1998 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT V8 5.9L from North America


High maintenance and low performance


After purchase of vehicle. It created a ping in engine. Had taken to dealer for repair. After several attemps could not resolve problem. After my own research found other dealer who would reprogram computer.

Replaced intake gasket at 30,000 miles.

Replaced power steering pump at 27,327 miles.

Replaced front engine seal at 27,327 miles.

Replaced right ball joint at 42,564 miles.

Had to re-tighten steering pump to frame.

Air conditioning created leak at 75,000 miles.

Replaced rear axle pinion bearings at 82,750 miles.

Replaced all drums, lining, rotors and pads, do to excessive hopping in rear during braking.

Need to replace all tie rod ends. Do to excessive wandering.

General Comments:

Before purchase of vehicle. I was looking for a dependable truck that was going to last for a long period of time without to much maintenance.

Was very disappointed with performance and dependability.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2005

1998 Dodge Ram Pickup larimie SLT 5.9 V8 gas from North America


Lots of repeat headaches


After about 6,000 miles the truck had a severe spark knocking problem.

At 25,000 miles the engine failed.

At 30,000 miles the spark knocking returned.

Since day one their has been a leak around the back glass during a really hard rain.

50,000 miles replace several you Joints.

Requires new front brake pads about every 15,000 miles.

Gas mileage is very poor. About 10 miles per gallon.

60,000 miles started using a lot of oil.

General Comments:

When the spark knocking started they tried changing the plugs, the thermostat and then they ghosted the computer about a half dozen times. each time this would seem to fix the problem, but after a few weeks it would return. I still have this problem and it does it loaded or empty and seems to be worse empty with the overdrive turned off.

At 25,000 miles the engine failed. Chrysler technician said it was a rod bearing due to excessive spark knocking. luckily for me the technician was driving it when the knocking started. they installed a new engine and all was fine for awhile.

At 30,000 miles the spark knocking returned and to date no one knows how to fix it. Rumor has it that a towing application camshaft replacement might fix it. Also about every 30,000 miles so far I've had to replace the spark plugs due to the severe spark knocking keeps breaking the insulator in the plugs.

Every time we get a really hard down pour the back seat gets wet. The dealer replaced the rear window gasket twice, resealed the third brake light housing and it still leaks. The weird thing is it doesn't leak at the car wash.

At 50,000 miles I had to replace the rear drive shaft u-joint and the front axle u-joint on the passenger side.

Since the 1st year I have had to replace the front brake pads at least once per year. The 1st time a caliper had hung up since then it just seems to wear them out. I have tried the 70.00 per set pads and the 9.00 a set pads and they all wear out about the same. Many shops have told me this is a normal problem for dodge trucks.

The best mileage I've ever got was 14 miles per gallon on a trip from Missouri to Ohio. now it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm driving in town or across the country it's ten miles per gallon loaded or empty. If I had known this ahead of time I would have gotten a 3/4 ton with a v-10.

Around 60,000 miles it started consuming oil, but not smoking. the dealer replaced the intake gasket at no charge even though it was out of warranty. This fixed it for about 20,000 miles. I'm sure it needs this done again as It is burning a quart of oil every 4 to 5 hundred miles. If I'm pulling a trailer with mt tractor or a small car it will burn a quart about every 150 miles. The truck now has about 105,000 miles on it and I'm contemplating rebuilding the engine my self to see if I can eliminate some of these problems.

This truck was my very first new purchase and I'm sure I was just the lucky guy who happen to get one that has issues. I don't know that I will ever buy another new one (because they're way over priced) but I would buy another dodge, but it definitely won't have the 5.9 (360) v8 engine it will have a cummings.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2005