1998 Dodge Neon Highline R/T Sedan 2.0L DOHC 16V from North America


It is a low-priced, high-performance sports car


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car. It has been highly reliable and it was well worth the investment.

The only thing that I dislike about it is, although it has the R/T package, there are no power windows or door locks. It has a CD player, but no other luxury. I suppose it is good in a way because I don't need the key to put the windows up in the rain.

General Comments:

This is a very spory car. It is cherry red with silver racing stripes. The windows have been tinted and headlight covers have been added. It has after market chrome wheels (supplied by me) and a superb Infinity sound system (with complimentary sub-whoofer and amp in the trunk). It is a 5 speed powered by a supercharged 4 cylinder engine.

The thing that I am most impressed with is its 40 mile to the gallon rate. I was told that a car of this caliber would only get maybe 30 (if I was lucky), however, I beg to differ.

Not only is this car sporty, and a real eye catcher, but it is economic too. It will get you where you need to go in style, but not put a crimp in your wallet.

I am very satisfied with my Neon, and I would buy another in a heartbeat.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2000

4th Jan 2001, 22:47

I believe everything you said. I have a 1998 2 door sport and I just got rid of my 1995 4 door for it. I love them both, I'll get another one again some other day. And I love the speed out of that little 4 cylinder. Everyone is mad because I win every race. 120mph is pretty good out of that motor.

11th Jul 2001, 13:59

I totally agree with your review, except that the neon is not supercharged. No one makes a supercharger for the Neon, especially not the factory. Maybe it just feels like a supercharger because it's really quick.

21st Sep 2002, 15:19

I have a '95 Neon SOHC and I'm disappointed with the performance. I have found a turbocharger system at turbosystem.com, but the price seems a little high. They are looking for $2,695.00. Although this really would trick out my Neon. They have tested a few Neons and the average 1/4 mile time was 13.9 sec. That really excited me because I already have a NOS "dry" system. I wouldn't have any turbo lag at all!

4th Feb 2003, 00:27

If you want a GOOD naturaly aspirated car get a Honda civic SI which will run high 15s STOCK!!!

1998 Dodge Neon Sport from North America


I LOVE my Neon!


I have driven my trusty Neon 50,000 miles, and have only had two problems with it in all of that time.

After about a year, the "check engine" light came on. I took it to the dealership, and the car's computer said there was a spark plug misfire (it HAD started rougher than usual that morning). So they replaced the spark plugs and I was on my way. No big deal.

The second problem, which was about a month ago, was electrical. After driving home from work one day, the engine fan kept running... and running. We disconnected the battery for the night, hooked it up the next morning, and the fan still kept running. So we took it in, and they replaced a relay switch.

General Comments:

I love everything about my car. With the exception of maybe a full-size pickup, there's nothing I'd rather drive. The interior is roomy (4-door) and everything is laid out well. The handling is great, and it has a pretty narrow turning radius. It's not too slow coming out of stoplights, and can go up to 120 mph (yep, I tried it once).

The suspension is definitely a bit stiff -- it's a COMPLETELY different feel than my boyfriend's Lincoln. But for my tastes, that really isn't a problem at all. Also, if you're carrying a lot of weight you can feel a definite difference in acceleration, etc.

Overall, though, I absolutely love my car. The intense-blue color and bug-eyed headlights never fail to put me in a good mood, and it's a car that actually is fun to drive!

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Review Date: 13th September, 2000