2001 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 from North America


Nice first car


I had to put a new cooling system in my car.

General Comments:

I love that the car drives well.

Very reliable; never had any major problems.

I only paid 1,650 dollars for my car. I took it to the dealer to have it checked, and it turned out to be a really great car.

I only put 700 dollars into this car, and that consisted of detailing inside and out. Cooling system, stereo and speakers, plus little decorative things to the inside. I'm very pleased.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2008

2001 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Piece of junk


It started with the gas cap, from the gas cap to the oil sensor light. Now its it leaking oil. And now its the trasmission control motor. This cost me almost 1600. This all in one month, and the oil light is starting to come on again. I have just finished paying for this car. If there is lawsuit please email Dmukos@msn.com. I am walking on a tight rope.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2008

2001 Dodge Intrepid ES from North America


Here one day, gone the next


I had been nothing, but happy with my beautiful red Intrepid until yesterday After having it for nearly 7 years and 85,000 miles on it, the only time I had it in for repairs was for routine maintenance, which I was extremely timely about. I always received so many compliments on my car. Never, ever a problem. The fit and finish and interior were still in excellent shape despite lugging many kids and going on several long vacations in it. I had always bragged that it was the very best car I had ever owned... until yesterday when my 18 year old son was driving it on the expressway, the oil light came on out of nowhere and the car stopped in the middle lane during rush hour traffic. Thankfully, he was able to hobble over to the emergency lane and luckily his teacher was driving behind him and pushed him to a safer location. Having arrived to pick up my son, my husband checked the oil level...NONE. There was NONE. Needless to say, the engine seized up because of the dreaded Intrepid Sludge

Factor. It breaks my heart because I truly loved this car, even though it was a big car and hard to get in small spaces, it was so very roomy and I took excellent care of it. I am still in total shock. I had no warning whatsoever that there was a problem with this car. Running perfectly one day, totally gone the next. It doesn't seem fair that Chrysler shouldn't be held responsible. I have gone to several websites and have found that hundreds of others have had the same experience as I. My husband and I were thinking of putting another engine in my car because we loved it so much, but after the hundreds of complaints about the engine and it's defects, what is the point? I'm heartbroken and now heartbroken with a soon to be car payment.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2008

23rd Apr 2009, 23:12

My husband changes the oil in our vehicles every 3,000 mile, if it needs it or not. Did you ever hear about maintenance of vehicles? You do know you just don't jump into a car, put the key in and drive off. Gas isn't the only thing a car needs. It needs to have the fluids checked at least 2 X monthly. Transmission oil replaced etc.

I understand Chrysler and other car makes have problems, but if a car has no oil in it, that is not the dealers problem, let's put the blame where it belongs squarely on the owner.

2nd Nov 2009, 07:44

I experienced the exact same problem as the previous poster. Oil light suddenly came on, checked the oil to find there was NONE in the car. Luckily I had a 4.5 litre bottle in my trunk. Filled it, thinking that would take care of the problem! Not! It keeps on running out of oil, before the recommended time to change it. It just suddenly runs out! Where it goes, is anyone's guess. There is no tell tale blue exhaust.

10th Nov 2009, 16:13

BUT ONLY CHRYSLER/DODGE does this!!! (breaks down and needs new engines at 10,000 mile marks)