8th Mar 2006, 20:11

Regardless of all this rice BS, Id take a broke down LS1 over a talon any day...

17th Jun 2006, 08:31

Well there is a lot of what ifs being passed here. Some people though actually have experience with both, but still cloud their views with opinions on styling.

I am an affordable performance car addict. I have both an Talon AWD Tsi (modified) and a Mustang GT (modified). I can't make any comparison. I have modified both to get the performance I desired and both have their strengths. Each will cost you $$$$ if you are trying to get respectable autocross performance or low 12's high to mid 11's. And I have done both. The point being love the performance of an easily modified car. Hint modified!!!

I drive both and am addicted to both. I beat whoever lines up with me and sometimes I get beat too. But I don't tolerate getting smoked. All of you are my kind of people... car people. But some of the comments are clearly from wannabees!!! There is no replacement for displacement, just MONEY. Money is the only thing I have found to limit my cars potential, and you can easily spend a lot of it and get lacklustre performance in both. You must have a plan to support the money you have available.

I also own a 2005 CTS-V (actually it's my wifes). WOW this thing runs. Currently I am eyeballing a 2005 Charger RT. Man could I modified that!! So I currently own a 1991 Talon TSI AWD, 1988 Mustang GT, 2005 Cadillac CTS-V, and 2003 Ford Expedition.

Within a week of buying the CTS, I had a custom exhaust put on it. My friends say I'm SICK. But my wife and I love pulling up to these BMW (M)s, Camaros, Mustangs and dusting them, or giving them something to think about when some of them win.

Just stop the trash talk and appreciate that anybody who wants to modified their car for better performance is alright by me. But please stop with the fart cans and insane wings.

8th Dec 2006, 16:47

OK OK come on, I have a 1995 Talon AWD TSI with about 14K under the hood. I run low 11s maybe and 11 flat on a good day, but if you put that same amount of money in any V-8, let's face the facts... now I have a 60' time of about 1.60... I don't see any Mustang doing that unless it is trailered to the track... but I drive my car to work every day. 31psi on a 20G turbo and every thing built to handle it... nice to talk to yall.

24th Dec 2006, 13:56

Did anyone see import vrs. domestic at MIR?I did. The fastest car there was a Eagle talon running 7.72 @191 mph. This is with a 4g63 running 55 psi.

20th Feb 2007, 11:41

Sheppard ran that time... his car is crazy fast...

On a side note, I love my '92 TSI, AWD with 16G... plenty-o-mods... To his, his own, I prefer my talon over a mustang, but I have my own reasons.

31st Mar 2007, 19:28

Talon all the way!!!

6th May 2007, 19:37

Was it racing you?? Because a GT has over 200hp at the wheels stock, your want-to-be-Eclipse has how much power? even with a turbo your running how much? 100-125hp at the flywheel. Give it up they are fun, but with out dumping money into them they are just average.

14th Oct 2007, 18:48

The talon does have 210 stock, but that's not 210 WHP. You have a loss of horsepower through the drive train. I have a 92 Talon TSI AWD, and it flies, just like an eagle should.

I'm not too experienced with cars, so I can't say much more than what I already have. The facts are facts, but there are just so many different things you have to think about in each car, it's hard to debate.

Jeremy from Pennsylvania.

23rd Jan 2008, 17:46

John Shepard is the man 7.7 1/4 miles. with NO spray in a 1st gen talon... i beieve its full interior too... is it not? anyway AWD is the way to go!

26th Mar 2008, 19:23

It is common knowledge that LS1 F-body's put down around 300 to the wheels. Do a search.

I've owned both a TSI talon and a 99 SS. I love the Talon because everything is soooo easy to work on. I love the Camaro because of the potential of the LS1 Naturally aspirated.

It is also common knowledge that an LS1 with a big cam, heads, intake and exhaust will throw down around 430 to the wheels. That's not the only reason why V8's are cool... With a Talon you pretty much have one goal on your upgrade path which is to increase boost. That's pretty much the only way to make power, whereas with a V8 you have many options. You can do it NA or with a blower, or with a turbo... or two, then complicate things with nitrous. There are plenty of DD V8's that run 9's and 10's. I know because I frequent the track. If you don't believe me then start reading. Knowledge is everywhere on the net.

21st May 2008, 18:54

Let me get this right, basically my 96 Eagle Talon TSI AWD loses over 85-100hp in the drivetrain??? But a GT Mustang rated for like 260hp still gets more than 200 to the wheels? I don't know about anyone else, but the guy that posted that comment has some weird theories.

3rd Sep 2008, 16:01

Hey all, interesting views, only one (or two) points to make, street-ability and bang for the buck, the talon makes a wicked street car (just drove a 95 TSI AWD at the track) and can be tweaked to run 12's with little fuss, but the buck stops there. For 6 G's I can buy that TSI that goes 13.8, but I'll be running low 11s in my home fabbed twin turbo small block s-10 for only a couple grand more, for about 10 G's in hard parts, I can be running high nines, I doubt I'll ever see a nine second talon on the street. If ultimate drag performance is your goal, its gonna cost ya, save your pocket change. TTJ.

6th Oct 2008, 16:25

OK. all of you make really good points, and some horrible favorites, but the fact is that the Talon is American made in the DSM (Diamond Star Motors) factory in Illinois, which is in the United States; it was a venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi meant to rival imports.

I may only be 15, but I would love both a Talon or Mustang when I turn 16, which is soon.

It's all about what you want. If you want a insane track car, ie the Talon over the Mustang, and for a 1/4 mile the Mustang if you can keep traction.

9th Feb 2009, 11:07

I am 16 and put 6000 into my Eagle Talon ESi 95. With 410 horse power in my Talon, I eat up Mustangs.

For pics email me at jshprtylkerokstr@aim.com

15th Mar 2009, 15:52

Man, screw Mustangs, they suck. The body style sucks, they just majorly suck.

I have a 1995 Eagle Talon AWD TSI turbo with an aftermarket inter cooler. I be "beating a dead horse" all the time in the city. Now yeah, you can put a big engine in em, but the charger (1971 hemi) will do a Mustang any day.

Now while I am ranting and raving, I do need help with my Talon. Recently I noticed the acceleration has decreased big time, my 0-60 has gone from 4-5 seconds to about 10-11. I probably overlooked something, but if you think you can help I'll send pics and videos, c4kpg@yahoo.com.