1998 Dodge Ram Pickup SS/T 5.9 from North America


Love my truck


Intake plenum gasket started leaking at about 15-20k miles.

The transmission has always had a problem. It shifts fine as long as I'm driving normal, but when I put my foot in it, it red lines until I let off. Then it shifts pretty stiff after the rpm drop a little. Shifts like this in every gear. The Dodge dealer says it could be a number of things, just have to start trying things. They aren't having to pay for it though. Any suggestions?

It had the computer stolen off of it when I got it, but I got a new one from the dealer. Not so sure they didn't give me the wrong one. Do they have a certain one for them? Any info would be appreciated. Please send to shlbypop68@yahoo.com

General Comments:

Love my truck. American Racing wheels with Toyo Proxis 275/60/17's. They stick like molasses. Getting unbelievable mileage out of them too.

Does anyone have any specific factory info on how many were made in 98? Also how much factory horse power?

My truck is looking a little worse for the wear. Everyone in my family has driven it, but no one takes care of it like I do. After nine years in this little town of about 7k people, it still turns heads and still sounds great with the factory exhaust.

Headliner is starting to fall and the leather seats need to be replaced; I plan on riding my grandchildren (of which I have none and no prospects) around in it. I'm only 40.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008

1998 Dodge Ram Pickup 5.2L from North America


This truck was a horrible mistake


I had to replace the water pump and serpentine belt at 80,000 miles. I was on my way to Chicago on a Sunday, truck started to overheat. That cost was $600.00.

At 88,000 miles I had to replace the fuel pump. Also a sensor had to be replaced. All together that visit to the mechanic was $900.00. This is with a relative fixing it. He actually saved us money.

At 90,000 miles I had to have the catalytic convert-or replaced. That cost was $300.00. Remember this mechanic is a family member. If I had to take it somewhere else, it would probably have doubled in price.

Now at 100,000 miles I had to have the transmission replaced.

General Comments:

I had always dreamed of having a truck. It has been a nightmare.

The passenger side door is starting to fall apart.

The indoor lights flicker on and off whenever you close the door. They continue to do this for a minute. There is also a clicking noise with the lights flickering.

There is a smell coming from the heating system. You have to roll down the window when you first turn on the defrost.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2008

1998 Dodge Ram Pickup Sport 5.2 V8 from North America


'Perty nice


Torque converter came apart at 115000mi, filled the transmission with fiberglass from the disks that disintegrated. Had to be rebuilt.

Otherwise, normal tune-ups. Nothing major.

General Comments:

Regular cab, short bed, 2wd. Decently sporty, although not the fastest.

Very comfortable inside and it rides really nice, has a good firm feel still. Lack of power is the only complaint.

As for the reliability issues, the transmission was due to a rebuild by a previous owner who went with a cheap torque converter, so it wasn't Mopar's fault; the guy was an idiot.

If you're having problems with a V8 burning oil, use Rotella-T oil like big rigs use. Mine was starting to burn some, but some better quality oil made the difference.

As for the other problems, by looking at some of the reviews, some of the people are putting between 30000 and 50000 miles on their truck in under two years. Not too many trucks will hold up to that, regardless of brand. My buddy has a 6.0 PowerStroke that's only 2 years old that has been in the shop for 3 months now with all sorts of engine problems, and his GMC is falling apart with only 30000mi on it because he drives them both into the ground regularly. Just don't all out abuse it and just maybe it will last more than 3 years.

Now I'm looking for a 99-01 Quadcab with a Cummins. Love those Mopars.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2007