2001 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 from North America


Been great so far


Replaced rear brakes, shoes and rotors, change transmission fluid and oil, nothing has broken. Changed oil 2x in one week to make sure everything was clean in motor, based on 2.7 reports. Door gaskets need replacing, letting in noise...$300 for parts alone.

General Comments:

Roomy, 23.5 miles per gallon, runs so well on the highway, very good handling and riding car. Very little sway, radio works well, transmission works and shifts well. Seats are really pretty comfortable front and back. I've seen many on the Internet with 180k+ miles, most of the motors produced are 2.7 liters so go figure, somebody must be getting miles out of these cars.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2006

2001 Dodge Intrepid es 3.1 from North America


A great deal for the $$


The alternator went out at about 130,000 miles.

Both front automatic locks no longer function.

General Comments:

Unbelievable for the $$. No serious problems. Have had the car for 5 years and have 190,000 miles on it.

Very large interior and sporty exterior. Large trunk capacity.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2006

25th Sep 2006, 16:55

I got 240,000 miles out of my last Dodge (a little non-turbo Omni). It still ran perfectly when I sold it. I had done 2 brake jobs and put 2 timing belts on it, and those were the ONLY repairs it ever had. I saw it being driven near my home a full year after I sold it, so it obviously made several thousand more miles. Chrysler products make Japanese cars look fragile by comparison. I've never had ANY mechanical problems with any of the three Dodges we've owned. A former co-worker of mine got 410,000 miles out of his Plymouth Valiant.

2001 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7L from North America


Very reliable!


Thermostat - That's it.

General Comments:

The Intrepid has been a very good car for me. I have had it for 3+ years and have only had it in the shop once to replace the thermostat. I think the Intrepid gets such a bad name because of the rentals that were abused and neglected ended up having their engines go bad. I have always used synthetic oil as a precaution, but I believe this engine will last at least another 100,000 miles.

I have owned everything from Mazda to Nissan and this has been the most reliable car of them all!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

3rd Nov 2007, 11:04

Well this is a grate car it runs like it is brand new (it has 90,000 miles on it) I have a super charger in it and it goes from 0 to 60 in like 4 I love it!!!

7th Aug 2010, 22:48

I just bought this car and I think it's great. Has 170k on it and runs like new!!

8th Aug 2010, 22:16

Former rental cars are one of the best buys in used cars. They are serviced religiously and the clients using rental cars are business men and vacationing families who generally are fairly easy on cars. It is a myth that former rental cars are bad buys and abused. 1000 businessmen driving a car do far less damage than one abusive teenager or owner who neglects it.

My family has owned three former rental cars. Every one of these cars has been absolutely flawless. One made over a quarter of a million miles with not a single problem. I'd take a rental car over any other used car in a heartbeat.

It is also a myth that rental cars are "strippers" or "old lady cars". Ours were all fully loaded top-of-the-line models with every option. One was a very sporty bright red.

A good friend was recently looking at used cars, and chose a top-of-the-line red convertible that was a former rental car. It was in far better shape than any of the lease returns or trade-ins we looked at. Actually lease returns are the very WORST in used car buys, because the people leasing them know they will be returning them and do NOTHING in the way of taking care of them. I used my leased vehicle to teach kids to drive, because I knew I'd be turning it in and someone else would have to deal with the trashed transmission and burned up engine.