1998 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 SLT 5.2L from North America


Chrysler can't build a Drive Train!


I own a 1998 Dodge 1500 extended cab with a 5.2L engine and automatic transmission. I have replaced my transmission 2 times in 35,000 miles I bought this truck with 4,700 miles in 2000 from someone I know. I had no problems for the first year and then I began to notice that the transmission was shifting poorly. When I took it to the dealer (while still under warranty) they explained that it was shifting normal, they found no problems. A few months later I took it to a transmission shop, they dropped the transmission pan, the torque converter had come apart. Dodge and the dealer did nothing to help; I also spoke with the factory and asked for help. It cost me $1500 to rebuild and an oil cooler to fix this time.

The transmission began making a “whining” noise 14 months later. I took it back to the transmission shop and the overdrive gears were bad. They rebuilt the transmission again for ½ price.

The truck recently began a making a different “whining noise”. I took it in to the transmission shop a they said it’s not the transmission. It’s the rear end!

I give up! I don't know what to do.

General Comments:

I've had drive train problems with my Dodge Caravan. I won't be buying any more Chrysler products in my lifetime. Tell the world about Chrysler's poor quality! Maybe they get the message and build a vehicle that will be decent.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

16th Jun 2004, 19:23

I have a 1997 4x4 and the air conditioner changes from the dash to defrost vents every time I accelerate. a vacuum problem no dought, but I cannot find it.

18th Dec 2004, 13:44

The rear end went out in my 98 Dodge 1500. It wasn't just a small malfunction, the main gear broke apart. The spindle came out of the differential and leaked fluid all over the road. This happened at a stop light. When I went to go from the light all I heard was a loud bang and that was it. It was so bad the back wheels were locked up. This truck never really towed or went off road. The thing was was that I had heard a whining sound for some time from the rear end. I was advised it was a small fix at the time, but I guess I waited a bit to long. Don't procrastinate on these things.

The truck was very good to me aside from that and I would have another one. They are safe. I found that out when a car ran a stop light and smashed that truck up. It was totaled and I was not hurt. I will likely get another one.

10th Oct 2005, 03:25

I also have a 98 dodge ram 1500 ext. cab. I haven't had any problems with the rear end yet, knock on wood, but I did notice the same whining noise while in 4 wheel. eventually my front end was destroyed. I severely abused my dodge with off road adventures many of times. I also haul 2 dirt bikes all season long. I am thinking about putting 4:56 gears in it instead of the stock 3:55 ring and pinion. my truck has a hard time hauling its own wieght. maybe this will fix the problem. this truck was definitly build for the highway.

1998 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 2WD 5.9 from North America


Pretty good hauler


I've had only a few problems. My horn is currently inoperable and the windshield washer reservoir leaks. It also seems like my steering is a little loose, but I can't seem to find the cause of that.

General Comments:

OK gas mileage, I just took a 2000 mile road trip with about 350 lbs. in the bed and got about 17 mpg on the freeway. This truck has one killer blind spot because of the B post behind the driver, but otherwise is a good vehicle. The seats are big in front, but I wouldn't want to have long legs if I was sitting in back. The truck can haul a lot of stuff, i.e. three cords of wood and a medium tractor, without even a sputter. But it seems to run smoother with a load in back,because of the size of the rear springs.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2003