2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L V8 from North America


Great truck, no problems whatsoever


Put brakes on when I bought it.

Nothing else has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Very comfortable ride.

Not tons of power.

Gas mileage could be better.

This has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. The thing has over 360000kms and runs like a dream. Everything still works inside as well, from the heated and A/C seats to the power mirrors. Maybe we got lucky, but this is one hell of a good truck.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2011

2003 Ford Expedition XLT Popular 5.4 Liter from North America


An overall great truck; worth buying




CD player (mach) required replacing.

Absolutely nothing else!!!

General Comments:

This is actually my mom's truck. We only buy Ford products. I have owned a Crown Victoria and now a Thunderbird.

But back to the truck. It has been amazingly reliable! Plenty of room for just about everything. It can pull a house.

My mother's vehicle is the XLT popular style. This style came with the better 6 disc sound system, fog lamps, running boards as well as the famous 5.4 liter V8. The gas on this thing is my only complaint. I know it is a large SUV, but there has to be some way to get these number up. Any suggestions?


Ford should have added more power to the truck from the moment this new style came out, and not two or three model years afterward.

Great truck if you can afford the gas.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2008

2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4.3 from North America


Gas guzzler and problematic vehicle


My coils have went out 2x now at 350.00 a shot. Engine light flashes and truck runs very rough - the first time it went out was 1/4/07 and the most recent one just went today 1/4/08.

I was told by the Ford mechanic this is a common problem with the Expedition. What a joke - I will never buy a Ford again.

General Comments:

The SUV handles poorly and has had a lot of problems.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2008

2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L Gasoline from North America


Coil went out, but was covered under warranty


Like it very much-Had zero problems with this Expedition and loved it. I would have liked a little more power, but it was actually adequate. THEN... just drove it to Indiana from New Mexico. About 200 miles form desination, it started to "cut-out: a bit. The next morning my wife drove it to our home dealership and when she opulled it into the lot, it was barely running. Turned out to be a coil. I didn't even know cars had coils anymore and some comments in this forum say that mine has EIGHT! The other comments all seem to mention that they start going out about my mileage range. The big difference is that everyone that had an extended warranty said that the coils were not covered; we were told it WAS covered. one hour in shop, no money spent and drove back out to NM with no problems. I would sure argue the warranty point a bit because we had no problem.

General Comments:

Like it very much.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2007

2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L V8 from North America


Good vehicle. Some Ford reliability problems


Cons: Rough transmission shifts. Supplier problems with rear differential parts sent many 2003 models back for rear-end replacement. Mine was repaired twice within 70000 miles. Interior finish on Eddie Bauer editions is not a refined as what you would find in a Honda or Toyota. Rear a/c replaced at 50K miles.

General Comments:

Pros: Good, reliable vehicle.

Adequate power with 5.4L engine, not 4.6L one.

Great for towing.

Paint finish has lasted well.

Power folding rear seats are a great design.

Fantastic turning radius.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2007

2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4.6 Liter V8 from North America


A comfortable Suv, that has many problems


TO start the transmission slips.

Delayed starting.

A foul smell comes from the exhaust when running.

It randomly slows down or completely stops or loses all power.

It always tells me the door is ajar.

Horrendous amount of brake dust.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable.

However the price of running it is very high.

The interior design is generally nice.

It does not take off very quickly at all.

The car is very attractive when clean and cruising the downtown streets.

However with all the problems it has I would strongly not suggest this car and would suggest a General Motors Vehicle.

Ford does not have as high of a standard as say Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac or any other car.

Instead of an Expedition I suggest a Chevy Suburban, Gmc Yukon XL, Cadillac Escalade, Nissan Armada, Chrysler Aspen, or Dodge Durango.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2007

6th Sep 2007, 10:23

Right on!

Your comments were spot on. I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer (bought new in 2003) and it sits in the garage and only has 45,000 miles on it to date. I have had nothing, but problems with it. The dam door ajar chimes in all the time. It loses all electrical power and cuts in and out when driving. Also, the air conditioning does stink when you start it up. This is our second expedition and I would not buy another one again.