1993 Ford Escort LX 1.9 from North America


Very Faithful, Reliable to the End!


When I first got the car in January of 2003 it had quite a few miles on it. I had to replace the air flow sensor only cost me about $250. Since then, only minor repairs such as brakes and tune ups have been necessary.

One thing that has caused a little problem, which according to the mechanic he has seen before with the make model and year, for some unknown reason the car doesn't start. I had to get the battery replaced. The alternator was checked the battery wasn't bad all cables were in tact and everything seemed in working order. Replaced battery only happened once since, recharged battery works fine every time.

General Comments:

Not long after I got the car I drove it to London Canada. Everyone told me when buying a Ford that it wasn't worth it, but it has been way worth the $600 I paid for the car.

The owner before me was a family member and she drove the car the full 120000 before I bought it from her. It was supposed to only be a starter car for me, but it has lasted me a lot of miles and it has been more than worth it. She also didn't have to fix anything on the car as far as I know nearly all factory parts are still in the car.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

1993 Ford Escort LX Wagon 1.9L SEFI from North America


Cheap, reliable hauler. Nothing more, nothing less.


Front brake pads cracked on one side and was low on the other side. New front pads and rotors. (184,000 kms)

Presumably, an overheating problem since I purchased it, but didn't become a problem until the weather warmed up. Computer relay would not turn the fan on once the engine started to get too warm. Turning A/C on would force fan relay to activate, thus only way to force the radiator fan to turn on. Added at a relay to the starter ignition to force the fan to turn on when ignition is on. Overheating problem gone, but alternator will go a lot faster.

Very small oil leak around the drain bolt area. Bolt had a damaged thread. Replaced with new bolt and gasket. Leak free!

Problems not yet resolved:

Black/white smoke out rear tailpipe. Getting poor fuel economy, looks like a fuel injector flush is in order.

Idle moves around. Likely related to above issue. Again, fuel injector flush and a tuneup is needed.

Auto transmission shifts between 3rd and 4th on occasion at highway speeds. Either the transmission is starting to go or it needs a transmission flush. May swap to 5spd if transmission goes balky.

Off-center steering wheel. Needs alignment. Minor issue.

General Comments:

Overall, at $2,900CDN with dirt cheap insurance, very happy to use this as a daily driver, hauler and beater.

Atrocious acceleration. Very much a slaughtered (and noisy) 1.9L engine at 88HP. Moves up to speed nicely to around 80-90 km/h and then you need to mash the throttle. Loaded with 2-3 passengers and some cargo, and you're in for a slow commute. In a full car, I don't remember going uphill faster than 70km/h on the highway!

Auto transmission shifts hard when punching the throttle, but fine otherwise. Been told the automatics have subpar transmissions as far as reliability goes.

Moderate cabin noise on the highway, but nothing intolerable. Only frills are power mirrors and cold A/C. Actually, much colder than my 1998 Maxima.

Clearcoat on the paint seems to be non-existent. I think there was a recall on this generation's Escort's regarding this issue. Oh well.

First car was a 92 Escort sedan, very reliable. Had to come back to the Escort when I wanted a 2nd car in the driveway. Can't find a cheap, and more reliable wagon out there.

Will probably make some performance and cosmetic upgrades on this thing once all the other small problems are taken care of.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2004

9th Jul 2004, 21:22


I changed the fuel filter and did a fuel injection flush. Fuel economy seemingly looks to have improved. We'll see.

I cleaned out the throttle body and MAF sensor with some cleaner. Idle is now fixed. Throttle response enhanced as well.

Black/white smoke out of rear tailpipe pretty much the last issue still to resolve. Maybe running rich during startup. Seems to have a hard time starting up the car in cooler temperatures. I'm guessing either the starter is on its way out and/or the fuel pressure system needs some relief. In cold weather, no instant crank. Probably a 2-4 second delay.


23rd Aug 2004, 05:01


Still black smoke issue. Have done the following to date:

- Fuel Injector Flush

- New Fuel Filter

- Throttle Body Cleaning

- New PCV Valve

- New Air Panel Filter

- Swapped Oxygen Sensor

- Swapped MAF Sensor and Housing

- New 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires

Black smoke MAY be worn valve seals or headgasket from previous overheating. Last resort though.

Catalytic converter is likely shot. Rattle around ~2,000rpm range. Presuming failure due to all the black smoke (perhaps even the cause of the black smoke?). All the symptoms were shown: sulphur smell, rattle, stuttering idle at startup, etc.

Currently, a CEL comes on (for 1-2 minutes) when car is started (after its been sitting overnight).

Will change the oxygen sensor again.

Automatic transmission no longer shifts between 3rd and 4th. Went away a whiles back. Good stuff.