1994 Dodge Spirit 4 cylinder from North America


Worst mistake of my life to buy this car


Rings and pistons are shot.

Oil goes into the air filter.

Gas line is rusted out.

Hole in the exhaust.

Car shakes, reason unknown.

Speakers blown.

Cup holders are flimsy.

Plastic grill is atrocious.

Transmission slips.

Trunk pops open at will.

Driver's side back door opens at will, sometimes on highway. Ooh goodie.

General Comments:

Surprised it hasn't killed me yet.

The interior does hold up well.

Not much good to say honestly.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2010

17th Feb 2010, 15:56

Did you know about all these problems? If so, then why did you buy it?

19th Feb 2010, 09:16

I just hate when a 15 - year old car does not perform like new.

1994 Dodge Spirit 2.5 from North America


This car is the definition of cheap transportation


Very little has gone wrong with this car.

Only usual wear items (alternator, hoses, belts, brakes, etc.) have been replaced.

The top half of the car was repainted 11 years ago.

General Comments:

I have only driven this car 80 miles, but I know the history. It was recently given to me by my sister-in-law due to the purchase of a newer car. She is the 2nd owner and drove it for 11 years. She has nothing but good to say about this car.

Very little has been done to the car other than repainting the top half due to typical early 90's Chrysler paint issues. It runs great with no oil leaks. Everything works including the AC. The interior shows very few signs of wear.

I will probably have to replace the shocks/struts and a few other front suspension parts before I press it back into service. It would shock me if this car couldn't run another 106k with ease.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2009

1994 Dodge Spirit ES 3.0 V6 from North America


One heck of a car!!


When it was first purchased, it needed a tune-up badly.

Paint was peeling on roof and hood.

Transmission was replaced.

General Comments:

I LOVE MY "SPIRIT!" This car has been great to me through all the miles, abuse, and labor its gotten me through! I did have to have the transmission replaced (wouldn't leave first gear) but other than that its been a beast!

My dodge feels way more tighter on the road than my previous 1997 Camry. It has a very sporty suspension, but is not too firm for bumps in the road. I did have the stock rear shocks replaced with Gabriel Red Ryder shocks, which are heavy duty and gave the car a more firmer ride to match the front. One thing my car came with that's factory that makes it stand out from the rest of the Spirits/Acclaims are the 15 inch white "crosshatch" rims that were special ordered. (not the R/T rims, but the same ones used on the 1989 Chrysler Le Baron convertibles) I love these rims on this car and I'm always getting comments about them!!

The engine is the 3.0 V6 Mitsubishi designed engine. I love the torque and power in this car with this engine. Passing is a breeze and racing is fun haha. My only complaint is the cloud of blue smoke when leaving a red light or extended idles!! I've used synthetic oil and it still started smoking, but no power loss.

The paint was horrible so I had the car sanded and repainted white with gold accents to match up with the Gold Package it came with originally. That plus the factory side skirts and foglights make this car look really good!

The interior is very roomy. I only wish that I had the center floor console shifter and power windows.

This car is awesome and aging greatly.. I plan on keeping it until it won't go anymore!

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2007

2nd Feb 2007, 15:47

Great car. My last Dodge went 240,000 miles with no repairs except 2 timing belts, 2 brake jobs and one heater hose. I've never owned ANYTHING that durable except for one Ford that went 300,000+ miles with only 3 brake jobs and a couple of belts and hoses.