1996 Ford Escort Wave 1.9 from North America


Great car in general, and fixing major or minor issues is not costly


The only thing that has major gone wrong is replacing the clutch.

When the A/C has to be turned on, the power is very hesitant.

General Comments:

The car gets great gas mileage at about 32 to 38 mpg.

Did not come with cruise control.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2011

1996 Ford Escort LX 1.9L from North America


Endless problems, but still reliable


Loose heatshield.

Leaks antifreeze.

"Check Engine" light is constantly on.

Terrible ride quality.

Strange "pop" noise in trunk every time I right-turn a corner.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $2,500 with 46,000 miles. Ever since the day I bought it, there were problems.

The check engine light came on about 5 minutes after I was driving it home from the dealer. I got everything fixed, but then even more problems occurred.

The brakes started to go, and antifreeze fluid was leaking.

This car is a chain reaction of problems, but they are extremely cheap to fix. But it's not worth all the time.

The inside is very roomy and comfortable though, and the car is reliable, and always starts and runs fine. Don't spend any more than $1,500 on a Ford Escort. I will stick to GM products for life.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2010

28th Oct 2010, 04:14

I wouldn't even pay $500 for one of these in good shape... like you said, stick to GM, much better ride quality.

Ford makes a decent pickup, that's about it.

1996 Ford Escort LX 1.4i 8v SOHC from UK and Ireland


Definitely worth the money


Back box was rusted and got knocked off by a speed ramp.

Oil pressure switch rotted and oil began to pour out while driving.

After 9 months, 2 CV joints within one week of each other.

Cylinder no.3 stopped compressing air.

Most of the problems just due to general wear and tear, except CV joints which were due to hard driving. Car was 12 years old when I bought it, and already needed back box and oil switch.

General Comments:

I bought this car in October '08 for €200 with a couple of small repairs to be done. After a new back box and oil switch, the total for the car came to €270.

My model had no electrics or any creature comforts, but for long drives I was still very comfortable by the end of it.

Being only a 1.4i SOHC 8 valve, I did not expect it to be quick, but even after 9 months of abuse I could still keep up with my cousins 1.5 LSi Honda Civic.

During its last days, the CV joints went, mainly because of my very hard driving. Also, during this time cylinder #3 stopped working.

I would recommend these cars to anybody. They get quite good fuel economy while driving normally, around 35mpg, although I only got around 20-25mpg. Again, down to my type of driving.

Also, the parts are everywhere, so they're quite cheap.

Although the car still drives, I have bought a new car since, a Nissan March/Micra A#, which I have also done a review of.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2009

1996 Ford Escort LX 1.9L SOHC from North America




Flat tire 2 weeks after I bought it.

74,562 miles; engine overheated, and the mechanic and my Dad said there was nothing wrong with the car, it just overheated because I drove it too hard, which was weird because I never drove it fast or nothing; I like to conserve gas.

74,790 miles; the engine literally started smoking white smoke and coolant got into my engine oil. Upon getting home, after I had to stop constantly due to overheating, the engine seized up in my yard.

Later I found out my thermostat was closed shut! I knew that mechanic was stupid.

General Comments:

I originally bought this car to save gas, but it didn't even make it past 2 months of simple and easy driving. FORDS SUCK! I will never buy another one. This car reminds me of a little Taurus LOL!!!

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Review Date: 25th September, 2008

26th Sep 2008, 14:00

A car just doesn't overheat from overuse. Did you check out this car well before you bought it? I would not have Dad or the mechanic check my next one.

28th Sep 2008, 00:42

Oh, no worries. I bought a Pontiac Fiero after that car, and it was a good car and my dad said it was crap, but I actually got this one and checked it myself. I change my own oil, and tune my own cars up. Only professionals can do serious engine or trans work.

12th Oct 2008, 04:18

You included flat tire? People get those all of the time. Road debris or bad roads in general. As for the thermostat going bad, that happens to GM, Mopar, Toyota, Hyundai etc.

You didn't get a faulty car, just a faulty mechanic. Anyone who knows crap about cars, or even tractors for that matter, would have had you check the thermo.