then check engine light came on an car stopped. It stopped every 5 or 10 minutes while driving and took 45 minutes to start back up. I took it to a mechanic and he told me to take the car back to the dealer immediately. I see that there are many problems with the Intrepid.

2000 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.2 Liter 24 Valve V6 from North America


It is a very nice car


Drivers side door handle broke.

The transmission occasionally slips.

The button to open the trunk quit working.

General Comments:

This is a very nice car. It is very roomy and comfortable. It is dependable and something that is enjoyable to ride in.

It has very good acceleration and the autostick feature helps while on hills or passing.

If you would buy an Intrepid, buy one with an engine other that the 2.7 Liter. Mine has a 3.2 Liter and that is why I bought it.

It has a very good sound system for one that is from the manufacturer.

The trunk is also very large which is convenient for transporting things.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

21st Jun 2005, 22:23

Your car was Most recently at 78,000. You Should think about getting rid of it soon. It won't matter how well kept you keep it, it'll still die within 5,000.