1996 Dodge Ram Pickup 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel from North America


Absolutely amazing truck, would definitely get another


The truck hasn't had many problems, but the head gasket has blown several times, which was expensive to fix.

The clutch went out once, but it was my fault because I got into the habit of not using it... not a good idea!

There is some cracking on the top of the roof and the hood which I would guess is sun damage. A new paint job would do wonders.

General Comments:

I have loved this truck ever since I bought it. The power and torque this thing puts out is incredible. I have a buddy who has a V-10 version of my truck and we have fun "arguing" about who's is better.

The truck is mostly comfortable, but since it's a diesel, long distance drives can get uncomfortable due to the vibration and noise.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2005

7th Feb 2005, 16:10

Not using the clutch caused you to need to replace it???

6th Feb 2010, 19:13

I have owned my '96 Cummins 2500 CC, LB, 4X4 for 8 years now. with 213,000 miles on the clock, I have only had to replace the front disk brakes, front hubs assemblies. I had a very rare occurrence with the injection pump sticking, so I just re-built it to produce 60 more HP than stock. That's it! Nothing more has gone wrong with this gem & it's done more than its fair share of pulling/towing/traveling. Don't even get me started on the issues that I have had with Phord & Chebbie trucks!

MoPar or no car baby!

1996 Dodge Ram Pickup SL 5.9 diesel from North America


Requires money tree to keep running!


What can go wrong will! After owning it approximately 2-months the headlight switch failed…..again (the previous owner had the switch changed once already), that resulted in a trip to the shop and a bill for $200.00.

The fuel shut off solenoid (failed 100 miles from home), this resulted in a new one at the cost of $425.00 and that is just for the part. (Does not include the labor)

Next came the starter, it failed at a cost of $200, again just for the part, it does not include the labor.

Next came the front u-joints and seals, this resulted in numerous trips to the dealership due to the fact they did not change the seals at the time of the u-joint repair causing extra trips to the dealer in addition to more days without our vehicle. Luckily this was covered under an extended warranty, deductible $200, actual cost on the billing $699.

I almost forgot it received new valve cover gaskets because they were leaking and repaired a recalled item on the brake power booster.

Not even one month later, reverse gear went out (automatic transmission) at 83,200 miles. The reverse clutch housing broke. It was a gray area with the extended warranty, but they did cover it this time we paid $325 out of pocket and the total bill was $2,794.

Now the rear end, it’s barely over 3 months since it was in the shop and the rear end has problems. It’s been diagnosed at costing $600-$1500, it just depends, could be more could be less. We have found out this is typical.

The extended warranty is out, it's 264 miles over the limit.

The passenger seat (extended cab) does not slide, broken spring. Trim coating is peeling badly.

The fuel gauge registers empty while still having ½ tank of diesel.

The cassette deck is faulty and will not play tapes properly.

Cruise control: if you use it, the pickup gets warm, you take off the cruise it will no longer work.

General Comments:

This was my husband's dream pickup. It was a one owner (older folks) who took excellent care of it, always serviced etc. That is why we purchased it.

It's a beautiful pickup and just what we have always wanted, however it should be yellow instead of black.

It's very comfortable and a great work horse, if we could keep it on the road. Our 89 Chevrolet which had 165,00 miles on it was more reliable than this.

Repairs are very costly, and I feel Dodge has produced an inferior product with the 1996.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004