1993 Ford Escort LX from North America


Decent car if you buy it cheap


The Starter has to be replaced quite frequently due to the proximity to the exhaust. Because of the extreme heat, it will tend to fail more often than it should. In 4 years I had to replace it twice.

CV joints started to go after 100k miles. Not something to worry about immediately, but will need to fix in the long run. Expensive fix.

Rear springs punched their way through the trunk after 98k miles. Impossible to get a mechanic to fix. Reason for the car's demise.

Significant rusting on the body on the frame.

Latches to get out of the car broke from the inside after 10 years of use.

General Comments:

The car is not built to be a show stopper or a car that will last you for 15 years. If you are looking for a cheap dispensable car, then this is a good choice. The engines are farily reliable and will drive themselves to a death (if properly maintained) around 200k miles. However, be cautious of the body because it will be the source of most of problems. If you are planning on purchasing this car, do a thorough inspection of the body and of any rust, because they will be problem spots not too far down the road.

The car runs fairly efficiently, and is pretty good on gas with approximately 30mpg hwy and 26 city. However the tank is fairly small and will only hold 12 gallons.

The performance of this car leaves much to be desired. With the standard 88 horsepower engine, you won't be winning any races or getting to top speed (~85mph without serious shaking) any time in the near future. The one advantage of this car is the fact that it is absolutly tiny and does not have significant weight. It handles more like a go-kart than a car, and can easily fit in small spots which can be an advantage in city driving.

When driving, I have always felt like if I got into an accident, than I would be the one worse off. With the average size of vehicles on the road being much much larger than this car, and knowing that in 1993 this was originally a $10,000 car, I never truly felt 100% safe in it. One perk though, is that it comes with a driver air-bag.

Overall: Don't get your hopes up in buying this car. No matter what condititon it is in, the car will nickel and dime you in small (though sometimes frequent) repairs to keep it running. Quality is not its best feature.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2006

1993 Ford Escort GT 1.9L from North America


The car is like the dad I never had


The battery has died a few times.

The steering wheel shakes at 60mph.

The headlights go out when I turn the turn signals on.

General Comments:

I will always love my Escort. It is like a best friend to me. I will cry when it dies for the last time. I love the car, the seats are comfly, and it is very easy to maneuver. I love my Escort and I think Ford should bring it back.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2005

30th Nov 2005, 11:20

I believe that you are correct. The car is also like the dad I never had. Well I had one, but he got locked up when I was only three. Mommy tells me all kinds of stories about how he didn't pay child support and we had no money, but at least we could afford the Escort.

30th Nov 2005, 12:32

I have to agree. Who needs a cadilliac when you have an escort. They ride better and that beefy 4 cylinder will do zero to 60 in about 3 days! Sweet!!! My dad is also dead so I feel your pain, thank god for the escort!!! Remember, Don't come knocking when the escorts rockin, call help!!! Peace, Homme.