1992 Eagle Talon TSi 2.2L turbo from North America


Great, if you have money to throw away.


Little things normally associated with wear and tear on a vehicle, such as brakes, hoses, etc., I won't mention.

The day after I got it, the clutch went out on a 4 lane highway!! Dealer tried to tell me that it went out because I didn't know how to drive it. Do you think maybe he was trying to take advantage of a woman?? Anyway, after 2 weeks and threats of litigation, (car under warranty with "bring it back guarantee") I got my little red monster back.

It was lots of fun until I took it to be inspected @ 78,000 miles. Wouldn't pass! Two different dealers couldn't find out why it wouldn't pass emissions test. Finally spent enough money to get a "waiver" sticker. Then I got a little letter from Chrysler about a recall on the timing belt. Had dealer replace it, got it home to find it revving like a funny car. Took it back. Timing belt was installed wrong!

Next a recall on transfer case, leaks oil and could cause accident...nice.

Spent the next year trying to figure out the emissions problem. Car wouldn't pass again. Finally a local mechanic said that the problem was that the timing belt had caused damage to the valves, and by then, I had put too much money into it to care! Goodbye engine!

Ladies, beware! I still love this car, but, just like a man, love won't fix it's problems!!

General Comments:

Lots of fun, power, great handling...

But, problems, problems, unless you're a mechanic!

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Review Date: 1st August, 2002

1992 Eagle Talon TSi 2.0 Non turbo from North America


An Expensive, Yet Cheaply Made, Play Toy


New timing belt at 70,000 Miles.

Power windows had many problems.

Water pump at 145,000 miles.

Massive oil leaks and consumption.

Exhaust manifold replaced.

First, Second, and Third gear needed new synchronizers. Needed new clutch as soon as I got the car, yet held off until 140,000 miles.

Idling problems: Revving and idling extremely high. (3,500RPM'S)

General Comments:

A massive money pit.

Yet is extremely quick and accelerates like a charm.

The engine is very well built, yet the transmission is extremely poor.

All the seals and gaskets were replaced on the engine twice due to oil leakage and burning.

Very comfortable and laid out quite conveniently.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2002

22nd Jun 2002, 06:41

Hi! I was wondering what you had to do to fix the idling problem. A talon I'm thinking about buying Idled high for a little bit, and then kept revving up and down. I was wondering if you could help. mindrage00@webtv.net.

10th Jul 2003, 17:08

Whats up man? I have a 95 Talon TSi. I had the same problem with it reving and idling high. Like at 3,500 rpm. The problem is either your throttle body, or your throttle sensors. Get it checked out, and good luck.

6th Sep 2004, 23:01

Can't say anything for sure about turbos, but in my non-turbo, idle surge was caused by a bad mass air flow sensor and a hole in the intake pipe. Other common causes are bad electrolytic capacitors in the ECU (they break down and leak after ~7 years), leaking BISS (idle set) screw, and dirty throttle body. The throttle body is easy to clean (pick up a Hayne's manual for instructions), ECU cap replacement is available on-line (I forgot the URL offhand, though--try searching google), and the BISS screw procedure is: remove the screw and check the o-ring for condition; replace if necessary.

1992 Eagle Talon TSi 2.0 DOHC TSi from North America


Really fast and not expensive


I just had the timing belt replaced.

Was making really loud noises once I hit 4000 RPM, I took it in and they said it was just the catalytic converter case. After I had that fixed on it, there were no more noises.

Power window on drivers side sometimes goes off track.

General Comments:

This car has been really great for me. It has the power and the quickness I was looking for without having to spend a bunch of money on it.

I've only done minor modifications to it and It's at about 300 HP right now.

I haven't had any problems otherwise with the turbo or the engine.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002