1998 Dodge Ram Pickup 5.9L from North America


Don't buy one, even if they look good


1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab..

Had crank shaft position sensor go out twice in 2 years.

I had to replace the 3.55 gear rear end 3 times, and now again... 3 rear ends in 1 1/2 years time frame.

I would junk the damn thing, but I've got so much wrapped up in it. That, and the body has no rust, and the 5.9L sounds like a new one with 149k. It's just that darn rear end.. it has to be a flaw, there should be a recall on it.. I have heard of others that had problems..

General Comments:

Anyone else have rear end problems?

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2011

18th May 2020, 18:11

Rear pinion seal nut has to be installed correctly (torque specs with new crush sleeve) or the drive shaft will pull out of the differential and the rear differential will seize. Very scary situation if you're not prepared for it.


1998 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 5.9 from North America


This truck is the biggest lemon I have ever owned; a new truck is just way too much money


Can't keep brakes on it, replaced rear drums with disk brake conversion kit from SSBC, it made a big difference.

35000 miles - front u joints went bad.

42000 miles - tie rod ends went bad.

43000 miles - the windshield wiper motor died.

51000 miles - front u joints went bad again.

56000 miles - the water pump split and the timing chain cover gasket blew.

68000 miles - the starter went.

71000 miles - the fuel pump died.

99000 mile - the heater core cracked.

103000 miles - the dash board is breaking apart, and the clear coat is all but gone.

General Comments:

This truck is a money pit.

I will never buy another Dodge again, I will stick with Ford.

On the plus side, the ride is good.

The gas mileage is terrible.

The truck does pull trailers good.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2010

12th Sep 2011, 09:55

You don't use a 1500 to pull heavy loads -- get a diesel. My son has 3 Dodge diesels, and they all have been trouble free and have over 500,000 miles to 750,000 miles. He uses Dodge 2500 diesel exclusively. Regular maintenance and no rabbit starts with a load. If you treat your vehicles good, they will treat you good!!!

18th May 2020, 18:13

Don't blame or hate on the truck. The previous owner may not have taken care of the truck. Not the truck's fault.


1998 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT Quad Cab 5.2 from North America


Great motor, pathetic transmission


As with everyone else I have known to own a 94-01 Dodge Ram, my transmission had to be rebuilt. I have put a little over 20,000 miles on my rebuild, and I had to get it towed last night because my transmission sounded like a supercharger whining. My transmission rebuild cost 2200.00 the first time, and this time I will be doing my own rebuild! Dodge Ram 94-01 transmissions are only expected to last 100,000 miles. If anyone knows anything about a good rebuild kit that lasts longer and is more reliable, please post!

General Comments:

94-01 Dodge Ram transmissions are junk!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2010

1998 Dodge Ram Pickup SS/T 5.9L from North America


Awesome vehicle


Had transmission serviced and new front pump installed, along with a torque convertor.

General Comments:

I love my SS/T. I bought it for 750 bucks, because the owner said the motor was blown. The body is perfect besides dings in the bumpers. The only thing wrong with engine was a distributor cap that was cracked in half!!!

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2010

1998 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT 5.9 from North America


Junk from beginning to end


Blew brake lines at 3000 miles.

Fog lights kept blowing fuses. I think the dealer just gave up and said not to use them.

Doesn't leak oil, but sure burns it. Developed a severe spark knock at around the same time. Dealer pulled the intake, changed spark plugs and wires, and messed with computer. After about 10 trips to various dealers, the problem seemed to have been fixed.

Then converters clogged up. AC and heater will only work on defrost. Must be a vacuum problem but dealer could never find it.

Transmission went out at 70000.

Have changed front right wheel bearing 3X. Track bar 3x. Shocks, brakes, and pretty much everything else in the front end several times.

Steering is still terrible, and probably not safe to drive.

Never ever buy a Dodge Ram, no matter what year. 1500 or 2500; will still have transmission and steering problems. Too bad Cummins are available in Chevy.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2010